Acme Money Order in 2024 (Best Alternatives of Acme)

Acme is a known place where you can purchase groceries and many other useful items, making the place so likable to customers.

So when people go there to purchase things they need, they often wonder whether Acme sells money orders, but they couldn’t find an answer.

And this article about acme money order is here to discuss that. Apart from that, this article will no more about other money order services we can get from different companies so that you can choose the best money or the service for yourself.



Does Acme sell money orders?

We all know that Acme Market is a great Store where you can purchase groceries, Merchandise, etc.

But if you are looking for money order services at the Store, then unfortunately, Acme Market doesn’t offer any money order selling or cash services.

So taking your money order at the Acme store is nothing useful.


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Are there any alternatives to purchasing an Acme Money Order?

So it’s true that Acme doesn’t have any money order services available for the customers, but there is nothing to worry about.

Many alternative stores and companies offer money order services besides the Acme market. So, here is a list of those places.

1〉 Walmart

Acme Money Order alternative Walmart

People love to go to Walmart for everyday shopping. And when they go out or on the way in, if needed, customers quite frequently use the money order services of Walmart. So, if you have an interest in purchasing a money order from Walmart, then,

LimitIn Walmart, to purchase a money order, the highest amount you are allowed to pay for a single money order is $1000, and if you need a higher amount of money order, then you can purchase two more money orders as the highest amount of money order purchase for a single day is $3000, but that varies from Store to Store.

Fee: for the Walmart money order, you have to pay a minimal fee at the time of purchasing it, which is $1 for each order.

Cashing fee: If you are willing to cash your money order at Walmart, then based on the location, the cashing fee stays between $4 to $8.

Requirements: When you visit Walmart to purchase a $1000 money order, you must carry identity proof to show them.

Also, while purchasing a Walmart money order, you can only use cash or a debit card.

International transactions: Walmart use the money order service of MoneyGram, and through their global money order service, you can send money order outside the US. 


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2〉 King Soopers

Acme Money Order alternative King Soopers

King Soopers is quite a supermarket chain where you can purchase groceries at affordable rates. And as King Soopers is now a part of the Kroger family, the service is important daily along with the King Soopers money order services.

Limit: King Soopers’ money order limit is not as great as other money services, but still, it’s easy to access and convenient.

So if you visit any King Soopers Store to purchase a money order, then in most places, you are allowed to have a $1000 King Soopers money order, and that’s the highest limit.

But in many King Soopers locations, you are allowed to purchase more than one money order, and that will increase the King Soopers money order limit. 


Fee: in King Soopers, the money order fees are quite low because the Western Union Finance Company provides it. So if you visit the King Soopers stores in that case, you have to pay $1 to $1.10 as a fee.

Cashing fee: King Scooppers is a part of the Kroger family, and as they use the money order services from Western Union, that’s why in many King Soopers stores, you can cash your King Soopers money order. But for this service, King Soopers take around $3 to $4 per transaction. 

Requirements: to purchase a King Soopers credit card, you must show the money service employee your government-issued identity proof, such as your driver’s license, residence ID, and SSC. Why show these?

You can easily purchase a money order from King Soopers. But using a credit card for purchasing King Bros money orders is complicated, and that’s why you can easily use a debit card or cash to purchase your kind Soopers money order.

International transactions: King Soopers is selling money orders from Western Union. That’s why you have international money order services available.

But to get access to that money order service when you visit King Soopers there, you have to talk to the money service employee to let you know whether they sell King Soopers money orders for international purposes or not. 


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3〉 Stater Bros

Acme Money Order alternative Stater Bros

Apart from being a privately owned supermarket chain where you can purchase groceries and many other things, Stater Bros is also a store supermarket chain with great money order service. And as the money order service at Stater Bros is provided by MoneyGram, it is trusted by the customers.

Limit: Stater Bros has great methods to provide money orders to its customers; you can purchase up to 6 money orders there.

Still, the highest limit you can purchase is $3000, so you can either purchase 6 Stater Bros money orders of $500 or 3 Stater Bros money orders of $1000. So based on your requirement, you can easily decide the amount or the number of money orders from Stater Bros you need. 

Fee: in Stater Bros, the money order service is provided by MoneyGram, so their money order fees are quite low. So based on the locations of the Stater Bros money order, she will be $1 to $1.70.

Cashing fee: unfortunately, Stater Bros doesn’t provide cashing facilities. You can only cash your Stater Bros money order from Stater Bros if it is older than the Stater Bros from the same Store from where it was purchased. So as it’s next to impossible, that’s why people don’t use this facility much.

Requirements: Stater Bros requirements are quite simple for money orders. All you need to do is show your identity proof, and that’s it.

Another thing about the Stater Bros money order is that they only accept cash or debit cards as a payment method of Stater Bros money order. 

International transactions: as we know, Stater Bros’ money order service is provided by MoneyGram, and through their global money order services, you can easily send money orders outside the United States.


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4〉 CVS pharmacy

Acme Money Order alternative CVS Pharmacy

No one is left in the US who doesn’t know CVS pharmacy. CVS Pharmacy is one of the biggest chains of pharmacy stores in the US, and apart from providing services through medication, CVS Pharmacy also provides money order services to customers.

Limit: if you go to CVS and go there to purchase a money order, then for a single CVS money order, the highest amount you can get is $500.

So if you require a money order in a higher amount than that, then you can purchase multiple CVS money orders.

For example, if you need a money order of $1200, you can purchase three CVS money orders and divide the amount between those money orders.

Fee: CVS Pharmacy also uses the money order service of MoneyGram. But there, the money order fee is a little higher, as the highest limit of CVS money order is $500, and to purchase that same $500 CVS money order, you have to pay a $1.25 fee for each money order. So, even though the fee is quite normal, it is higher for the $500 money order.

Cashing fee: CVS pharmacy doesn’t write a service of money order cashing, so that’s why there is no cashing fee required; to cash a CVS money order, you have to go somewhere else. 

Requirements: You only must carry identity proof to purchase a CVS pharmacy money order there.

Another thing the most convenient way to purchase money orders is through cash or debit card, and in some CVS stores, they accept money orders, to know more about that, you have to talk to the money service staff at the Store. 

International transactions: yes, you can use CVS money orders for domestic and international use.

CVS is the money order service of MoneyGram, so that’s why the international money order feature of this company is a great thing.


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5〉 Winn Dixie 

Winn Dixie Money Order alternative of Acme

Shopping for groceries is a daily necessity, and Winn Dixie supermarkets are a great option for local customers.

As there, you can purchase a variety of grocery items you need not only that Winn Dixie also provides a great money order service which the customers use quite often.

Limit: generally, Winn Dixie is allowed to purchase 1 to 3 money orders in a single day. Still, if you are wondering if Winn Dixie money order’s Highest limit, then it’s $1000 for a single money order, and if you want, you can’t extend that limit for that. You have to purchase multiple Winn Dixie money orders.

Fee: at Winn Dixie, based on the value, the fee depends on most of the time. So if you purchase a Winn Dixie money order from $1 to $500, the fee is $0.79, which is quite reasonable.

Then if you purchase a Winn Dixie money order from $500.01 to $1000, the fee for that money order is $1.58. so based on your requirements, you can easily choose the amount of your Winn Dixie money order or purchase multiple money orders.

Cashing fee: Winn Dixie doesn’t allow or have the services of cashing money orders. So, to cash the Winn-Dixie money order, you have to go somewhere else and pay the cashing fee but not at Winn-Dixie.

Requirements: like any other money order services only need to do a scary government-issued identity proof to the Winn Dixie store. And to purchase a Winn Dixie money order, you must pay using cash or a debit card, as Winn Dixie doesn’t accept credit cards to purchase their money orders.

International transactions: you may not know, but Winn Dixie uses the money order services of Western Union. So through the help of the Western Union money order services, you can send the Winn Dixie money order to any place you want. 


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6〉 Meijer 

Meijer Money Order alternative of Acme

Meijer is a great place to purchase groceries, clothing, vehicle gas, etc. The services of Meijer stores are extensive and focus on fulfilling all the customers’ needs. And among those services, one of the best is Meijer’s money order services. 

Limit: if you want to purchase a Meijer money order, their services are always open. At Meijer, you can purchase a single money order at the highest limit of $500. But for the benefit of its customers Meijer has a daily window of a $3000 money order limit. So if you need to purchase a $2400 money order from Meijer, you must purchase five to pay your bill. 

Fee: at Meijer, the money order fee is much less than other money order services, as, for a $500 Meijer money order, you have to pay only $0.63 as a fee amount. And if you purchase multiple Meijer money orders, you must pay each money order fee. 

Cashing fee: in Meijer, the money order fee is not required as they don’t have the services to cash a money order for you. So this is how you must go somewhere else to cash out if you have a Meijer Money order. 

Requirements: at Meijer, the requirements to purchase Meijer money orders are almost the same as any other money order service, so if you are interested in purchasing a Meijer money order.

You must carry government-issued identity proof. Also, you must pay using cash or a debit card, as Meijer doesn’t accept credit cards for money order services.

International transactions: Meijer money order services and a part of Western Union Finance Service Company, So yes, Meijer money order services do provide international money order services.

Hence, by purchasing a Western Union Money order from Meijer, you can easily Send the Meijer money order anywhere you want outside the United States.


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