Buckner Animal Clinic Dallas Address, Hours, Phone Number

Since 1977 Buckner Animal Clinic provides quality veterinary care at very affordable prices to their local community. Buckner Animal Clinic always maintains a friendly, comfortable environment and will always prioritize the medical needs of your pets. This animal clinic health care team treats your pet from nose to tail and helping them live longer, happier, and healthier lives. They follow principles like

Quality Integrity
Compassion Services


Buckner Animal Clinic Dallas/Address/ Hours

The address is

2730 S. Buckner Blvd. (map)

Dallas, TX 75227

Phone Number- 214 665 8828

Fax Number- 214 388 0208

Monday– 8 am to 12 pm and 2 am to 6 pm

Tuesday to Friday

8 am to 6 pm

Saturday– 8 am to 12 pm


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Buckner Animal Clinic Services

Buckner clinic Proudly Provide the following Services

Dog and Cat Boarding

Their boarding cost based on per night and it includes freshwater, food, and Blanket. Prices for dogs

Weight Prices
0-25 Ibs $24.00
26-50 lbs $25.09
51- 75 lbs $30.06
75- 100 lbs $37.12
Over 100 $43.67

For Cat Fixed Price- $24/Night



Dental problem is one of the common problems in Dogs and Cats. If this problem is untreated it can cause infections, pain, and even the loss of teeth. Periodontal disease starts with Plaque just like a human.

Some symptoms of Periodontal Disease

Bad Breath Blood in Saliva or Water Dish
Loose Teeth Trouble Eating

Dental Cleaning under anesthesia loom like

Dental Cleaning

Fluoride Treatment

Pre-Surgery Exam


Preventative Medicine and Wellness Exams

Some following factors you can consider the pet’s Preventative Care Plan

Activity Level Age
Breed Behavior
Diet Lifestyle
Preexisting Conditions Weight

In wellness package they offer

Office Calls Annual Vaccinations
Heartworm Testing Fecal Testing
Urine Testing Bloodwork



Buckner Animal Clinic offers Diagnostic service include

Basic Bloodwork Fecal Checks
Urinalysis X-ray imaging

An X-ray can help you to diagnose the Broken Bones, Traumatic Injuries, Foreign objects, and Tumors

Ultrasound can help you with Lumps or Masses, Pregnancy, Organ Damage, and Component of the Cardiovascular System.



This animal Clinic Offer the following surgical services include

Spaying and Neutering Dental Cleanings
Declawing Bone fracture Repairs
Tumors Removals Hip Surgeries
Eye Surgeries



They offer core vaccinations for Dogs

Canine Parvovirus Canine Hepatitis
Distemper Rabies
Lepto Bordetella

They offer core vaccinations for cats

Feline Calicivirus Feline Herpes Virus type 1
Rabies Panleukopenia


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Buckner Animal Clinic Doctors or Providers

Their doctors or provider include

Anthony Hall, DVM, MPH

Buckner Animal Clinic

Dr. Anthony completed his undergraduate from Cal Poly in Pomona. In 2013 he completed his graduation from Ross University of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Anthony is a member of several veterinary associations. Dr. Anthony has a special interest in Preventative Medicine and Routine Patient Care. Anthony loves to spend his spare time with his family and friends.


Tina Kernes

Buckner Animal Clinic

Dr. Tina was born in Iowa. For an undergraduate, she attended Augustana College in Rock Island. In 2013 she completed her graduation from the University of Illinois in Champaign. Dr.Tina is very passionate about Ultrasound and Surgery. She also has a special interest in Orthopedic Surgery.


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