BuyBuy Baby Return Policy in 2024 (Return Guide)

BuyBuy Baby Return Policy helps to know the terms and conditions for a return.

If a customer has proper knowledge about a company’s return policy, he or she can make a successful return.

BuyBuy Baby is an American company specializing in selling clothing for infants and young children.

It also sells strollers and other valuable items for babies and children.

Richard Feinstein and Jeffrey Feinstein founded this company in 1996.

It is headquartered in San Francisco, California, in the U.S.

Let’s have a quick look at the BuyBuy Baby Return Policy



What is the BuyBuy Baby Return Policy?

When trying to initiate a return for an item after purchasing it from BuyBuy Baby, you may find it difficult if you do not have a proper idea about the BuyBuy Baby Return Policy.

The return policy gives you a particular time frame to initiate a return.

The return time frame depends on what type of product you are returning.

BuyBuy Baby offers a 30-day and 60-day time frame for return.

Below we share more information about which products are eligible for 30 days and which are 60 days. 

You must have a photo ID like A valid Driver’s License, Passport, Receipt of purchase, and U.S State ID to qualify for a return or exchange. 


What is BuyBuy BABY Return Policy within 30 days? 

BuyBuy BABY Return Policy within 30 days

BuyBuy Baby allows customers to return the following products within 30 days: 

● You can return or exchange Smart home thermostats, smart security & and safety smart doorbell products, etc., within 30 days from the date of purchase. 

● You can return or exchange seasonal items holiday products and decor within 30 days from the purchase date. 

● The company will accept returns for Halloween costumes within 30 days of purchase if they are new or unused, along with all the tags attached. 

● You can return air mattresses within 30 days from the purchase date if they are unopened and new. 


BuyBuy BABY Return Policy within 60 days 

BuyBuy Baby Return Policy within 60 days

Buy Buy Baby allows the customers to initiate a return or exchange for the following items within 60 days: 

● You can return or exchange baby monitoring devices, baby food prep, etc., within 60 days from the date of purchase. 


Can you return BuyBuy BABY at Bed Bath?

Yes, you can return BUy Buy Baby items at Bed Bath if they carry the item. If Bed Bath store carries the Baby items, you will be allowed to place a Baby order. 


Can you return BuyBuy BABY from the registry?

You can return or exchange to BuyBuy Baby from the registry within 365 days of purchase if they are unopened and new. 


Do I need a receipt to return to BuyBuy BABY?

A receipt is not just a piece of paper; it is proof of your purchase. So if you have a receipt, the return process becomes easier. To have a receipt is not mandatory for Buy Buy Baby returns. But the company might ask you to give a photo ID. You must remember that Buy Buy Baby has the full right to refuse the return without a receipt. A charge of 20% will be deducted from your refund for returning a product without a receipt. 


What items can not be returned to BuyBuy Baby?

Buy Buy Baby does not accept returns for the following products: 

● As-is items

● Personalized, monogrammed, or custom-made special orders.

● Gift cards.

● Shipping, Delivery, Gift Wrap, and Assembly Charges


What is a BuyBuy Baby Gift registry Return?

Buy Buy Baby offers the customers to return or exchange for their Baby registry items on or before 365 days from the date of purchase. The company will issue a merchandise credit for such items if they are new and unopened. If they are used, you need to follow the standard return policy. 


BuyBuy Baby Return Policy for Mattress?

Buy Buy Baby offers customers to return air mattresses within 30 days if they are unopened and in brand new condition. The company gives a 120 days timeframe for adult-sized mattresses to return them.


How do I return DAMAGED items to Buybuy BABY?

If you have received any damaged item and want to return it to BuyBuy Baby, you must complete it within the designated timeframe. You can either exchange the product or get your money back. If the replacement product is out of stock, you may claim a full refund for it. 


Can I return my online purchase to the Buybuy BABY store?

Yes, you can return your online purchase to the BuyBuy Baby store if the products are in their original packaging and are not assembled or prepared for use. 



BuyBuy Baby understands what happens to you when you do not receive a product as you expected, especially when it is a baby product.

That is why the company introduced a customer-friendly return policy so that you can make a hassle-free return.

As per the BuyBuy Baby Return Policy, You must have a receipt or a photo ID to qualify for a return or exchange. 


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