Avenues Pet Clinic Cheyenne Hours, Address, Phone No

Avenues Pet Clinic offers compassionate veterinary services in Cheyenne. The hospital team’s main goal is to build a long-term relationship with their patients. They offer a wide range of pet care services and treatment options.


Avenues Pet Clinic Cheyenne Hours/ Phone Number

The address is

5520 Yellowstone Road

Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009

Phone Number- 307 778 3007

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

7 am to 7 pm

Saturday- 9 am to 5 pm

Sunday- 9 am to 5 pm


Avenues Pet Clinic Services

Avenues Pet Clinic

They offer services that include

Dental CareDermatology
DiagnosticsIn-house Laboratory
International MedicineMicrochipping
NutritionParasite Prevention
Pet EmergencySurgery
VaccinationsSenior Wellness
Spay & NeuterWellness care for Dogs
Wellness Exams


Dental Care

Dental ExamsAnnual Dental Cleanings
Dental X-rayExtractions
Comprehensive Pain Management


Diagnostic and Lab Services

Liver Enzyme ScreeningPancreatic Evaluation
Renal ProfilesComplete Blood Counts
General ChemistriesFel V and Viral Screenings in Cats
Stool Testing for ParasitesSenior Wellness Screenings
Puppy Wellness ScreeningsParvovirus in Dogs



Spay and NeuterC-Section
Tumor removalLaceration Repair
Intestinal foreign body removalBladder stone removal
Cruciate ligament correction SurgeryPatella Luxation Repair
Fracture Repair



They offer vaccines like




Wellness Exams

Ear ExamEye Exam
Rectal ExamDental Exam
Skeletal ExamReproductive System Exams
Internal Health EvaluationNeurological Evaluation
Cardiovascular EvaluationNutritional Consultation
Behavioral Counseling


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Avenues Pet Clinic Doctors

Their doctors include

1〉 Dr. Rod Hartshorn

Dr. Rod is the founder and owner of this animal hospital. In 1983 Dr. Rod started this animal hospital. From the University of California, Dr. Rod completed his veterinary degree and Laboratory medicine. Dr. Rod is a member of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care society.


2〉 Dr. April Zander

Dr. April was born and grew up in Cheyenne. She completed her schooling at East High school. From the Michigan state university, Dr. April completed her zoology.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Colorado State University


3〉 Dr. Randy Smith

From Colorado State University, Dr. Randy completed his Undergraduate. In 2004 Dr. Randy completed his veterinary degree.


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Texas A&M University


4〉 Dr. Ashlee Jones

Dr. Ashlee is a native of California. She completed her Bachelor in Animal Science from Cal Poly.

Veterinary School

Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee

Dr. Ashlee’s veterinary interests include Ultrasonography, Critical Care, Internal medicine, and surgery.


5〉 Dr. Katlilin Kaiser

Dr. Katlilin native of New Jersey.

Professional Interests

Internal medicine, Preventive Medicine, and Pathology.


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