Buccal Fat Removal Cost- Procedure, Benefits (2024)

If you have ever attempted and have failed to slim down your face, then mainly, you are suffering from insecurity on puffy cheeks.

There are indefinite transformations to your facial structure as an outcome of dietary changes and loss of weight, but the shape of your face funnels down on something that is known as the buccal fat pad that can determine the buccal fat removal cost.

The round mass that is present in the middle of your cheek is the buccal fat pad located mainly between your cheekbones and facial muscles.

It plays the most significant role in meeting the shape of your face.

People with large cheeks and round faces have large buccal fat pads.

You might be the best candidate for buccal fat removal surgeries if you are not secure about the shape of your face.

It is a procedure with a low risk of successfully reshaping your face by narrowing down the cheeks but can make you wonder about what does buccal fat removal cost?

Today, we will be offering you a short overview of the procedure that is involved here that will help you to decide whether it is the best technique for you or not.



What Buccal Fat Removal means?

Buccal Fat Removal Cost
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So, what is Buccal fat removal? Buccal fat removal is also known as cheek reduction surgery or the buccal lipectomy that is effective enough to remove the buccal fat pads from your face. It can help slim down your face helping to improve self-personality and self-esteem.

Buccal fat removal is a process that involves greater processes like chin augmentation and facelifts.

It is also the part of the surgery involving facial feminization for the patients, especially the transgenders.

There are times when the process of buccal fat removal consists of the use of the right condition which is known as pseudogenization, in which the buccal fat pattern originates from herniating becoming extremely preeminent through the facial musculature.


When is Buccal Fat Eminent?

In the ages of 10-20 years, there is a distinctive elevation in buccal fat, and then the process of the reduction slows down to about 50, which is why you need to know about the buccal fat pad removal cost.

You should keep in mind that the body type of every person is different.

There are a few individuals who might be experiencing loss of weight in their buccal pads when they enter their 30s while they are attaining maturity by their twenties.


What Age is perfect for Buccal Fat Removal?

It is often recommended that you need to wait till after 20 for the buccal fat removal surgery since the fat pads continue to increase till our late twenties.

So, what is the reason behind it, and what does the buccal fat removal surgery cost?

The buccal fat also proves to reduce naturally with aging, while the same baby has a fat cheek that offers us a chubbier-appearing face.

Baby fat can offer us a younger and refreshing appearance which is why fat removal at an early age may result in the transformation of the behavior of your skin quite early.

Skin aging can be immensely impacted by factors that involve exposure to the sun.

We may even be aging as an outcome of the involution as it is considered as the shrinkage of your bone density with age.

It will cause your skin to blend into the structure of your bone.

But, you need not worry. If you have a strong bone structure, buccal fat removal will offer you an extremely mature-appearing facial structure.

The removal of buccal fat at an early age will mean you appear older than what you have intended, while the renowned plastic surgeon will offer you the best insight while consulting.

It might not be the outcome that you have desired, as cosmetic surgery is mainly inclined to stop the aging signs.


The procedure of Buccal Fat Removal

You can easily consult with your surgeon, who will speak to you about the medical history, the overall lifestyle along the medical history before you undergo the procedure of Buccal Fat Removal.

You can discuss what you are expecting out of the surgery with the surgeon, as this will help you decide on the treatment procedure you are selecting to match your needs.

It will also help you to determine the buccal fat removal cost in Los Angeles.

The process of buccal fat removal is mainly performed under general or local anesthesia.

General anesthesia is mainly used during the buccal fat excision, which is part of an even larger surgery for which you need to know about chin lipo and buccal fat removal cost.

Your surgeon will start to inject several agents into your facial muscles.

They will then create a smaller incision that is within your cheek while external pressure is applied.

It will expose the buccal fat pad that will be removed by the surgeon before the wound is closed by the dissolvable stitches.

The process will therefore be repeated on the other cheek.


Recovery of Buccal Fat removal

Today, after knowing the buccal fat removal cost in NYC, we will be speaking about the recovery process.

After the surgery is completed, the recovery of this procedure will mainly take about three weeks.

Your surgeon will be sending you home with some aftercare aids, including a medically-approved mouthwash that will prevent the spread of infection.

The surgeon will also offer you a few specific rules about taking care of the incision.

Also, ensure that you follow instructions similarly to avoid complications.

After the excision of the buccal fat, you need to try out a soft diet for many days.

You need to ask your surgeon for the distinctive rules on your dos and don’ts for consuming at this time.

Your face can get swollen and might be bruising in the initial few weeks followed by the surgery, as this should slowly recede on its own.

You need to head for the regular follow-up appointment in the complete process of recovery to make sure that you are healing properly with the most effective and budget-friendly buccal fat removal cost in Chicago.

You might not be noticing the outcomes instantly as you can resume the regular activities after your recovery period of about three weeks. After undergoing surgery after undertaking the buccal fat removal cost Mexico, your face will take about a few months for the entire swelling to recede so that you can admire the new look.


Are there any complications with the surgery?

Several surgical procedures involve complications and risks.

The risk that comes with buccal fat removal is quite reduced.

There are a few individuals who might be experiencing greater infection and bleeding, both of which are mainly treated medically.

Patients may also be experiencing some severe problems like deep vein thrombosis, lockjaw, or facial damage to the nerve in the rarest of cases.

You need to get in touch with your physician immediately if you are experiencing issues that involve shortness of breath, muscle stiffness, chest pain, or issues in swallowing.


Buccal Fat Removal Before and After

Buccal Fat Removal Cost
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Let us now get into the buccal fat removal before and after.

Specifically, before the commencement of the treatment, the surgeon would create incisions on the skin on your lower cheeks as it relies on the general design of the face as decided before the surgery.

Later on, anesthesia is injected into the cheeks, which are mainly similar to the dental processes.

A small incision is then made on the interior of the cheeks, which is similar to the dental methods.

There are portions of the buccal fat pad that are gently removed and even cropped with the use of proper tools.

After the removal of the buccal fat, the incision will be sewed up with sutures the tendons dissolve in just a couple of weeks.

The patient then has to rest on their back by resting their head in an increased manner once the buccal fat removal surgery is finished.

Properly doing this will promote rapid recovery, although it is not an absolute necessity.

It is vital to monitor what you are consuming very closely since whatever you are consuming after the surgery is very important for avoiding infections near the incisions.


What is included in the cost of buccal fat removal?

You now are wondering about the cost involved in getting the buccal fat removal surgery performed.

The surgeon mainly charges an hourly rate to perform the cheek reduction, which is oftentimes quoted as their fee or their average size.

The approximate cost of buccal fat removal comes around $2000 and $5000.

You need to keep in mind that plastic surgeons have their business expenditures, although an hourly rate might sound quite atrocious for the medical service provider, along with them being salaried.

The complete cost involved in the cheek reduction starts increasing with the additional factors that are included.

They even have their own medical staff, tools, supplies, and medications during and after the buccal fat removal, along with the feet that are involved in using the procedure in a facility and even the operating room.

Along with these expenses, you would have to face some other personal costs that happen during the cheek reduction procedure.

Here it includes the consultation fees from the service providers, along with the travel expenses and more.


What are the benefits of Buccal Fat Removal?

  • It helps to get rid of excess cheek fat.

Cheek fat is present in almost everyone, and these are known as buccal fat pads.

The size of the changes a lot as it is determined by the genes.

Buccal fat removal will eliminate the fat pads to make your lower face appear sculpted.


  • Improves the definition of cheekbones

The buccal fat pads lie under the cheekbones. Your cheekbones appear more sculpted when you get them removed.


  • Requires less disruption

You can give yourself a bit of rest after the buccal fat removal procedure.

You can return to your normal routine after three days, although the swelling would last for many weeks and offer you a sculpted appearance.


  • It offers a longer-lasting permanent result.

The cheek fat will be removed completely in this medical method.

The results are, however, permanent.

The surgically acclaimed process stays the same even after your weight gain.


FAQs about Buccal Fat Removal Cost

Below we share some FAQs related to the Buccal Fat Removal Cost

1〉 Is Buccal Fat removal suited for me?

Buccal fat removal is worth the procedure to go ahead with if your lower cheeks are bugging you enough to make you visit the surgeon’s office.


2〉 How long will buccal fat removal have its effects?

The results that you are going to achieve with buccal fat removal are permanent.

It takes about four months to help you go through the results.

A distinctive amount of weight will help make your cheeks plump sooner.


3〉 Does buccal fat develop back?

The process of buccal fat removal is considered a long-term solution that is effective in reducing the excessive fullness of your cheeks.

After the removal of the buccal fat, it does not arrive back.


4〉 What happens when you are removing buccal fat?

The process requires surgery to reduce the size of your cheeks.

The surgeon will be removing the buccal fat pads that create a well-toned face.

If you come across certain health criteria of having a fuller face, then you are the best candidate.


5〉 Does my face change with buccal fat removal?

The procedure is mainly involving a treatment that is advised for individuals who are looking to get rid of the excessive fat from their cheeks.

Removal of excessive fat will offer you a slimmer face.


6〉 Does buccal fat surgery painful?

The main process involved with Buccal fat pad surgery is the removal of the soft tissue, and there is mild discomfort. Pain is rare.

However, patients are offered pain relief medications that they can carry back home.


7〉 After buccal fat removal, can I wash my teeth?

Yes, you can; however, you need to be a bit careful as you need to brush your teeth gently and avoid the areas of the incision.


8〉 Can double-chin be removed through Buccal fat removal?

You can get a baby’s face through chubby cheeks, which is why the process of buccal fat removal can also be taken as a treatment for the removal of a double chin.


9〉 Are buccal fat removal and liposuction the same?

Liposuction is a process that involves a vacuum device and cannula for addressing the chubby cheeks, and buccal fat removal helps you get rid of the excessive fat pads from your cheeks surgically.


10〉 I am not gaining weight, but my face is getting fatter?

Face fat mainly accumulates due to a bad diet, aging, lack of exercise, and genetic conditions.

You can try out a few natural ways in which you can eradicate your face fat. Weight gain causes facial fat.


Final Words

The area that is present around your cheekbones refers to the buccal fat.

It is a fat that occurs naturally and helps in protecting your chewing abilities.

You can attain a thinner and further defined jawline when they have less buccal fat.

As a result, you can get your buccal fat removed, which is a simple cosmetic surgery that offers results that last for a lifetime.

You are now prepared to gain more self-esteem and greater confidence. Hope you like the full information on Buccal Fat Removal Cost.


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