Applebee’s Dress Code in 2024 (Full Detailed)

Here we share detailed information on Applebee’s Dress Code.

Those who enjoy affordable and fun casual dining for them. Applebee’s restaurant is a great option.

To enjoy delicious American cuisine, Applebee’s is where customers will get various options.

And now people love the restaurant chain so much that it has more than 2000 restaurants available in different places around the world.

Among those, almost 1500 restaurants are available in the United States.

So, it’s not difficult to understand that Applebee’s has great demand.

And because it has so many outlets, that’s why at Applebee’s, thousands of employees work there every day.

Therefore, it’s important for those willing to know about the employee dress code at Applebee’s restaurant.

That’s why this article about Applebee’s dress code is here As a guide.



Applebee’s Dress Code

At Applebee’s restaurant, the restaurant chain needs to maintain a strict dress code for the employees to maintain its standards.

As a result, the employees must wear Applebee’s clean, pressed, and odor-free uniform.

Faded, stained, or torn shirts and pants are prohibited for the employee.

While working at Applebee’s, wearing an appropriate shirt, pants, apron, and name tag is required.

For all the front-of-the-house employees, wearing name tags is very important.


Does Applebee’s provide its uniform for free?

Does Applebee's provide its uniform for free

Applebee’s does provide free uniforms, but not entirely; most things must be from the employee’s wardrobe.

At Applebee’s restaurant, while walking, the employees working at the front of the house must wear a black shirt and black pants or skirt.

Now, it has to be from the employee’s clothing collection.

The restaurant management will provide Applebee’s logoed apron and name tag to the employees.

For those who are working as kitchen staff or the house at the Applebee’s restaurant, it is required that the employee wear the bottom wear from their clothing collection.

Applebee’s will provide two Applebee’s logoed t-shirts, aprons, and name tags to the employees.

Besides that, if the employees require additional clothing, they must purchase it from Applebee’s restaurant, which will later be detected from the employee’s payroll.


Do employees have to wear shirts while working at Applebee’s?

Yes, it’s part of the rule that Applebee’s restaurant employees must wear black shirts while working.

The black shirt is a mandatory uniform of Applebee’s host hostess, server bartender, and service assistant.

The black button-down collared shirt has to be clean in half or full sleeves; also, it should not have any print or stripes on the shirt. 

And for the kitchen staff, the dress code is different, which is a t-shirt.

But a part of them knows other employees are to wear T-shirts.


Do the Applebee’s employees wear T-shirts while working? 

Only the Applebee’s restaurant kitchen staff are allowed to wear t-shirts during the work hour.

The uniform for the kitchen staff is a red Applebee’s logoed t-shirt.

In many restaurants, even the kitchen staff have to wear Applebee’s logoed shirt instead of a t-shirt. 


During winter, do Applebee’s employees are allowed to wear sweaters?

No, employees are prohibited from wearing any winter wear while working at Applebee’s restaurant.

Also, Applebee’s doesn’t have a uniform for winter; therefore, if any employee wants to wear winter while working, they can’t do that.

However, the employees can wear a black undershirt or t-shirt with the Applebee’s uniform while working.

The t-shirt underneath the uniform should not have any prints, designs, or stripes.

If an employee is working at the car side part of the restaurant, only then is the employee allowed to wear a sweater or jacket approved by Applebee’s management. 


Are employees allowed to wear jeans at Applebee’s?

Are employees allowed to wear jeans at Applebee's

Yes, kitchen staff can wear blue or black jeans at Applebee’s restaurant.

Besides, no other employees, like the host hostess server, etc., can wear jeans at the restaurant premises.

Besides jeans, the kitchen staff are also allowed to wear black or blue slacks. 

All employees working at the restaurant in the Dining area have to wear black dress pants.

Those pants should not have any elastic waistbands or stitched pockets. So if the employees can’t find them at a store, they must get them from the tailor. 


Are leggings allowed at Applebee’s?

No, the employees at Applebee’s are not allowed to wear casual clothing, such as leggings, sweatpants, yoga pants, etc.

Not only that, other bottoms like corduroy, cotton baggies, shorts, overalls, etc., are not allowed for employees at the restaurant. 

So during work hours, employees have to make sure that they are wearing appropriate clothing, which is black pants.

Besides that, the bottomwear mentioned above is strictly prohibited for the employees at Applebee’s. 


Are Applebee’s employees allowed to wear skirts?

If the women employees want, they can wear skirts at the Applebee’s restaurant.

But as a workplace, it has to be of appropriate length.

Therefore, the employees must ensure that the skirts are not shorter than 2 inches above the knee. 

Also, the skirt has to be made of plain black cotton fabric.

It must not have any stitched pockets or elastic waistbands.

Therefore, if the employees want to wear skirts made of jeans or corduroy, it’s not allowed at Applebee’s. 


Are the employees allowed to wear sneakers at Applebee’s?

Sneakers are very comfortable; therefore, sneakers are allowed for employees at many companies.

But unfortunately, employees can’t wear sneakers at the restaurant.

The employees must wear polished black leather shoes for both men and women.

Also, the footwear must be closed to and slip-resistant to prevent any accidents.

Therefore, employees must find perfect and suitable footwear for working at Applebee’s.

The kitchen staff can wear dark leather footwear or tennis shoes not made of nylon or Canvas at the restaurant.

Also, similar to the other employees, the footwear of the kitchen staff has to be sleep-resistant and closed-toe.


Can Applebee’s employees wear Sandals?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how comfortable sandals are to wear daily; however, it is inappropriate for workplaces.

Also, as the employees must deal with food at the restaurant, the employees must stay safe; hence, wearing closed-toe and slip-resistant footwear is important. 

However, regarding footwear, some options, such as boots, clogs, high heels, jellies, etc., are not allowed at Applebee’s restaurant. 


Are hats or caps allowed at Applebee’s?

Yes, wearing an Applebee’s logo baseball cap is a must for the employees working in the kitchen.

It doesn’t matter if the kitchen staff has hair, but they must wear it.

On the other side, for the server, host hostess, bartender, etc., at Applebee’s, wearing caps or hats is strictly prohibited.

Wearing caps while serving food can be distracting and problematic; therefore, to keep it simple for the employees and customers, no other employees besides kitchen staff are allowed to wear caps or hats. 

If any employee wants to wear caps, hats, or any other headwear for religious or medical reasons, they must discuss the dress code with Applebee’s management team.


Are accessories allowed at Applebee’s?

At Applebee’s restaurants, on a day-to-day basis, there are accessories that people require, such as belts, watches, Jewelry, etc.

So, the employee can wear a belt at the Applebee’s restaurant if the pants or skirt has belt loops.

Then it would be nice for the employees to wear matching socks with the shoes, and for women, Suntan color hosiery is highly preferred.

If the employee wants, they can also wear a watch with the uniform. 

About Jewelry, the rules can be a bit complicated, so at the Applebee’s restaurant, the server, host, hostess bartender, and service assistant are allowed to wear minimal Jewelry.

Among the jewelry options, those employees can wear one reading per hand, a small necklace, gauges that are not bigger than the size of a dime, and small earrings; besides that, if the employee wants to wear any other jewelry, then they have to get approval from the Applebee’s area director.

And if an employee is wearing any medical jewelry, then Applebee’s is fine with it.

However, employees working as kitchen staff at Applebee’s restaurant have huge restrictions about the Jewelry.

For safety purposes, most restaurants are prohibited.

But in a few restaurants, small earrings or necklaces can be allowed.

The approval of the jewelry depends on Applebee’s management team; therefore, the employees have to ask the area director or director of operations for assistance. 


Are piercings allowed at Applebee’s for employees?

If the employees have piercings in their ears, then Applebee’s restaurant management is perfectly fine.

But nowadays, even though facial piercings are pretty common, employees are not allowed to wear any facial piercing jewelry at Applebee’s restaurants. 

It’s not like Applebee’s won’t recruit employees with piercings; however, first safety for the process, no facial Jewellery like eyebrow rings, nose ring tongue studs, etc, are allowed at the restaurant premises.

Also, if the employees try to hide the piercing using a band-aid or clear studs, even then, it’s not allowed. 


Can Employees have colored hair at Applebee’s?

At Applebee’s restaurants, employees are allowed to have colored hair.

Nowadays, colored hair is common, that’s why that can’t be avoided.

However, if the employee has any loud and bright colored hair like red, pink, purple, blue, etc., then it’s strictly prohibited. 

Also, the employees can style their hair however they want, but they should know that if the hair is longer than the collar length, then for health reasons, the employees must tie their hair.

They can choose any preferred hairstyle, but the hair should not hang around the face and neck.


What are the rules for Grooming at Applebee’s?

It’s always important for people to look as presentable as possible, and if the employees look messy at work, then it’s not a good thing.

Therefore, the hair of the employee should always be combed, and women should wear light makeup. 

It would be better for male employees to shave regularly to achieve a clean-looking look at work.

And those who have a beard have to be perfectly trimmed and shaped.

Also, while joining the job at Applebee’s restaurant, if any employee has a clean shave, the employees need to maintain the look.

And if the employee has any concerns about the beard, they should talk to the Applebee’s Area director.


What is the Applebee’s dress code for tattoos?

Tattoos are very common nowadays, and most people have small to big tattoos, understanding that at Applebee’s restaurant, tattoos are allowed.

And hiding the tattoos is not necessary at the restaurant.

Therefore, if the employee has a decent tattoo design on any part of the body, then it’s perfectly fine.

However, if the employee has an offensive tattoo, it’s not allowed at the restaurant.

People with multiple facial tattoos must discuss the dress code with Applebee’s management or during the interview.


Are long nails or nail paints allowed at Applebee’s?

At Applebee’s server, employees working at the front of the house were allowed to wear nail paint while working at the restaurant.

The employee must have a clean, perfectly maintained nail.

And as it is restaurant work, that’s why having long nails should be avoided.

Also, for the kitchen staff, having long nails is not allowed.

But still, if the employees have any queries about nails, they should ask the restaurant management.


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