Anderson Vet Clinic Anderson Address, Hours

Anderson Vet Clinic serves a wide range of veterinary services to the Anderson, CA and Surrounding area. They are dedicated to providing friendly, compassionate services as well as high-quality Veterinary Medicine. Anderson Clinic believes in treating every patient as their own Pets. They have highly trained and experienced Veterinarians and staff in giving their patients the best care possible. If you have any questions related to your pet you can call them at 530 531 8625.



Anderson Vet Clinic Anderson

Anderson Vet Clinic

The address is

3100 West Center St. (map)

Anderson, CA 96007

Phone Number- 530 531 8625

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

7:30 am to 6 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 4 pm

Sunday- Closed


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Anderson Vet Clinic Services

Their services include

Exams and Consultations

Nutritional Counseling




Preventative Medicine




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Anderson Vet Clinic Doctors/ Provider

Anderson Vet Clinic Doctors

Their doctors or provider include

Amanda Neligh, BVMS, MRCVS

In July 2016 Amanda graduate from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and Joined the Anderson Veterinary Clinic. She likes to educating and serving the Rural area. Dr. Amanda completed her associate degree from Shasta College in Veterinary Technology. Amanda likes to treat small animal internal medicine. Dr. Amamda is passionate about bovine and equine Medicine.


Joseph Korn, DVM

Dr. Joseph belongs to the Los Angeles area. In 1986 Dr. Joseph graduate with the DVM degree from U.C. Davis. He can treat various types of animals include dogs, cats, cows, horses, small ruminants.

In December 2013, Joseph joined the Anderson Vet Clinic. Dr. Anderson has an interest in all areas of medicine include Surgery and Dentistry.


Michael Cline, DVM

As a Kennel worker, he started working at the Anderson  Veterinary Clinic. Michael is a registered nurse practitioner. He spends all his adulthood working at the Anderson vet Clinic. Dr. Michael Cline is an excellent diagnostician and Surgeon. Michael loves Orthopedic Medicine.


Meghan Ortiz, DVM

Dr. Meghan belongs to the Red Bluff. To complete her graduation in animal science she attended Arizona University and the University of Minnesota. Dr. Meghan completed her veterinary degree from Missouri University. Meghan completed her graduation in 2013. Dr. Meghan enjoys everything outdoors includes Camping, Boating, Swimming, Off-roading.


Sara, Practice Manager

Sara grew up in Modesto. From Beyer High school she completed her graduation. Sara is highly dedicated to the clinic staff, patients, and clients.


Summer, Lead RVT

From a very young age, she is very passionate about Animals. Summer completed her graduation from the West Valley High School and also pursuing her degree in Veterinary Technology and also completed her A.S. degree in 2006. In April 2016 Summer become a registered Veterinary Technician. In her free time, Summer loves to enjoy hiking, horseback riding, and love to spend her quality time with her husband and five children.


Michael Pittore

Michael graduate from West Valley High School and then attended Shasta College. In April 2011 Michael Pittore joined the Anderson Veterinary Clinic. In the Clinic first, she becomes a Kennel Manager and then moved on to Veterinary Assistant and Technician.


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