Bethel Eye Care Duluth Address, Hours, Phone Number

Bethel Eye Care offers the best eye care services in Duluth, GA. In 2017 they are voted as the best eye doctor in Duluth. They are also awarded top optometrist in Duluth, GA. If you have any appointment-related questions you can call them at 770 817 3990.



Bethel Eye Care Duluth Address/ Hours

Bethel Eye Care

The address is

2148 Duluth Hwy, Ste 102 (map)

Duluth, GA 30097

Phone Number- 770 817 3990

Email- [email protected]

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

9 am to 6 pm

Saturday- 10 am to 3 pm

Sunday- Closed


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Bethel Eye Care Services

Their services include

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Eye Function & Health TestsEye Vision Test
Cover TestVisual Acuity
Slit-lap ExaminationRefraction


Pediatric Eye Exam

Some eye test for your child include

Visual Acuity


Random Dot Stereopsis

Some warning Signs for Childhood vision Problem

Loses Place when ReadingExcessive Eye Rubbing
Failure to maintain eye contactHas Headaches
Makes Frequent Reversals during reading or writingExcessive Blinking
Close work avoid like reading or writing


Contact Lenses

Some carry the following types of contacts lenses Include

Soft LensGas Permeable Lens
Keratoconus LensScleral Lens
Flex LensToric Lens


Medical Eye Exams & Treatment

For some medical conditions, the screen and provide treatment

Eye DiseaseEye InfectionsInjuries of Eye
Diabetic RetinopathyConjunctivitisCorneal Abrasion
Macular DegenerationChalazion

Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome


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Bethel Eye Care Doctors or Providers

Bethel Eye Care Doctors

Their doctors or providers include

Susie Cha O.D.

Dr. Susie is a board-certified Optometrist Dr. Susie completed her bachelor of science from Valparaiso University in Indiana.


Over 19 years of experience in Georgia.


Doctor of Optometry

From Inter American University, School of Optometry in Puerto Rico.

She has a deep knowledge of the latest technology in Vision Correction, Diagnosis, and Contact Lens Fitting. She is very passionate about Optometry.


Philip Cha ABOC

Philip is a master optician in this Eyecare. Cha is certified by the American Board of Optometry and Georgia Board of Dispensing Opticians. He is a regular learner and regularly attends conferences and lectures to educate himself.


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