Belton Small Animal Clinic Address, Hours, Phone Number

Belton Small Animal Clinic offers stellar services and exceptional care to their patients. They offer a good environment for their patients equipped with state of the art equipment and technology. This animal clinic experienced staff offers a wide variety of services to their patients in Belton.



Belton Small Animal Clinic Address/ Hours/ Phone Number

Belton Small Animal Clinic Hours

The address is

2607 N Main St (map)

Belton, TX 76513

Phone Number- 254 939 5823

Email- [email protected]

Office Hours

Monday to Saturday

7:30 am to 6 pm

Sunday- Closed

Emergency After Hours Care- 254 231 3774

After Hours Veterinary Services- 254 628 5017


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Belton Small Animal Clinic Services

They offer services include


Dogs VaccinesCats Vaccines
HepatitisFeline Viral Rhinotracheitis
Canine Influenza

Rattlesnake Venom



They offer soft tissue surgeries and orthopedic surgeries.

Spay and NeuterHernia Repair
Cherry EyeOrgan and Lymph Node biopsies
Mass RemovalEar hematoma Repair
GastropexyStenotic Nares
Digestive Tract SurgeriesSalivary Mucocele

Laceration and Wound Repairs


Spay and Neuter

Some of the benefits of Spay and Neuter

No heat CyclesIt helps to reduce the Prostate issues and Testicular Cancer
Reduces aggressive male behaviorFemales are not susceptible to pyometra
Eliminates Mammary and Uterine Cancer in females



They offer diagnostic services

UltrasoundDigital X-rays
In-house Laboratory testsDigital Dental X-ray

In house lab tests

Complete Blood Cell CountChemistry Panels
Thyroid ProfileUrinalysis
Clotting TimesFIV
CytologyEar Cytology
Fecal TestingHeartworm



In dermatology, they use the method

Skin ScrapingCytology
Allergy TestingSkin Biopsy
DTMWood’s Lamp Testing for ringworm


Dermatological Conditions offers

Medicated BathsTopical treatments
Specialized dietary PlansAntibiotics


Laser Therapy

In Laser therapy they treat conditions

Post-Surgical PainHip Dysplasia
Otitis and Other ears InfectionsTendonitis
Lick granulomasMuscle Sprains
WoundsBone Fractures
Degenerative disc diseaseDental Disease
Hot Spots



They offer grooming services include

BathsNail Trims
Ear Cleaning and PluckingBrushing and Dematting
Anal Gland ExpressionSkunk off Treatments


Other services include

Boarding & Daycare

End of life care

Emergency Care

Dental Care

Wellness care


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Belton Small Animal Clinic Doctors/ Providers

Belton Small Animal Clinic Doctors

Their doctors or providers include

Kasandra Hill, DVM

In August 2014 Dr. Kasandra joined the Belton small animal Clinic. Dr. Hill is a native of a small town in the Southwest. She completed her biology degree from Clarendon College. Kasandra completed her veterinary school at Kansas State University. Her special interest includes Opthalmology and Soft Tissue Surgery.


Linda M. Hankins, DVM

In 1997, Dr. Linda joined this small animal Clinic. She completed her Doctor of Veterinary medicine degree from Texas A&M University. From her childhood, Linda wanted to become a veterinarian. Dr. Linda has experience in Radiology, anesthesiology, surgery, and internal medicine.


American Veterinary Medical Association.

Texas Veterinary Medical Association

North Central Texas Veterinary Medical Association.


Erin Dunkelberger, DVM

In 2018, Dr. Erin Joined the animal clinic. Erin is a native of Texan. From Texas A&M University she completed her undergraduate work in Biology.¬† Dr. Erin completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from Kansas State University. Dunkelberger’s professional interests include preventative care for all life stages and also interest in many other fields.


Brandi Roberts, DVM

In August 2018, Dr. Brandi joined this animal clinic. From Angelo State University she completed her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. Dr. Brandi’s professional interests include Cytology, Surgery, and Wound Management.


Kelli Franks, DVM

Dr. Kelli Joined Belton Small Clinic in 2020. From Texas A&M University Kelli completed her undergraduate work in Animal Science. Dr. Kelli also completed her Doctor of veterinary medicine degree from the same University.

Franks’s professional interests include Cardiology, Dermatology, and Internal medicine.


Vanessa Hart, DVM

In July 2020 Dr. Vanessa Joined the Belton Small Animal Clinic. She is a native of Michigan and completed her bachelor’s degree in microbiology from Michigan University. From Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, she completed her doctorate. Dr. Vanessa’s professional interests include Opthalmology, Dermatology, and Wound Management.


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