Aziz Medical Center Villa Park, Des Plaines Address, Hours

Aziz Medical Center provides comprehensive health care services to all ages of patients, diseases, and parts of the body. This medical center offers a variety of healthcare services in the Villa Park location and Des Plaines Location. Their family physician doctor offers preventive care including immunization, Screening tests, Personalized counseling to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Aziz Medical Center Villa Park/ Des Plaines Address/ hours

They provide quality health care services in two locations

1〉 Villa Park

Aziz Medical Center Villa Park

622 N Addison Road (map)

Villa Park, IL 60181

Phone Number- 630 279 9600


2〉 Des Plaines Location

Aziz Medical Center Des Plaines

2104 Miner St. (map)

Des Plaines, IL 60016

Phone Number- 847 699 8900


Aziz Medical Center Services

They offer services include

Women’s Health & Wellness

VaginitisRetained Tampons
Pregnancy TestingMastitis
Contraceptive CounselingMinor Pelvic Pain
Sexually Transmitted InfectionsHormones Changes
Annual ExamsBreast Health
Vaginal BleedingCancer Screening
Emergency ContraceptionContraception

Family Planning


Skin & Rashes

ShinglesAllergic Reactions
Skin WartsItchy Skin
Fungal RashesViral & Bacterial Rashes
Skin TagsRed Spots
Skin Lesion


Sports & Pain Medicine

Muscle StrainsFoot Injuries
Hamstrings InjuryShoulder Injuries
Ankle Injuries Knee PainKnee Sprains
Back PainHip Sprains
Neck PainPlantar Fasciitis
TendonitisCarpel Tunnel Syndrome


Cough, Chest and Lung Complaints

CoughWhooping Cough
Lung InfectionsBronchitis
Lung PainAsthma
Common Cold


Stomach and Gastrointestinal Treatment

Minor Abdominal PainHemorrhoids
Nausea and VomitingConstipation
Acid RefluxGastroenteritis
Mild  DehydrationSwallowed Foreign Bodies
Rectal Bleeding


Annual Wellness Visit

They treat all kind of cough, chest and lung complaints

CoughWhooping Cough
Common ColdBronchitis
Lung InfectionsFlu
Lung Pain


ENT Clinic

Some common ENT Sickness include

Strep ThroatEar Pain
Sore ThroatMinor Nosebleeds
Sinus InfectionsEar Wax Removal


Treatment for Eye Disease

Aziz Medical Center treat common eye illness include

Swelling, Itching, RednessCataracts
Eye DischargeGlaucoma
Puffy, Red EyesEye Injuries
Eye ItchingAllergens
AllergiesDiabetic Retinopathy


Kidney and Urinary Services

Some common Kidney and Urinary Issues

STD TestingBlood in Urine
Kidney InfectionsGenital Sores
Urinary Burning


Allergy Services

AsthmaFood Allergies
Pet AllergiesSeasonal Allergies
Trouble BreathingPoison IVY
Itchy Eyes


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Aziz Medical Center Doctors & Providers

Aziz Medical Center Doctors

Their doctors and providers include

Mohammed Samiruddin, M.D.

Dr. Mohammed completed his medical degree from Deccan College of Medical Science.


Southern Illinois University in Decatur

Dr. Mohammed is board certified in Family Medicine. Samiruddin’s special interests include Clinical Weight Loss.


Soha Sattar, M.D.

Dr. Soha completed her medical degree from Deccan College of medical science.


Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago IL.

Dr. Soha is a certified family Physician

Extensive Training

Clinical Weight Loss

Dr. Soha Personal interests include Yoga, Art, and traveling.


Tina Joseph

Tina is a board-certified family nurse practitioner.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Northern Illinois University in Dekalb in operation and information management.

Master of Science in Nursing

Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL


American Association of Nurse Practitioners

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