Brooklinen Return Policy in 2024 (Updated)

Brooklinen is a renowned retailer of top-quality bedding and bathing accessories such as pillows and bed sheets, towels, robes and towels, shower curtains, and other body products.

When shopping on the internet, you aren’t guaranteed complete knowledge about what you’re buying.

If an item isn’t up to par, It is recommended to return it as soon as possible.

This article will help you learn the essential features of the Brooklinen Return Policy.

This includes the return’s eligibility and the stepwise return procedure.



Brooklinen Return Policy

Brooklinen Return Policy

This Brooklinen return policy lets you get complete refunds on a purchase you aren’t satisfied with.

You may also return damaged or washed items.

Depending on how you made a payment, Brooklinen will reimburse you according to the method of payment you used initially.

If you’ve lost your receipt or the payment method has expired, the company cannot provide you store credit in the exact amount.

The company currently cannot offer a refund for items that are not wanted.


How to Start the Return Process?

Brooklinen’s return policy provides a 365-day timeframe for the start of the return process.

If you meet the criteria, the process can begin for your return by completing two methods:


How Can I Return Brooklinen Items?

Brooklinen Return Policy

For all items that satisfy the criteria for return, if they meet Brooklinen return policy requirements, There are two options to begin the return process.

You can either go to the store or send the item via mail and let’s look at both options in more detail.


1. Returns in person

Brooklinen stores accept returns on in-store and online purchases.

There are just two Brooklinen stores in operation within the U.S., one in Williamsburg and the other located in West Village.


2. In-store returns

If you purchased something from one store, you could return the item to the shop.

The staff member at the store will assist you in processing the exchange or refund according to your wishes.

If you wish to return your purchase to a retailer, begin an online return process via the website.

Once you have submitted the return request, place the item in the original box or any other sturdy container.

Just return the package to the store, and when you’re finished.


3. Returns online

Brooklinen Return Policy states free online returns for U.S. customers.

If you want to return your purchase by courier, follow these steps.

The first step is to ensure that you’re logged in to the account you have created with your Broklinen account.

Start your online return on

Once they’ve approved approval, they’ll mail you a prepaid return label.

Print the label and then pack the items with the receipt.

Send the box back to the warehouse.


How to Return As an International Customer?

Brooklinen Return Policy

Brooklinen doesn’t provide return labels to customers from outside the United States. But, this isn’t an issue.

Customers can quickly initiate international returns by emailing their customer support team at [email protected].

In contrast to domestic returns, International returns aren’t cost-free, and the cost could range from $35 to $50 based on the destination.


Making a Return Request for online Purchase

If you are planning to file an online return, follow these things:

  • Check out the Brooklinen website
  • Log into your account and look for your purchase history under the menu
  • Select the item you wish to return
  • Utilize the tool to Start a Return
  • It would help if you waited for your order to be processed
  • Print the shipping label that is prepaid that the company will send you.
  • Then, please place it in the original packaging and place the item(s) in its original packaging and your receipt.
  • The box should be packed and shipped to any post office.

If you’ve purchased through Amazon or Zola and want to return it, you need to submit the return form through the respective sites.

Returns that are filed in this manner will be subject to their deadlines for returns:

Company Return Deadline

Amazon 30 days

Zola 90 days


Requesting a Return for In-store Purchase

This option is not a viable option for most customers as Brooklinen has just one permanent retail store located in New York.

If you’re still looking to send the merchandise back to Brooklinen in the traditional way, Follow these simple guidelines:

Locate the retail store of the company at the following address:

127 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Bring along your receipt from the beginning and any additional purchase documentation.

Go to the store

Find a Brooklinen employee and then return the item

If you’ve purchased anything on the internet, the retailer will require you to submit your return request through their website before returning your product to their Brooklinen store.

Write a custom return request letter

Write your letter to the company on your behalf.

Give a timeframe to the company to ensure that they respond to your request on time.

We will provide you with a complimentary shipping label so that you can ship the item at no cost.


Brooklinen Non-returnable Items

Although Brooklinen offers very customer-focused return policies, there are some exceptions to this Brooklinen returns policy.

Look over these items that cannot be returned.

Final sale items are not refundable unless the item is defective.

Products listed in the “Last Calls” section are also final sales and not refundable.

Gift cards

Candles used in the past and fragrances for your home

If this article is of any help to you, make sure to take a look at similar brands for home necessities like West Elm Policy on Return Policy and Overstock Return Policy.


Brooklinen Exchange policy

The company cannot provide direct replacements or exchanges of all products. The only alternative is to return the product to the Brooklinen return policy and purchase the item you want.


Does Brooklinen Accept Returns On Amazon or Zola Purchases?

No. Brooklinen will not accept returns on products purchased through their retail partners who are not their own such as Amazon & Zola.

If you buy something from Amazon or Zola, they require you to know their return deadlines and then start at their respective sites.

The return deadline for Amazon and Zola are 30 and 90 days. And 90 days, respectively.


Are Brooklinen Returns Free?

Returns are at no cost and are free for U.S. customers.

The online return procedure is further in this article. International customers must pay between $32 and fifty dollars (depending on the country of residence) and some additional fees and duties.

Brooklinen will help you find an answer if you’re not content!

If you’re unhappy with your purchase,

Brooklinen will let you know when you’re not satisfied with any purchase and will find an answer for you!


Brooklinen policy for the return shipping?

Brooklinen will cover all shipping costs for domestic returns fully.

You’ll receive a prepaid shipping label after you have completed your return via their returns platform.

Suppose you’re not located in the U.S.U.S. Check out the return policy on the International. 

What to do if you purchase something from Amazon and Zola?

Unfortunately, only items purchased from their website or retail store are accepted. If you bought through Amazon or Zola, it is required to return via their website and must follow their guidelines for returning items.

Return Window

Amazon 30 Days

Zola 90 Days


Can I return an item even after it’s been cleaned or worn?

If you don’t love the product purchased from Brooklinen, Return it! Within 365 days or in all conditions, they’ll start the return. If you’ve cleaned or worn the product, it will be returned to our partner Good360 to the Good360 donation center that works to help the poor in the community.


Can I Return Items To Your Retail Store?

You can return the product purchased on their website or the Williamsburg Store within 365 days of the purchase.

You can utilize their returns system or return it in person at their store.

Suppose you bought something from a store and want to return it to the store! Visit us. We have staff ready to assist you with the procedure.

Or maybe you purchased it in-store and would like to return it online; email the CX Team at [email protected]! Brooklinen will be happy to assist you with the steps to take.


How to Start A Brooklinen Return?

To begin a return, visit your Brooklinen return page!

Unfortunately, items from the Final Sale are, according to the label A Final Sale and are not eligible for return.

What happens if anyone places an order using a promotion or bundle?

Brooklinen will be happy to match the cost of the item that you ordered in the original purchase.

Place a new order and send Brooklinen an email with your unique order number included if you have any questions, contact Brooklinen at [email protected].



Below we share some FAQs related to the Brooklinen Return Policy

1. Does Brooklinen provide free shipping?

Based on our information, Brooklinen does not currently provide free shipping policies. Read the entire discussion to find out more.


2. Does Brooklinen provide free returns and exchanges?

Yes. In March 2021, Brooklinen offered free returns. Read the discussion thread for more information.


3. Does Brooklinen offer to ship to other countries?

Yes. From March 15, 2021, Brooklinen has international shipping guidelines. Check out the discussion thread for more information.


4. Does Brooklinen provide curbside pickup?

No. Based on our last visit on March 15, 2021, Brooklinen did not offer pickup in-store.



Brooklinen Return Policy allows you to return your product 365 days a year to exchange or return the product you don’t want in the case of U.S. residents. Brooklinen will reimburse you the original purchase amount or credit to your account for the purchase.

If you do not have the original payment method, you will receive a store credit issued for the exact amount.

Contact Brooklinen via mail at [email protected] or via mail.

Brooklinen, 81 prospects st, Brooklyn, NY, 11201, United States


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