Adidas Return Policy in 2024 (Return Policy Guide)

Adidas is a famous German multinational corporation set up in 1924 in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Adidas products are good, but after purchasing, if you do not like the product.

You can easily return the product by knowing the Adidas Return Policy.



What is the Adidas Return Policy?

The Adidas Return Policy gives customers an adequate time frame of 60 days to return their product online or in-store. 

A return policy has no exception to the success of a brand or company.

In this digitized world, people want to make wise decisions so that their money does not go wasted on their silky mistakes.

Therefore, they tend to buy products from that brand with a potential return policy.

If they buy something and are unsatisfied, they want to receive their loss without regretting it.

That is why almost every well-known company has a flexible return policy.

The return policy helps the customers to get their money back or get a replacement for the product that was bought mistakenly.

A return policy has some rules and regulations that a customer needs to follow to qualify for a refund or replacement.


How to return Products/items to Adidas UK?

Adidas Return Policy Process

If you want to return your products or items to Adidas UK, you need to follow the steps that are given below:

● First, you must click on start your return, and then you need to enter your email and order number. 

● Then, they will send you a digital QR code that is your return label. You do not need to take a printout of it.

● Then, you need to pack the products you want to return in their original packaging. 

● Then you need to visit a drop-off point that is Royal Mail, and there you have to scan your QR code. 

● As soon as they process your return, they will issue a refund for you. You will get your refund within 14 days of your original payment method.

E-gift card refunds are sent through email instantly. 

● If you want to exchange your product, they will send you your new product as soon as they get your return package. 


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How many days do I have to return my Adidas Order?

If you have purchased a product online, you will get 60 days from the date of receiving your product to return your product completely free of cost except for the hype products such as the YEEZY collection, which have a 14-day return period. 


How Much Does it Cost to Return an Adidas Order?

Here is some good news for you. You do not need to spend a single penny to return an Adidas order.

Adidas offers free returns. You just have to return the product through the same carrier that delivered your product. 


How Long Does the Adidas Return Process Take in the UK?

Adidas Return Policy processing Time

Generally, your return package takes 3-5 business days to arrive at their warehouse in the UK.

As soon as they get your product, they will try their best to recess your return within 48 hours of the arrival of your return package.

You will be notified through email about your return and refund updates. 


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I lost my original return label. How can I create a new one?

If you have lost your return label, you have to first finish your inline return or exchange request.

Then they will send you a new return label in your online account and through email automatically. 


When will I get my refund from Adidas UK?

You will get your refund from Adidas UK within 14 days from the date of processing your return.

The refund amount will be credited back to your original method of payment. 


Can I return an Adidas product after 30 days?

Yes, you can return an Adidas product after 30 days, as the company has expanded the return timeframe to 60 days.


Can I return Adidas shoes after wearing them?

No, you can not return Adidas shoes after wearing them. 


Adidas Return Policy for in-store purchase 

If you want to return an Adidas in-store purchase, you need to visit the same store from where the original purchase was made.

You need to provide them with your receipt and return the products on or before 60 days from the date of purchase.

Online purchases can not be returned to an Adidas store. 


How can I return an Adidas Product if I purchase it from another store?

If you want to return an Adidas product that was purchased from another store, you need to contact that particular store, as they have a return policy that is completely different from the Adidas return policy. So you can not return such items to Adidas.



So you have got a clear idea about the Adidas Return Policy. Now it is your responsibility to rest this article and know every important thing about the return policy if you are planning to purchase Adidas. 


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