Advance Auto Payroll in 2024 (Payment Schedule, Discount)

Owning a car isn’t easy. It requires constant servicing, and if the model is a little bit old, then finding proper parts is next to impossible, and that’s why the company Advance Auto Parts is so famous among customers.

But what makes Advance Auto Parts services best is their employees, and to keep the employees satisfied in their work, having a proper Payroll system is very important.

And also, as an employee, you should always know about the payroll schedule and other updates.

And that’s why this article about Advance Auto payroll is here to clear most of the queries of future employees of Advance Auto Parts.



How to access Advance Auto Payroll information?

Advance Auto Payroll

When you work at some company, getting access to the payroll information up to date is very important, and that’s why it’s always suggested that you follow the Payroll information. 

So, Advance Auto Parts gives the employees access to their payroll information and not only their benefits, payment schedules, etc.

Advance Auto has a portal called ‘PeopleCenter.’

In this Portal or site, a new page will open after you log in with your employee ID and password.

You can get access to payroll, personal information benefits, pay statements which you can print, and w2 forms.

So, the ‘PeopleCenter’ is where you can find all the information you need as an employee.


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What is the Advance Auto Parts employee Portal?

Advance Auto Payroll & employee portal

As mentioned earlier, the best way to get employee information online is through the employee site, and for Advance Auto Parts, the site is ‘PeopleCenter.’ This Portal is simple and easily accessible by every employee, from New to old. 

The feature of the Portal is that through the Portal, the employee can stay updated about their payroll schedule.

Then if any personal information changes are required for the employees, through the ‘PeopleCenter’ site, the employee can change their address or phone number on their profile through the Portal.

After that, the employee can Check updates related to their employee benefits.

Not only that, if needed, then team members from the ‘PeopleCenter’ home page can view their payroll, benefits, personal and HR information.

There are even more features available for the Advance Auto Parts employee Portal but to check all of them, you have to use it in person.


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Types of employee work in Advance Auto Parts and their Salaries

Below we share Advance Auto Parts employee Salaries

Sales Department, 

Sales associates get an hourly salary of $12.21, and annually it’s around $48,569

Commercial Sales Executive with a salary of $16.29 per hour and $42,240 yearly.

Sales representative with a salary structure of $14 per hour and $66,540 annual income

Sales manager with a salary structure of $14.60 per hour of work and $59,766 annually.

Enterprise account managers get an annual salary of $83,567 and, for an hour of work, $40.

Market managers earn an annual salary of $79,630 and an hourly $31.76. 

Service advisors earn around $18.69 hourly and $50,688 annually.




The wholesale manager earns around $20 per hour and $48,531 annually.

Distribution specialist with an average salary of $17.78 per hour of work and $34,586 annually.

Product manager with a salary of $103,665 annually and $44.57 hourly 

Distribution associate has an Annual salary of $28,648 and $12.40 per hour. 



Electronic assembler with a salary structure of $17.13 per hour and $51,537 annually.

General helper earns a basic salary of $26.64 per hour and $73,637 annually.

Machine operator that has an hourly salary of $18 and Annually of $65,420

Packager earns around $14 hourly and $34,200 per year. 

Production Supervisor with a salary of $46,138 annually and $16 hourly.


These are some basic examples of Advance Auto Parts’s work positions. Still, from that, there are many positions available from different departments which you can easily apply for based on your qualification. 


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What is the payment schedule for Advance Auto Parts employees?

Advance Auto Payroll schedule

Many different types of services and businesses are available in the US market, and all those tours have their schedules for paying employees their salary.

And in the case of Advance Auto Parts, keep the process simple and pay the employees correctly.

They pay biweekly, meaning the employees will get their salaries every two weeks on Fridays based on their work hours.

So by paying the employees on Friday, the new payment routine starts on Saturday, and then again two weeks later, the employees will get paid.


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What is the Advance Auto Parts employee discount program?

It proves that our vehicles need services, and at the services, getting the right part for your vehicle is very important, and that’s when the best option you can go for is Advance Auto Parts.

Advance Auto Parts provides discounts for customers, but they also provide a discount for employees.

So if you are planning to join Advance Auto Parts as an employee and want to know the percentage of employee discounts, then you will be happy to know that Advance Auto Parts offers a 20% discount on most of their items for employees.

Sometimes the employee discount percentage on some products is lower than 20%, but as an employee, you can still purchase them at a reasonable cost. 


Does Advance Auto Parts offer paid holidays?

Holidays are necessary whether it’s for vacation or sickness.

However, no matter whether they have dedicated employees at work, they still need holidays, but there are many workplaces where the holidays are not paid.

So in the case of Advance Auto Parts employees who get paid holidays.

So if you are working there regularly as a part-time or full-time employee and your work our week is more than 20 hours, then you are eligible for paid time off.

Having paid time off at the workplace is very useful.

Still, in Advance Auto Parts, you get set time off, holiday pay, and separate sick leave, so as you can see, working at Advance Auto Parts dedicatedly always has its perks.


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