Ashland Animal Clinic Phone Number, Hours, Address

Ashland Animal Clinic offers the very best animal care to their patients. They offer state-of-art and client consultation services and they also promote your pet overall health and Longevity. Ashland offers the very best care to their patients and also build long term relationship with the pet owners.



Ashland Animal Clinic Phone Number/ Hours

 Ashland Animal Clinic Phone Number

The address is

3101 13th St. (map)

Ashland, KY 41102

Phone Number- 606 324 2984

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

7:30 am to 5 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 12 pm

Sunday- Closed


Ashland Animal Clinic Services

They offer services include

1〉 Additional Services


Microchip Pet identification

Grief Counseling


2〉 Medical Services

Laser Therapy Blood Transfusions
Dentistry Radiology
Flea Control Medical Assessment


3〉 Nutritional Counseling

Giant Breeds

Puppies/ Kittens


4〉 Preventive Services

Heratworm Prevention

Tick Prevention

Flea Prevention and Control


5〉 Surgical Services


Soft Tissue Surgery


Orthopedic Surgery


6〉 Wellness and Vaccination Program

Puppy Wellness Kitten Wellness
Adult Pet Wellness Senior Pet Wellness


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Ashland Animal Clinic Doctors/ Providers

Ashland Animal Clinic Doctors

Their doctors or providers include

1〉 Dr. David Pinkston

In 1990 Dr. David open this animal clinic. He completed his graduation from Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine. He loves to do outdoors, fishing, Scuba diving, and traveling.


2〉 Dr. Lisa Williams

Dr. Lisa belongs to West Virginia. From Delaware Valley college of science she completed her graduation. Dr. Lisa completed her DVM from Tuskegee University School of veterinary Medicine.


3〉 Dr. Chris Pinkston

From Auburn University College of veterinary Medicine, Dr. Chris completed his graduation. He completed his undergraduation at the Louisville University. In 2008 he met with his wife in this Clinic.


4〉 Anne Massard

In october 2019, Anne Joined the AAC team. Anne completed her graduation with an Associates in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. Before joining this clinic as a full-time employee she worked as an equine professional for many years.


5〉 Dakota Evenson

Dakota completed her graduation from Penn Foster with veterinary Assistant Certificate. From her childhood she really love animals and choose this profession as her career. Dakota love to spend her weekends with her dogs and horses.


6〉 Dakota Patterson

In october, 2019 Patterson Joined the Ashland Animal Clinic. In her home, she has many pets like dogs and cats. Dakota spent her free time watching 80’s movies.


7〉 Zana Watkins

Zana completed her graduation from Marshall University with a Bachelor in Radiology Technology and Biological Science. She has a three cat in her home and also love to collect of snakes and Lizards.


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