Belk Gift Card Balance (Where To Get, Uses, Expire)

This article about Belk Gift Card Balance and other related information is here to help you out. Belk is a departmental store that is privately owned, and before this became a chain of departmental stores, it was first founded in 1888 in North Carolina.

Belk is a famous shopping destination for a huge part of America, and you can purchase extensive products or items. So people often go there to shop for things for themselves and their families, and that’s what makes the Belk gift card special.

If you want, you can buy gift cards in bulk for someone at around $25 to $200.



How to Check Belk Gift card Balance?

How to check Belk Gift Card Balance

Checking the gift card balance in Belk is considerably easy; there are a few steps which you can try to check the Belk gift card balance, and those are,

How to check Belk Gift Card Balance

In website:

● First, open the Belk website on your phone or laptop.

● Then go to the menu option.

● Scroll down and click on the option ‘gift card.’

● After that, a new page will open; tap the button ‘check balance’; below, we share the Link.

● Then enter your Belk gift card number and pin. 


Using phone:

● Call Belk’s toll-free number, 1-800-474-6102

● Then tell the belks customer service Staff to check your gift card balance

● Then, when they ask, tell the staff your gift card number and pin mentioned in the card. 

● And then, just tough will let you know about your Belk gift card balance.



● You can visit any Belk store 

● Then go to the service desk and ask the associate to help you with the Belk gift card balance.

● And they will check the Belk balance for you and let you know.


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What is Belk Gift Card?

In southeast America, people are pretty familiar with Belk. It is a famous department store chain, and as these stores have been in the market for so long, they have a lot of experience.

In these stores, you can buy quality clothing, furniture, accessories, home appliances, etc. And those who love to shop in Belk know others who also shop there.

And if you give someone a gift card from Belk, then he/she can use that for themselves or their families. And the variety of things a person can get using the gift card in Belk is endless.

So instead of gifting something just by predicting, it’s better to let your loved one choose their gifts. 


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Where to get Belk Gift Card?

Belk Gift Card Balance (Where to get)

Getting gift cards from Belk is slightly more complicated than buying gift cards from other famous stores. But it’s only tricky if you want to purchase or spend the Belk gift card through an offline method: using the Belk store.

It can be difficult for those who don’t live near a Belk store. But if you purchase Belk gift cards, both plastic and electronic versions, online from its website, you can easily buy them and customize the electronic gift card.

And if you need a Belk card for bulk orders for the business, you can contact the number 1-704-426-1817. 


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Where can I use my Belk Gift Card?

When you buy a gift card from Belk or anyone gifted you and want to know where you can spend the gift card, the obvious answer is at the Belk store or the Belk website.

And even though Belk is a department store chain based in southeast America, it still has more than 290 stores in around 300 locations.

So, finding a Belk store won’t be a huge problem. But you can’t find or utilize the gift card in some places in the US, like California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.


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How Does Belk Gift card Work?

Belk Gift Card Balance (Work Process)

Belk is a privately owned departmental store chain, and there are many Belk stores available in the US but primarily available in the southeast areas. So if someone gifts you a Belk card, you should know a few things before using it. 

To use the Belk gift card, you have to use it in Belk stores or websites; outside these stores or websites, the gift card won’t work. 

While buying the Belk e-gift card, you can add the recipient’s name, personalized message, etc. And after the gift card alert is sent to the sender, there it has an option where the sender can print out the e-gift card. 

Then if you want, you can also buy a Belk gift card for yourself. You need to add your name and email id to the recipient’s name and email address. And then, follow the instructions mentioned in your email and redeem it. 

After you purchase any product using the gift card in Belk, the balance will automatically be deducted from your gift card balance. Also, you can pay through other transaction methods if the product in Belk is more than the gift card balance. 

Then when the Belk gift card balance is finished, If you want, you can reload the Belk gift card balance. Still, you have to visit the Belk store in person and ask the associates there to help you with the gift card balance recharge, but unfortunately, this recharge option is not available online. 

If the gift card from Belk is lost or stolen, then you should contact Belk customer support as soon as possible.

If the card is still not used after it got stolen, then after checking your identity proof of being the gift card owner, Belk will block the previous gift card and help you get a new one with an available balance in your previous gift card. 

Then the gift card owner can’t sell, transfer or exchange the gift card for money. Even from the Belk store, the gift card holder won’t get any refund for the gift card.

And finally, if you live in New Jersey, California, and Massachusetts, then you can’t use the Belk gift card for any purchase, and also, the gift card won’t be delivered to any of these zip codes.  


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Can I use Belk Gift Card anywhere?

Those who love to shop in Belk worry that if they move somewhere else will they find any Belk store out there?

Well, Belk is a store chain that is based in the southeast US, and from the day it was founded in 1888 till now, the focus of the Belk stores are mainly in the southeast areas of the US, but still, as the story quite famous that’s why it has many stores outside southeast areas of the US.

But due to legal reasons, Belk gift cards are unavailable in California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. And in these places, you can’t order anything online from Belk. 


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Does Belk Gift Card Expire?

Even though the process of using the Belk gift card is slightly complicated, the gift card never expires. So, even if you don’t visit the Belk store that often, you can still use the gift card whenever you like and recharge it if required. 


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