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Campbell Clinic was found in 1909 by Dr. Willis C. Campbell.  Campbell Clinic has been leading the way in orthopedic care, both in Memphis and around the world for more than a century. This clinic is popular for national leaders in sports medicine, Joint replacement, Pediatric orthopedics, Orthopaedic Oncology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and surgery of the hip, hand, foot, spine, shoulder, and knee. They care for patients throughout life, treating congenital problems as well as joint problems affecting bones and older adults.

Their current team of specialists provides care for five outpatient clinics and two ambulatory surgery centers as well as hospitals across the region.


Campbell Clinic Locations

Campbell Clinic

They are always available for their patients whenever and where you need them. In the greater Memphis area, Five clinic locations and two surgical centers are always available for you. They have a 24/7 appointment schedule facility. You can make an appointment at any time as soon as possible. Campbell also has walk-in hours, if anyone injured between Monday to Saturday.

They are the best orthopedic care in the world.


1400 S. Germantown Road, Germantown, TN 38138

Regular Time

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm


Walk-in hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 4 pm

After hours

Monday to Thursday

4 pm to 8 pm


8 am to 11 am



7887 Wolf River Blvd

Germantown, TN 38138

Regular hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm

Walk-in hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 4 pm




1458 W. Poplar Avenue, Suite 100,

Collierville, TN 38017

Regular Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm

Walk-in Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 4 pm




7545 Airway Boulevard, Southaven, MS 38671

Regular Time

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm


Walk-In Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 4 pm


After Hours

Monday to Thursday

4 pm to 8 pm



Spine Center

7887 Wolf River Blvd

Germantown, TN 38138

Regular Time

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm


Walk-in Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 4 pm




Medical Center

1211 Union Avenue

Suite 500 for clinic

Suite 195 for physical Therapy and MRI

Memphis, TN 38104

Regular Time

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm


Walk-In Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 4 pm


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Campbell Clinic Services

Campbell Clinic

They provide services in

Shoulder care

Their orthopedic doctors are very talented. They can diagnose and treat any type of shoulder pain. Campbell Clinic also treats common shoulder pain.

AC joint injuries and AC joint arthritis.

Biceps Tendon Rupture.

Broken Collar Bone

Biceps Tendinitis

Biceps tendon tear at the shoulder

Glenoid Labrum Tears

Shoulder Fracture

Dislocated shoulder

Humeral Shaft Fracture

Shoulder instability

Shoulder Separation

Slap lesion or slap tear

Shoulder arthritis

Torn rotation cuff

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder impingement syndrome


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Knee Injury Care

Campbell Clinic

They can treat some common knee injuries

Anterior Cruciate Ligament tears

Collateral Ligament tears

Ligament Sprains

Posterior Cruciate ligament tears

Meniscal Tears

Patellar Fractures

Knee Dislocation

Patellar Dislocation or instability

The patellar tendon and Quadriceps tendon tears


Back, Neck and Spine


This section helps to provide a preliminary review of the physiology of the spine. It will help to define a few terms that your doctor may refer to during your visit.

Spine main functions are

Promote Flexibility

Protect  the spinal cord and nerve roots

Provide balance and allow for long, upright structure of the body.

The spine column consists of 4 regions. Each show different type of injuries.






Campbell Clinic Sports Medicine

They can treat

Leg & Knee Injuries

Leg Fracture

Shin Splints

Patellar Tendon Tears

Patellar Dislocation and fracture

Patellofemoral pain syndrome

Head and Neck Injuries



Foot and Ankle Injuries

Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles Tears

High ankle Sprains

Plantar Fasciitis

Stress fracture of the foot

Turf toe

Lisfranc Fracture

Arm Shoulder and Elbow Injuries

Broken collar bone

UCL tears

Shoulder Separation

Elbow Dislocation

Rotation Cuff Tears

Arm fracture


Hand and Wrist

Hand and wrist injuries they can treat

Dislocations of the fingers, Thumb, and Wrist

Sprains of the fingers, Thumb, and Wrist

Finger, Thumb, and wrist ligament injuries.

Lacerations of the Nerve, hand, finger, and tendons

For more information, you can visit


Total Joint Replacement

In Detail information visit

Foot and Ankle

common foot and ankle injuries treated like

Turf Toe

Tarsal Tunnel


Ankle Sprains

Hammertoe and Mallet Toe

Calcaneus Fracture

Plantar Fasciitis

Lisfrane Injury


Pediatric Orthopaedics

Pediatrician treat the following injuries includes

Childhood Fractures



Congenital Limb Defects

Neuromuscular conditions

Spina Bifida

Young adult hip preservation


Overuse injuries

Young adults hip preservation


Orthopedic oncology

Their specialists are very experienced to treat musculoskeletal tumor surgery. For more visit


Orthopedic Trauma

Campbell Clinic trauma specialists provide specialist care for people with severe muscular injury and related complications.

Elbow Care

specialist treat elbow injuries include

Bursitis of the elbow

Elbow arthritis

Golfer’s elbow

Elbow fracture

UCL tear

Elbow instability

Tennis Elbow

Triceps Tendinitis

Elbow pain

Elbow Sprains

Golfer Elbow

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome


Regenerative Medicine

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Youth Hip Preservation

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


Accel Performance and Well Ness



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Campbell Clinic Review

Clinic Providers


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Dr murphy Campbell clinic

Dr murphy

Specialties- Foot and Ankle Surgery

Location- Germantown

Joined Staff- July 1995


University Of Mississippi

1985 Med school: University of Tennessee- Memphis

1989 Residency: UT- Campbell Clinic 1995


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