Aztec AnimalIn Clinic Albuquerque Address, Hours, Doctors

In 1990, Aztec Animal Clinic started its journey and is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This clinic is started by one veterinary doctor and one staff and now this clinic has six doctors and 20 support staff.

In June 1998 they complete their facilities to satisfies their doctors, support staff, and many clients. This clinic offers the most up-to-date care for your pet.  The animal clinic doctors and staff are very professionals and treat your pet like their own pet.



Aztec Animal Clinic Albuquerque

4340 Coal Ave. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87108

Phone No- 505 265 4939

Fax No- 505 265 4950


This Animal Clinic Mission

Aztec clinic’s main mission is to improve the well-being of our patients, Clients, Staff, and Community.

Their core behavior is Compassion, Commitment, Advocacy, and Accountability.


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Aztec Animal Clinic Services

They offer services that include

Exotic animal care Pet Nutrition
Parasites Surgery
Spay & Neuter Microchipping
Senior Animals Emergency Pet Care
Vaccinations Puppy Preschool and Socialization
Radiology & Ultrasound Behavior
Dental Care Preventative Care


Exotic Animal Care

They can treat many kinds of exotic pets

Backyard Poultry Small Pet birds
Non-Venomous Snakes less than 4 feet in length Lizards less than 4 feet in length
Turtle and tortoises All Species of rabbit
Ferrets and Sugar Gliders Rats and Mice
Chinchillas, Gerbils Guinea Pigs and Hedgehogs


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It includes

Dental Surgery Soft Tissue Surgery
Foreign body removal Prophylactic gastropexy
Anal Scaculectomy


Senior Animals

Some common age-related diseases include

Intestinal Disorders Kidney and Liver diseases
Diabetes Cognitive difficulties
Breast and Testicular cancer Joint and bone diseases



They offer vaccines that includes

Vaccine Education

Pet Examination and introductory Vaccinations

Necessary booster shots


Preventative Care

Standard testing includes

Ear Exam Eye Exam
Rectal Exam Dental Exam
Skeletal Exam Urinary and genital Exams
Internal health evaluation Neurological Evaluation
Cardiovascular Evaluation Nutrition Consultation

Behavior Counseling


Dental Care

Aztec Animal Clinic also offers dental care services for pets that includes

Preventative Dental Care

Emergency Oral Services

Annual Dental Cleanings


Aztec Animal Clinic Doctors

Their doctors are

Dr. Susan Truesdell Dr. Benoit Bouchet
Dr. Diego Matek Dr. Shannon Pease
Dr. Maggie Jones Dr. Niccolett Ochoa
Dr. Tyler Sedam Dr. Tamara Mc Ardle
Dr. Julie Blossom Dr. Julia Donnelly


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