Best Thing At Burger King (Items, Prices & Calories)

Fast food has already earned a terrible reputation. However, when it comes to Burger King, there are many mouthwatering and healthy dishes to try.

Also, if you’re hungry for burgers and chicken, Burger King is the place to go. Of course, they are famous for their burgers and sandwiches.

The fast-food restaurant chain, on the other hand, has its specialty! You can sample delicious menu items such as chicken fries and the Whopper. These are the best things at Burger King. Moreover, another advantage of BK is that they take EBT.

Many consumers have also stated that you can customize your orders. Customers’ trust is enhanced by this aspect, as they receive freshly prepared food.



What is the best thing at burger king?

When folks want a good burger, they go to Burger King now and again. Furthermore, Burger King has grown to have numerous stores at multiple locations across the country since its start.

As a result, you can quickly obtain delicious dishes at your local Burger King joint. Burger King, the Whopper’s supposed birthplace, also serves various delectable menu items. The best thing at Burger King is that it also has some healthier options to meet your fast-food cravings.

Furthermore, the King’s extensive menu offers the best meal options to satisfy your specific appetite. Burger King spoils its consumers with a massive range of meal options.

It is dedicated to spoiling its consumers through personalization. But there’s nothing wrong with being spoiled with delicious cuisine.

Burger King’s meal menu is extensive. You should reconsider if you have sampled only a few options from the menu in one sitting. For the unfamiliar, the Burger King menu may be a crazy ride.

Moreover, the restaurant has earned a reputation for serving the most appetizing food items! Whoppers, onion rings, and Sourdough Kings are all on the menu, and Burger King will never let you down!

However, considering the number of calories in these delectable foods, we may reconsider. Some of Burger King’s best offerings can be hazardous to one’s health if taken frequently. So let’s look at the Burger King menu to see what’s healthy and what isn’t!


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15 best Burger King menu items with price and calories

best thing at burger king

Below we share some menu items with prices and Calories

1〉 Egg and Cheese Croissan’Wich

The basic Egg and Cheese may be found in almost any place. Because of their popularity, many fast-food restaurants keep them on their breakfast menu.

Ordering protein-rich egg and cheese from Burger King is worthwhile even if it is available at all breakfast establishments. If you try it from here, you will undoubtedly return for more.

Calorie count: 300 calories


2〉 Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Croissan’Wich

Toss a bacon slice into the egg and cheese combination, and you’re done! Typically, the bacon sandwich options at Burger King have less sodium than the sausage or ham sandwiches. As a result, it has become one of the top items at Burger King to try.

Here, the basic egg and cheese are given a savory zing by the bacon. Additionally, there are two extra grams of protein for gaining muscle.

Calorie count: 364 calories


3〉 Ham, Egg, and Cheese Croissan’Wich

Delicious Black Forest ham and soft eggs are the components of this dish. However, the salt concentration of this off-menu food warrants a health warning.

But this Burger King sandwich has enough sodium to last half a day! Thus, diabetic people need to stay away from it at all costs. Others can certainly enjoy them as a lovely breakfast idea. 

Calorie count: 340 calories


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4〉 The Hamburger

Nothing is more straightforward than this menu item regarding fast food. Pickles and a beef patty on a grill make up this burger.

It tastes exquisite, thanks to adding a dash of mustard and ketchup. It can also be served with sliced apples or a side salad made with fresh vegetables.

Calorie count: 240 calories


5〉 Breakfast Burrito Jr.

A breakfast burrito Jr. is a must-try if you want to eat something packed with various ingredients. The ingredients consist of eggs, sausage, American cheese, and hash brown. The additional creamy, spicy sauce makes this burrito even more palatable. 

Calorie count: 370 calories


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6〉 Cheeseburger

Another interesting culinary item is the cheeseburger from Burger King. Understanding what is inside requires very little sophistication. Making this burger takes a patty and a slice of American cheese. Moreover, you can munch on it as you travel to work or stroll through the neighborhood.

Calorie count: 280 calories


7〉 Morning Star Veggie Burger

LTO and pickles are added to this Burger King vegetarian burger patty. Additionally, considering the health benefit, dieticians and health professionals also recommend it. Additionally, this meal promises a similar dose of protein as a Whopper, containing about 21 grams of it. 

Calorie count: 390 calories


8〉 Bacon Cheeseburger

The salt concentration will astound you when comparing this bacon cheeseburger to other bacon recipes. It includes 1,440 milligrams less sodium than the latter. Nonetheless, bacon fans are in for a treat. This Burger King cuisine is extremely delicious and wonderful.

Calorie count: 320 calories


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9〉 Crispy Chicken Garden Salad

This is a great option for anyone who doesn’t feel like having a burger or some fries. A salad of vegetables with a kick of chicken is an excellent step down the route to a healthy existence. Although this menu is full of vegetables, one must be mindful of its calories. The 870 calories in this salad will deplete your permitted quantity of calories. That is why it goes beyond a Whopper!

Calorie count: 870 calories


10〉 Whopper Sandwich

This Burger King meal item has become a household name. The Whopper, the first enormous, trans-fat-filled burger, gives burger king its name! This is less fattening than other fast foods, which you normally intake. However, the fat content is a matter to consider.

Calorie count: 660 calories


11〉 Chicken Nuggets

This Burger King snack contains 12 grams of protein. You’ll experience “Heaven in your mouth” after experimenting with BBQ sauce.

Calorie count: 260 calories


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12〉 Grilled Chicken Sandwich

You can satiate your hunger with this dish on the menu. Furthermore, eating this burger never makes you feel like you overate. It is also the best thing at Burger King because of the reduced salt level!

Calorie count: 460 calories


13〉 Garden Side Salad

If you want to eat vegetables, there is another healthy option at Burger King. You may also serve it as a side dish with your Whoppers. This salad has lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, and other items in addition to being packed with dietary fibers.

Calorie count: 60 calories


14〉 Cookies with Chocolate Chips

What could be better than something sweet after all of that eating? This cookie is suitable for anyone with a sweet craving because it contains minimal calories and sodium.

Calorie count: 160 calories


15〉 Soft Serve Cone

Nobody could refuse the softie on the cone. If you don’t like cookies but need something sweet, this may be what you need. However, you can alter your purchase to receive the softy in a cup. You will save about 20 calories this way.

Calorie count: 140 calories



Healthy nutrition is a top goal. Calorie counting thus becomes an important aspect of food selection. However, you now have a good sense of what to expect at Burger King. So, the next time you visit Burger King, we hope you enjoy your healthy binge! Try the best thing at Burger King that gives you a blend of taste and health. 


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