Books A Million Return Policy (A Detailed Return Guide)

In this article, we will discuss the Books A Million Return Policy. The return policy can bring a broad smile to all the customers’ faces.

Books-A-Million is popularly known as BAM! It is a famous bookstore chain situated in the United States. They have more than 260 stores in 32 states. It is popular for selling books, magazines, manga, toys, collectibles, technology, and gifts. Clyde W. Anderson set up this company in 1917 in Florence, Alabama. The company is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

People always get confused when they think of an online purchase. They especially get tensed thinking about what they would do if the product they purchased online had any defect or they did not like that product. That is why Books-A-Million has launched a return policy known as the Books-A-Million Return Policy to satisfy the customer’s soul. They always want to give a better shopping experience to their customers. 



What is the Books A Million Return Policy?

Books-A-Million takes utmost care to satisfy their customers with their every purchase. But if by any chance you are not satisfied with your product, the company is always happy to take back the product. That is why they have introduced a convenient return policy known as the Books A Million Return Policy. The return policy gives a 60 days return window so customers can easily initiate their returns. 

There are two ways to return your product. You may return the product to their warehouse or physically return it by visiting any Books-A-Million retail location. The return policy will not be applied to such items if you have purchased the product from the New and Used Marketplace. The items marked with non-returnable tags will not come under this return policy. The return policy will not be applied to eBooks or audio downloads once you have purchased or downloaded them. 


How do I return an item to Books A Million by Mail?

Books A Million Return Policy Return By Mail

If you want to return an item to Books-A-Million, you can do so on or before 30 days from the delivery of the product. You have to follow the steps given below to initiate a return via mail: 

● You have to send an email to the customer service department mentioning the order number, return reason, and items you are returning. At [email protected]

● Then, they will email you the return authorization number and return label within 24 hours. 

● Then you have to pack the items properly. 

● Then, you have to include a copy of your packing slip. 

● Then, you need to attach the return label to the outside package and ship it through a carrier that provides tracking details. 


How do I return Items/products to Books-A-Million retail stores?

If you want to return products or items to Books-A-Million, you have to follow the steps that are mentioned below: 

● You need to login into My Account from 

● Then, you need to go to your order history and click on details next to the order you want to return. 

● Then you have to click ‘Return to Store.’ 

● After that, you have to print your in-store return receipt. You may take a screenshot of the barcode and information if you cannot print it. 

● The last return date will be mentioned in the in-store receipt. The non-returnable products will also be mentioned in the receipt. 

● Then, you have to print the return receipt and return the product by visiting your local Books-A-Million store. 

● If you need help with in-store returns, you may email them at [email protected]


What products does Books-A-Million not accept as a Return?

Books A Million Return Policy not accept as a return

Books-A-Million does not accept products purchased from a third-party vendor for return. Audio downloads and ebooks will be considered to be non-returnable after you have downloaded or purchased them. 


If I purchase it using a Gift card, can I get a refund from Books-A-Million?

If you have purchased any item from Books-A-Million using a gift card, they will issue back the credit in the gift card, not your account. 


Can I return my online purchase after 30 days to the Books-A-Million?

No, you can not return your online purchase after 30 days to Books-A-Million. As per the Books A Million Return Policy, you must sort out all online returns and billing questions on or before 30 days from receiving your order. 


How much Books-A-Million charge for Return shipping?

If you have received a defective or damaged product, Books-A-Million will accept the returns completely free of cost. But if you have changed your mind, want or need the product no more, do not like the product, do not cancel the order on time, and that is why initiating a return, you have to pay the return shipping charges. 


What is a Books-A-Million membership?

Books-A-Million offers a great deal for its core members. And that’s why people are eager to take membership in Books-A-Million. The members who are holding its membership are allotted some special benefits regarding offline and online returns. Even they are offered free shipping from From the Books A Millionaire Club, the members are provided cards perfect for saving additional costs regarding their purchases.



We have given every possible detail about the Books A Million Return Policy. Now it is your responsibility to know the return policy very well before purchasing from this company. 


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