Caldwell Animal Hospital Lenoir, Hours, Address, Phone No

Caldwell Animal Hospital team treats their pet as their own family pet. According to them, every pet needs the best possible pet care services. For almost 30 years this animal hospital is one of the trusted animal hospitals in Lenoir.


Caldwell Animal Hospital Lenoir Hours, Address

Caldwell Animal Hospital Lenoir

The address is

230 Nuway Circle

Lenoir, NC 28645

Phone Number- 828 754 4545

Text Number- 828 383 9746

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

7:30 am to 5:30 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 12 pm

Sunday- Closed


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Caldwell Animal Hospital Services

Their services include

Wellness CareDisease Screening
SurgeryIn-House Laboratory
DentistryBoarding & Bathing
MicrochippingSpay & Neuter
Euthanasia & CremationFlea, Tick & Heartworm Products
Laser Therapy


Wellness Care

Parasite & Infection Disease Screening


Dog VaccinesCat Vaccines
Lyme DiseaseRabies
Canine InfluenzaRhinotracheitis


Their veterinary doctor also examines your pet body system to detect any problems and treat the problem.


Disease Screenings

Dog Screening TestCat Screening Test
HeartwormFeline Leukemia Virus
LymeFeline Immunodeficiency Virus


Laboratory Services

Some Diagnostic Services they Offer

Complete Blood Cell CountBlood Chemistry Analysis
Urine AnalysisCytology
Fecal AnalysisSNAP Tests
ECGBlood Pressure Analysis



They have a Digital Radiography that allows Doctors to watch radiographs within Minutes.



Their Dentistry services include

Dental Radiograph

Dental Cleaning


Dental Polishing


Flea, Tick & Heartworm Products

For DogsFor Cats
InterceptorAdvantage Multi
Proheart 6Bravecto
Advantage MultiChristin


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Caldwell Animal Hospital Doctors or Providers

Caldwell Animal Hospital Doctors

Their doctors or providers include

Dr. Federico N. Rivero

In 2000, Dr. Federico become the owner of this hospital. He completed his veterinary degree from Louisiana State University. Dr. Federico has a professional interest in Soft Tissue Surgery and Orthopedics.


Traveling, Scuba Driving


Dr. Rebecca C. Whisnant

In 2000, Dr. Rebecca joined this Animal Hospital. Whisnant veterinary interests include Exotic Pets and acupuncture. Dr. Rebecca completed her education at North Carolina State University and the University of Florida.

In her home, she has one bird, one dog, and one cat.


Dr. Iris M. Sulik

Dr. Iris completed her bachelor’s degree from Georgia University.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

From the University of Tennessee

Dr. Iris has much veterinary medicine experience and interested in soft tissue surgery.


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