Burton Return Policy IN 2024 ( Updated Guide )

A return policy is like a benchmark for a company.

The more efficient the return policy is, the more the company will develop. So a return policy is to be made very carefully.

We have to keep in mind that it should be customer-friendly.

The Burton Return Policy is such a return policy that it is efficient enough to fulfill all return needs of its customers. 

Still, we are here to help you if you are confused about Burton.

Here is a step-by-step guide on everything you need to know about the Burton Return Policy. So let’s come to the main topic. 



What is Burton Return Policy?

Burton is always happy to return any product on or before 30 days from the date of purchase and get a full refund.

But there is one condition: the product must be unused.

The products you are returning must be in their brand new condition as they were delivered to you.

You must pack the items you want to return in their original packaging along with the documentation, accessories, and tags.

If they detect that the item you have returned is used or damaged for the wrong packaging, they have full right to refuse your return.

So you have to be careful enough at the time of packaging your product.

Though the used products are not eligible for a return, Burton and its team are always there to help you with any manufacturing defects and warranty substitutes. 

As per the Burton Return Policy, they promise to credit back your refund within 7-14 business days in the original form of payment as soon as they receive your return package.

If you have used your credit card for payment at the original purchase, you will only get a refund on your credit card.

But for this, you may have to wait up to 30 days for the amount to appear on your credit card statement. 

If you use the UPS shipping label, Burton gives in the portal, a return shipping charge of $6.50 will be deducted from your refundable amount.

If you want to mail back the return by yourself, it will be a little more expensive than this as per the review of the customers.


How to return the Product to Burton?

For snowboarding or skiing, Burton items are the best option for you.

By shopping here, the customer doesn’t have to move around to purchase the bag, accessories, or jacket they need for skiing.

But even after purchasing Burton products from the website and Store, customers want to return them if they aren’t satisfied.


So, if you want to return your Burton item through the mail

  • First, open the Burton website or log in to your account.
  • Then, from the website, you can visit the return page or click on the link to visit the return page separately, https://returns.narvar.com/burtonsnowboards/returns
  • After that, provide the email address you used in Burton, the order number available on the purchased item list, or the confirmation mail at the email address.
  • After that, complete the return process, and when you receive the UPS return label from Burton, you should download it.
  • Then pack the Burton return package securely and try to use the Box you get from the product delivery.
  • After that, print the Return Label and stick it at the top or side of the Burton return package.
  • And then drop it at your nearest UPS drop office.


And if you want to return your Burton item in-store, then,

  • Visit the Burton store near your home.
  • Then, go to the customer service counter, and tell the Burton employee that you are willing to return the product you Purchased from Burton.
  • Then, show them the original payment receipt or Burton.com order number.
  • After inspecting the product thoroughly, if the item is eligible for a return, then the Burton store will accept it for return.


If you purchased the Burton product from the Store, you can return it through the mail.

Also, customers can return the Burton product at Burton-owned Flagship stores for online purchases.

So this way the return is made quite convenient for the customers.

But if the Burton product is purchased from a third-party website or Store, then return to Burton through the mail and in-store is unavailable.

Also, at the time of return, if the customer has multiple products, then for each item, the customer has to apply for a return individually.

Then, after printing all those return labels, they have to stick them to the particular Burton return package.

Through this, the company and the customer can track and handle the product separately.

But even after that, if you have any other queries or doubts, you can contact Burton’s customer service at (800) 881-3138.


Burton Return Policy for In-store Purchase 

Burton Return Policy for In-store Purchase 

You can return an in-store purchase by visiting any Burton Flagship or Burton outlet store. You must provide the original purchase receipt.

Otherwise, they will not accept your return. A purchase receipt is not just a piece of paper; it is proof of purchase.

The product you are returning must be in its original condition as you received it at the time of delivery.

The tags must be intact with the product. You will get the same price refund for returning the product.

The refund will be issued back to the original form of payment you used at the original purchase. 


Burton Return Policy for Damaged items?

The brand Burton contains interesting and useful items for your skin and hiking journey.

You can purchase snowboarding tools, accessories, jackets, clothing, etc.

When Shipping, Burton ensures that the customer receives their ordered item in new and in perfect condition.

But after purchasing any item from Burton, if it turns out to be damaged, then the customer can apply for a return or replacement of the purchased item.

But for that, you have to contact the Burton customer service number (800) 881-3138, or you can also visit a store.


Can I return an item to the Burton store if I purchase it with Google Pay or Amazon Pay?

No, you can not return an item to the Burton store if you have purchased it with Google Pay or Amazon Pay. You have to return such products online. 


How to make a free return to Burton? 

If you can return a fully unutilized item to Burton, they will approve the return instead of a full refund.

They never charge a single penny to you. The return will be free.


What products does Burton not accept as a return?

The range of items Burton keeps at their stores and website is unique.

There, customers can purchase everything related to snowboarding, and besides that, there are other items available as well.

But still, for the well-being and quality sale, there are a few items that Burton doesn’t accept for return.

Those are spare parts, final sale items, gift cards, electronic gift cards, etc.

Besides that, you can return most of your purchased item at Burton if it’s eligible for return and is in perfect condition.


Burton Return Policy for Used Products 

Burton Return Policy for Used products 

Burton will not let you initiate a return for any used products.

So when you are returning a product, it must be unused.

But they are always happy to help you with any manufacturing defect or warranty replacements through their warranty process: burton.com/warranty. 


Can I return items ordered online to a Burton store?

No, you can not return the items ordered online to the Burton store.

If you have purchased an item online, you may have all the documents regarding the online policy. That’s why they never grant it to their stores.


What is Burton’s Exchange Policy?

Burton is still unable to provide exchanges.

If there is any issue with your product, you must return it and get a full refund.

Then you have to place a new order as per your choice.

You have to initiate the return process on or before 30 days as per the standard Burton Return Policy.

You will find the refund processed when they receive your return package.

If you got any discount on the original purchase, it could not be carried forward to your next order. 


How much time will it take to get a refund from Burton?

After returning an item to Burton, the customers wait for the refund to be credited to their account as soon as possible to use the money to order the perfect Burton item they need before it’s time for the vacation.

So, after you drop the item at Burton, it takes around 7 to 14 days to get delivered to the company.

After that, the product gets checked thoroughly to see if the product is in perfect condition, and all the information gets verified.

If the item is in perfect condition, then the customers will receive a full result of their returned Burton product within 30 days.

But the shipping charges at Burton are not refundable.



Burton has introduced an excellent return policy to give customers more comfort and ease of shopping.

We have given you a clear picture of the Burton Return Policy and the answers to all the faqs. 


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