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In May 1976 Acorn Clinic started its journey to provide healthcare for migrant farmworkers in rural Alachua County. Acorn Clinic provides North Central Florida residents with quality and affordable healthcare, dental care, and social services.

The clinic added dental clinic in 1987. This medical clinic is continuously expanding into a renovated primary home, expending from three test rooms to six and adding a separate medicine field and laboratory. This clinic’s most unique feature is the use of volunteer physicians, dentists, Nurse Practitioners, and other healthcare professionals. Acorn volunteers and staff have also received awards for services include the Work of Heart and Girl Scouts women who make the difference.

Acorn Clinic Contacts

Acorn Clinic

The Alachua County Organization for Rural Needs

23320 North State Road 235

Brooker, FL 32622

If you need an appointment or any general information please call

Dental Clinic

Acorn Clinic

Ph No- 352 485 2772

Dental Clinic (Fax)- 352 485 1961

Dental Time

Monday to Thursday

8:00 am to 4:00 pm


Friday morning

8 am to 12 pm


For administrative information, you can contact

Candice King

Executive Director, in 352 485 2772 ext. 105


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Acorn clinic Services

Acorn Clinic

They provide services in Medical clinic services and Dental clinic services

Acorn Clinic Dental Clinic Services Includes

Dental exam and X-rays


Preventative Care( Cleanings and Sealants)


Root Canals

Restorative Care (Fillings, Crowns, Dentures, Implants)

Oral Health education at each visit.

Acorn Dental clinic offers an additional program including Dental Fairy dental outreach program, Homeless Dental Clinic, Dental Sponsorship Program, Disabled Veteran Dental program, and Senior Dental care program.


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Medical Clinic Services Includes

Specialty Medical Care

General Medical care

Women Health Care

Social Services Referrals

Reduced Cost X-rays

Disease management education

Free Monthly Spanish Migrant Clinic

Mammography Screening Referrals

Medication assistance

On-Site Lab


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Core Values

Their Core values are Patient-Centered




Community Involved

Environmentally Conscious


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Acorn Clinic Dartford

Dartford provides services include osteopathy, Podiatry, counseling, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Allergy testing, and Hypnotherapy.


Mission & Vision

This clinic’s ultimate mission is to provide standard health services to individuals and families of rural north-central Florida. This clinic serve as a bridge between patients and community organization. The clinic is a partner of Acorn Clinic, an educational institution as an exemplary service-learning site for health professionals.


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