Callaway Gift Card in 2024 (Where to Buy, How To Use)

In this article, we share detailed information on Callaway Gift Card.

Callaway is an excellent destination for golf lovers; you can purchase any sports equipment you like, and it’s like heaven for Golf players.

And those who go to Callaway know people who would love to have a gift card from Callaway.

There you can get gift cards from $25 to $2000. But it’s not enough, so let’s find out how a Callaway gift card works.



What is a Callaway Gift Card?

Callaway Golf Company is a great place for golf lovers.

On the weekend, you went to a golf club with your friends and discovered that your friend needed new gloves, so now you are thinking it can be a great gift for your friend.

But the thing is, no matter how much you try, you can’t understand what they want or anything about their choices.

So that is when the Callaway gift card comes in handy.

As there, you can purchase any golf-related equipment such as golf clubs, balls, gloves, appeal, etc.

So by giving a gift card, your friend can choose what design of gloves and any other product they want.

And after selecting a suitable item from Callaway, they can pay for it using a gift card.


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Where can I purchase a Callaway Gift Card?

Where can I purchase Callaway Gift Card

Those who love playing golf already know where the Callaway stores are around their location, and that is all you need to get your Gift card.

When purchasing a Callaway gift card, you can buy it from Callaway stores and the Callaway website.

From the website, you can buy both digital and plastic gift cards; in the digital gift card from Callaway, you can customize it with your personalized message, choose a design, select the gift card value, etc.

And in a physical card, you can choose only the gift card value. And after your order for the gift card is done, Callaway will send the physical gift card within 48 hours and the digital gift card within 24 hours.

Besides this, you can buy Callaway gift cards from third-party stores or websites, such as Amazon, eBay, Walgreens, etc. 


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How to use a Callaway Gift Card?

How to use Callaway Gift Card

The process can get a little difficult when you want to use the Callaway gift card.

When you want to redeem your gift card, it can only be used on a new product through the or websites.

And if you want to redeem the gift card through call, you must contact Callaways toll-free number (866) 927-7733.

After that, you can use your gift card at the checkout process for your online shopping.

Add all the items you like to purchase and use your gift card as a payment method during the payment process.

And in the offline method, give the gift card from Callaway to the cashier, and they will pay using the gift card.

If the amount is more than your Callaway gift card balance, you can pay it through other transaction methods, or if you have more than one gift card, it can be added to your account.  


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How to check Callaway Gift Card Balance? 

How to check Callaway Gift Card Balance

When someone gifts you a gift card, you should check the value or balance of the gift card. So how to check the Callaway gift card balance,


Through website:

● You can open the Callaway website and search for the balance check option or click on the link directly

● Then enter your gift card number, and click the option ‘ I am not a robot.

● After that, log in to your account. 

● And check your Callaway gift card balance.


Through call:

● Call the Callaway toll-free customer service number 1-866-927-7733

● Tell the Callaway customer service staff to tell you the balance of your gift card. 

● Give them all the necessary information they ask for related to your gift card.

● And finally, get your Callaway gift card balance. 



● Go to any Callaway location near you

● There, go to the service desk and ask them to give you information about the gift card balance.

● After manually entering the gift card number, the staff will inform you about your available balance. 


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Where can I use Callaway Gift Card?

You can only use the Callaway Gift Card at Callaway Golf and Odyssey Golf websites or stores.

Also, these are the only sites where you can redeem your gift card.

You can purchase any product you like on these sites, whether it’s a golf club, golf balls, caps, etc.

You can purchase anything as long as the balance of your gift card covers it, and for the excess amount, you can pay it through debit, credit, or another gift card, etc.

Apart from that, if you want to use your gift card at any other sports equipment store, the card won’t work. 


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Can I use a Callaway gift card for preowned?

No, you can’t purchase any pre-owned items from Callaway using the gift card.

A unique thing about Callaway is that they have pre-owned golf equipment available at Callaway that anyone can purchase at a low cost.

But if you are buying something pre-owned using the gift card for a better discount, you can’t.

Callaway only allows its gift card to purchase new things from or website.


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Do Callaway gift cards expire?

Do Callaway gift card expire

No, the Callaway gift card never expires, you can keep it as long as you want, and if you used the gift card and it still has a balance available, even then, there is no need to worry.

Still, you can use it when you find it convenient for you. Also, if you purchase anything using the gift card from Callaway, then if you return the product unused, the refund amount will be added to your gift card. So there is no chance that the gift card balance will be lost. 


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