Athleta Gift card in 2024 (How to Get, Work Process, Check Balance)

Athleta Gift Card is a type of gift card the company gives to get a discount on purchased products.

Gift cards are supposed to be redeemed for merchandise in-store and online at Gap, Gap Factory, Banana Republic, Banana Republic Factory, Old Navy, and Athleta only.

Athleta is a brand in America for fitness freaks. It sells all kinds of accessories.



What is an Athleta Gift Card?

The Athleta gift cards are preferably a perfect gift for every being who loves to stay in shape.

The shipping time of the card is also a factor that you are willing to know always.

If you choose to order an Athleta Gift Card with other merchandise, the gift card will be shipped a day before. 

It cannot be purchased using promotional offers or discounts.

Possessing the gift card will only create value if you know the method of redeeming it. 

Are you curious to learn the process for enjoying the benefits thoroughly?

 Athleta Gift Cards can be redeemed online through,,, and Banana 

In the Athleta gift card, purchases will only be considered once the value reaches zero.

All gifts include unique numbers in various forms.

You can find that through a magnetic stripe or a barcode.

Sometimes an encoded tape is also there, concealing the specific number.

Moreover, an ordinary computer can also be a valid medium from which the unique code can be retrieved. 


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What stores can you use as an Athleta Gift Card?

What stores can you use as an Athleta Gift Card

Direct Consumer Services, a Limited Liability Company, issued the Athleta Gift Card.

The Gift cards can be used at Gap, Gap Factory, Banana Republic, Banana Public Factory, OldNavy, and Athleta itself.

An Athleta gift card can be used for buying products from their company. Athleta or Gap is mainly for women.


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How can I get an Athleta gift card?

An Athleta gift card is available in multiple stores across America.

Therefore, you can purchase brilliant cards from any store like Gift Card Granny.

From the official portal of Gift Card Granny, you can select any brand from which you wish to buy the gift card. You get several cash-back offers while purchasing the gift card from this website.

Select the face value of the card among the three options available, viz. $25, $50, and $100.

Space for entering the name of the gift card receiver will also be there.

Therefore, you can directly send the Gift Card to your beloved person.

However, if you want it for yourself, enter your name and address in this space.

Many exciting designs are present, too, to add a fascinating effect to your gift card. 


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How does Athleta Gift Card work?

How does Athleta Gift Card work

Unlike any other gift card, Athleta gift cards can be redeemed online by entering the pin in the gift card.

To start checking the balance, firstly, you will get to see the back of the gift card number.

In the next step, enter the PIN and fill in the captcha.

As you click on Enter, the balance on the card will be visible on the screen.

Secondly, you will get a toll-free number on the back of the card, which you can call to check the balance or visit the issuer’s site. 


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How to check Athleta Gift Card Balance?

How to check Athleta Gift Card Balance

Finding the balance of the Athleta Gift Card is essential as you get hold of it.

Such a piece of information can help you keep track of how much you have spent.

Plan for some more purchases by observing the balance.

To check the balance, the best way is to call the toll-free number 877-328-4538. 

Moreover, please enter the security code and the unique card number on the official web page of Athleta to find the current status.

Choose the type of card you have, and one click will provide the balance available instantly. 


Does Athleta sell gift cards for other stores?

Athleta does not sell gift cards for any other brand.

However, if you purchase the Athleta Gift Card, you get enough opportunities to buy merchandise from many other brands.

Some of the typical outlets that you should know here include 

· Banana Republic Factory

· Gap Factory

· Old Navy

· Gap

So, this implies that you can switch to buying other products from other destinations, along with using the gift card profitably for any purchase at the Athleta stores of the online shopping platform of Athleta.

Along with the physical stores, you can easily use the card to shop online from the websites of all the brands mentioned above.

This is undoubtedly a brilliant choice for anyone who loves to go shopping. Furthermore, it can also be one of the best options for saving a lot of your money. 


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Is Athleta Gift Card good at Old Navy?

Athleta has a tie-up with Old Navy.

Therefore, if you want to purchase something at a heavy discount from this company, please go for the Athleta Gift Card.

You can enjoy all the benefits on every purchase, just like you get at the Athleta stores or website.

You never want to miss such a chance. So, without delay, apply for a Gift Card, which will arrive immediately through your email address.

However, while purchasing things from the Old Navy website, you must use the correct card number to avoid any order cancellation.

Moreover, it would be best to pay attention while selecting the card type from the list.

Do not click on the Old Navy gift card as you purchase with the Athleta one.

So, quickly choose the Athleta gift card option on the payment page and proceed with the order. 


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Are you a fan of shopping frequently? Do you wait for the offers and discounts?

An Athleta Gift Card is just the thing for you.

It will indeed be one of the best gifts you can ever get from a friend.

Moreover, you can also choose to give such a lovely present to your loved one on any particular day.

Athleta ensures that customers get the maximum benefits by shopping with their cards.

Hence, forget about the cash when such beautiful plastic money is right in your hand.

You need to know the code only for making the concerned purchases and feel comfortable while shopping.

Bulk purchases will also be delightful with the help of this helpful gift card. 


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