Aldi Complaints in 2024 (How To File, How To Deal)

In this article, we share detailed information on “Aldi Complaints.”

Aldi is a substantial retail company, with services of supermarkets, hypermarkets, Superstore, and Convenience stores in 20 different countries, so facing complaints is a common thing for them no matter how hard they try to avoid it.

And if you experience something you need to complain about with Aldi, this article is a perfect way to find out how.



What are Aldi Complaints?

Aldi is a big company with over 10,000 stores in 20 different countries, and like any other retail company, Aldi also can’t avoid unwanted issues.

Aldi always tries to provide its customers with the best survival they can.

Still, there are situations like online product damage, delayed delivery, unsatisfied product quality, stock out, employee behavior, etc.

The issues vary from customer to customer and lead the customers to complain to the company.

This is what the company and the customers explain as Aldi Complaints. 


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How do you file a complaint against Aldi?

Aldi Complaints (How to File)

When you experience issues with any Aldi product, whether to complain or discuss your concerns, you first try to contact Aldi customer service.

Now, as Aldi cares about its customers, there are many ways to contact them, 

● First, the most convenient way to visit an Aldi store is in person.

Through this, you can directly talk to Aldi customer service and get your problem solved almost instantly.

● You can write an email about the issue you are facing. 

● Then you can contact customer service using Aldi’s official website. 

● Also, you can contact customer service using the customer service phone number, which you’ll find on the internet based on your country.

● Or contact Aldi through Twitter. 


How does ALDI deal with complaints?

Here are situations when the customers face issues about the Aldi product and any other reasons and decide to contact customer service. 

After a complaint and even during the complaint, the customer service in Aldi treats all the customers respectfully.

They listen to all the issues, and based on that, Aldi very seizes the credibility of the issue. 

If the issue is written through email or text, after Aldi checks through it, they go through it and do everything possible to give the customer the best service possible. 


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How do I complain to ALDI UK?

Aldi Complaints (UK)

To file a complaint to Aldi UK, you can open Aldi’s official website  then you have to pick the country you live in.

Then when you do, there is an option you’ll see that says “customer service” in the top right corner of the screen. Click on it and choose “contact us” from the pull-down menu.

You can also email [email protected], contact customer service by phone at 0800 042 0800, send a message on Twitter at Aldi UK, or visit your nearby Aldi store.


How do I complain to ALDI Australia?

The process of filing a complaint in Aldi is similar in Australia.

You can easily visit any Aldi store near you and find the service desk where customer service will help you with your issue.

Then you can call Aldi’s customer service number 1300 989 000.

Then you can use the Aldi official page, where you choose the option ‘About ALDI’ or ‘customer service, and then on the new page, you’ll find ‘Contact Us.

And finally, using social media platforms such as Twitter. 


Does Aldi compensate for complaints?

Aldi has a good reputation for the service they provide.

Even though certain situations occur in the Aldi products, most of the service review of the Complaint holders turns out positive after solving the issue. 

When the Aldi customer service team received an issue about any Aldi product or service, they immediately started working on it.

The customer service team contacted the department to learn about the credibility of the situation.

If necessary, Aldi contacts The Retail ADR, which is referred to as a certified Alternative Dispute Resolution provider. They look into the issue and investigate it. 

And suppose the problem is solvable or caused by Aldi.

In that case, Aldi tries to satisfy the customer and even offers gift vouchers for their future investments in Adli.  

In the end, you can understand that Aldi always tries to satisfy customers.

So even if anything happens, Aldi will solve it as soon as they can or give you the refund or replacement you deserve; there is nothing to worry about. 


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