Ashby Animal Clinic Harrisonburg Address, Hours

Since 1974, Ashby Animal Clinic provides a variety of pet care. They offer surgical pet care in both simple and complex situations. They have been caring for cats and dogs in Dayton, Bridgewater, Harrisonburg, and Rocking county areas for more than 40 years. Ashby Animal Clinic started by Dr. James G. Simmons in October 1974.


Ashby Animal Clinic Harrisonburg Address/ Hours

The address is

1685-A Garbers Church Road,

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Phone Number- 540 433 9174

Fax Number- 540 432 0390

For emergency care, you can call- 540 248 1051

Office Hours

Monday to Thursday

8 am to 7 pm

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

8 am to 5 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 12 pm


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Ashby Animal Clinic Doctors/ Providers

Ashby Animal Clinic Doctors

Their doctors or provider include

Dr. Tara Bell, D.V.M.

Dr. Tara from Williamsburg, VA. From VA Tech- Animal science Tara completed her Undergraduate program. In 2001 she completed her BS degree. From the same college, she receives her D.V.M. in 2007. Dr. Tara loves to serve small and Equine animal vet.


Dr. James G. Simmons

Dr. James born and grew up in Bridgewater, VA. From Bridgewater, college James receives his B.S. in general science. James completed his doctorate in veterinary medicine from UGA. From the University of Virginia medical school, he completed his M.S in surgery. In 1974 he opened this animal Clinic.


Blue Ridge Veterinary Medical Association

D.C. Academy of Veterinary Medicine


Dr. Sarah Whitman

Since July 1991, Dr. Sarah working at Ashby Animal Clinic. In 1989 she receive her Doctor of veterinary medicine from Virginia Tech. Sarah enjoys small animal practice.


Dr. Lisa May Moran

Dr. Lisa completed her graduation from Virginia Tech. From Purdue University Veterinary School Lisa receive her Veterinary Degree. Since 1987 Lisa practice large animal medicine and small animal medicine.


Dr. Garrett Smith

Dr. Garrett belongs to Warrenton, VA. In 2010 Garrett completed his Undergraduate program in Animal Science at Virginia Tech. He completed his DVM in 2017. Dr. Garrett interested in internal medicine, disease prevention.


Other staff

Ashby Animal Clinic Staff

Their other staff include


Tish L.V.T.

In 2018, Tish joined the Veterinary technician team. Tish completed her degree in Veterinary Technology from BRCC in 1995. She loves to enjoy educating her clients.


Liz L.V.T.

In 2011, Liz completed her graduation from BRCC. Liz joined the Ashby team in May 2011. She completed her graduation in Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Liz loves to do hiking, traveling in her free time.


Morgan L.V.T.

In June 2013, Morgan joined the Ashby Animal Clinic. She worked as a receptionist. After her graduation from BRCC, she becomes a licensed Technician.


Justin L.V.T.

In 2010, Justin completed her graduation from BRCC. In August 2013 Justin Joined this animal clinic. Justin enjoys all types of canine medicine and surgery. He loves to spend her free time hiking, camping, swimming, and spending time with family.


Whitney L.V.T.

In May 2007, Whitney completed her graduation from BRCC. She worked in this animal clinic as a Licensed Technician. Whitney loves to spend her free time hiking, cooking, and traveling.


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