7 Eleven Money Order Fee- Trustworthy and Reliable (2024)

Money orders are available at a variety of locations, including post-7-Eleven outlets. In this article, we share detailed information on 7-Eleven Money Order, Fees, Limitations, and other related information.

When paying with cash is not feasible, using a personal check is not preferred or acceptable, or a non-digital payment is required, money orders provide a simple and secure alternative to exchange funds.



How much does a 7 Eleven Money Order Fee?

All 7-Eleven locations have a $500.00 per money order restriction. Most locations charge $0.65 per transaction for money orders up to $500.

As long as you have a receipt, a refund can be made if a Western Union money order is lost or stolen. Refund processing charges are $15.00. The processing cost for a refund is $18.00 if a Moneygram money order is lost and the receipt is accessible.

A $30.00 processing fee is applied when a Western Union money order does not come with a receipt, and a research request form must be filled out. The processing charge is never refunded if a money order is lost or stolen.


Can I get a money order at 7-Eleven?

Money orders are accepted at 7-Eleven, although they only accept Western Union and MoneyGram ones.

Because these two varieties of money orders can be cashed with a credit card and the proper PIN, this is the case. You benefit from its convenience as a consumer, and 7-Eleven appreciates useful stuff.


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How much can you spend on 7 Eleven Money Order?

Depending on the store’s location, 7-Eleven uses either MoneyGram or Western Union for payments. The most you can spend on a money order is $500.


How do you get a 7 Eleven Money Order?

A 7-Eleven money order purchase will cost you 1% to 3% of the total amount of the money order, while location-specific fees may apply. There is a $0.65 minimum charge.

These are the procedures you can take to buy a money order at 7-Eleven:

  • Go to a local 7-Eleven that provides money order services. To find out if they provide this service, you can check the 7-Eleven website or get in touch with the shop directly.
  • Bring a legitimate photo ID and the cash or debit card you intend to use to buy the money order.
  • Ask the cashier for a money order and tell them how much money you want to send, along with the recipient’s name, address, and any other information they might need.
  • Pay with cash or a debit card for the money order.
  • You can track the status of your money order using the tracking number on the receipt, so keep it for your records.

It’s crucial to be aware that fees could be incurred when buying a money order at 7-Eleven, and these fees can change based on the recipient’s location and the amount being transferred.


How Do I Fill Out A 7 Eleven Money Order?

You can complete a 7-Eleven money order by doing the following:

  • Enter the recipient’s name in the “Pay to the Order Of” field. To avoid any problems when the receiver tries to cash or deposit the money order, be sure to write the recipient’s name exactly as it appears on their identification.
  • Enter your address or the address of the person paying for the money order in the “Purchaser’s Address” area.
  • To minimize ambiguity, enter the money order amount in the “Amount” column using both words and numbers.
  • If you want to give the receiver more details or instructions, you can type a note in the “Memo” section.
  • In the “Purchaser’s Signature” section, sign the money order. This is typically seen in the money order’s bottom right corner.
  • Lastly, please make a copy of the money order or take a photo of it for your records. Keep the original money order and receipt in a secure location until you’re ready to deliver it in person or mail it.

To guarantee that the money order may be handled appropriately and prevent any delays or problems, it is crucial to fill it out completely and accurately.


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How are 7 Eleven Money Orders tracked?

Tracking. After you fill it out and submit it, you may track the money order to see if the recipient has cashed it.

These actions can be taken to track a money order from 7-Eleven:

Track down the receipt you were given when you bought the money order. You can use the tracking number on the receipt to find out the current status of your money order.

Go to the money order issuer’s website, which is typically indicated on the receipt. Western Union and MoneyGram are the two companies that issue money orders most frequently at 7-Eleven.

Find the money order tracking area on the issuer’s website. This could also be referred to as “Track a Transfer” or “Track a Money Order.”

On the website, enter the tracking number from your receipt in the relevant section. You might also need to include some further details, like your name, the recipient’s name, and the money order’s value.

To find out the status of your money order, click the “Track” or “Search” buttons. It is possible to provide details like the location where the money order was processed and the date and time the money order was issued, cashed, or deposited.


What occurs if a 7 Eleven Money Order is lost?

You should act quickly to report the problem and safeguard your assets if your 7-Eleven money order is lost, stolen, or damaged. The actions you should take are as follows:

Use the tracking number on your receipt to check the progress of your money order. You might need to get in touch with the issuer or your bank to report any fraudulent activity if it has already been cashed or deposited.

Report the loss or theft by getting in touch with the money order’s issuer, which is typically Western Union or MoneyGram. If the initial money order is not cashed within a specific amount of time, they might be able to give a refund or replacement.

Submit all supporting documents and evidence, including the original receipt, the tracking number, and any other details regarding the recipient or the circumstances of the loss.

Check on the status of your claim and follow up with the 7-Eleven location and the person who issued the money order to make sure you get a refund or replacement as quickly as possible.


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What kind of payment does a money order from 7-Eleven accept?

The majority of 7-Eleven stores include the ability to buy money orders. The two services that 7-Eleven most frequently uses to fulfill requests for money orders are Western Union and Moneygram.

Customers can also access Vcom ATM money centers at some locations, where they can buy money orders.

A 7-Eleven money order can only be bought with cash at all locations. Debit or credit cards are not accepted as forms of payment for transactions involving money orders.


Do 7-Eleven cash money orders?

No, is the response. A money order can be used to pay bills and make purchases, but it cannot be cashed. Although it may seem inconvenient, there are occasions when sending money to someone without worrying about them cashing it in is preferable.

When sending money, you should always use caution because there are businesses that will take customers’ money and leave them with nothing.


Frequenlty Asked Questions

Below we share some frequenlty asked questions

1. Can a bank cash a money order from 7-Eleven?

Yes, normally, a bank will cash a 7-Eleven money order. You have a few alternatives when it comes to cashing a money order after receiving it, including going to your bank, the issuer’s store, or other participating merchants.

You will be required to provide your identity and endorse the money order by signing it on the back if you decide to cash the money order at a bank. Additionally, depending on the amount and the bank’s policies, the bank may impose a fee for cashing the money order.


2. How long does it take a money order from 7-Eleven to clear?

The quantity of the money order, the mode of payment, and the rules of the receiving bank or financial institution are some of the variables that can affect how long it takes for a 7-Eleven money order to clear.

Generally speaking, it can take several days to a week or more for a money order to clear and for the recipient to receive the funds.

Money orders have historically been misused to such an extent that companies now wait to credit your account until cleared monies are received, usually seven days.


3. What is the highest value permitted on a 7-Eleven money order?

At 7-Eleven, money orders are only good for $500.


4. Are money orders from 7-Eleven secure?

MoneyGram offers 7-Eleven money orders, which are typically regarded as secure and dependable payment options.

Money orders are a type of prepaid instrument, which implies that you must pay for the money order in advance and that the issuer guarantees it to be a reliable and secure method of payment.


5. What fundamental safety measures can we take to safeguard our money orders against fraud?

Money orders, however, can be the victim of fraud or abuse, just like any other type of financial transaction. It’s critical to observe several fundamental safety measures when utilizing a 7-Eleven money order, such as:

  1. Until you are certain that the recipient has received the funds, keep your money order receipt in a secure location.
  2. Buy money orders only from trustworthy companies like MoneyGram.
  3. Before buying a money order, ensure the information on it is accurate.
  4. Be careful when transferring money orders to somebody you don’t know or believe in.
  5. Recognize typical money order scams, such as bogus checks and overpayment schemes.

Adhering to these rules may ensure that your 7-Eleven money order is used safely and efficiently.

It is always a good idea to get in touch with the issuer or a financial expert for guidance if you have any worries or inquiries about the security of utilizing a money order.


Mahima Rastogi