Can You Buy McDonalds Toys in 2024? (Without Food, Online)

One of the kids’ favorite meals is the Happy Meal from McDonald’s. Why? Because of its wildly popular McDonald’s toys.

The arrival of the McDonald’s toys, which were initially launched in June of 1979, signaled a new era for McDonald’s outlets worldwide.

It drew countless parents to bring their kids in for a toy treat concealed with the Food.

And if the parents hadn’t been there, the kids would have dragged their parents along, anyway.

This has always made us ponder- Can you buy McDonalds toys?

The majority of McDonald’s toys depict McDonald’s characters.

However, we can now discover variety because McDonald’s has partnered with other companies.

Some toys are based on characters from a recent film, TV show, or famous toy line.

Kids have attempted to collect all of them, from mighty duck pucks to teeny beanies.



Can You Buy McDonalds Toys?  

Happy meal toys are popular with everyone.

Everyone is guilty of purchasing a Happy Meal solely for the toy that comes with it, so let’s be honest about that.

The concept of McDonald’s toys has made many smiles, whether they are children or fully grown adults.

We all have one question, though, as any sane person would. That is, Can you buy Mcdonald’s toys without getting a Happy Meal?

Good news for people who enjoy maintaining a collection of the most cherished toys.

It is the availability of McDonald’s toys.

If you like, you can purchase the toy individually. You might be shocked that many adults still visit McDonald’s to buy particular McDonald’s toys.

You should be aware that it is up to the management to decide whether to purchase McDonald’s toys.

On whether or not to permit such transactions, they hold the advantage.

Furthermore, toys from McDonald’s are also available online.

It may be purchased on sites like Amazon, eBay, and similar ones.


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Can you buy McDonalds toys Without Food?

Can you buy McDonalds toys Without Food

The McDonald’s toys can be purchased separately from the Happy Meal.

Nevertheless, you typically have a cap on the number of toys you can buy.

Furthermore, you should know this information if you wish to buy the toy separately from the Happy Meal.

When you purchase a meal at McDonald’s, the toys are complimentary; however, if you order a toy alone, they are not complimentary. There is a cost involved.

You might have to pay roughly $2 for the toy alone. Given the happiness level, it gives you, which isn’t at all horrible.


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Can you buy Mcdonald’s toys Online?

If you want to buy McDonald’s, you must know this. McDonald’s toys cannot be purchased online through McDonald’s.

Nonetheless, the toys are available for purchase online.

You can get it from various online buying websites and other platforms.

If you want to purchase McDonald’s toys online, you can do so on websites like Amazon, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and others.

When collectors want to sell their collection of McDonald’s toys, they can do it on several websites other than online retailers.

Therefore, the next time someone asks you if you can purchase McDonald’s toys, you can refer them to these websites to answer their question.


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What is the rarest McDonald’s toy?

Can you buy McDonalds toys (Rarest Toy)

In 1985, the Transformers St. Louis Test Market was made available.

The best answer to your query is that these were the rarest McDonald’s toys ever.

Due to their limited availability in the St. Louis, Missouri area, only for a brief period, they were considered rare.

Additionally, this toy caused a lot of controversies because it involved gender stereotyping.

The St. Louis Test Market Transformers were the “male option” during the campaign.

Therefore, little girls could not purchase them then, according to the storyline.

Despite this, females enjoyed “My Little Pony” clip-on charms.

The following is a list of other uncommon McDonald’s toys:

  • Madame Alexander Dolls 
  • Jerry, the Minion
  • Snoopy
  • McFurbys 
  • McNugget Buddies 
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars 
  • Happy Meal “Changeables” 
  • Fraggle Rock
  • Diener Keshi Figures 
  • Barbie Dolls 
  • 100 Years of Disney Magic figurines


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What McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are worth money?

Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” figurines are among the priciest collectible toys available at McDonald’s.

This Disney production was thought to have a different attraction to children than previous Disney films, including Cinderella.

It featured quite a tragic love story and talking gargoyles.

Furthermore, the collectible set of the movie at McDonald’s is costly and infamous.

However, it can occasionally be too frightening for kids.

It may surprise you that this McDonald’s collectible set sells for close to $200 online.

Can you buy Mcdonald’s toys this expensive? Well, some fans indeed do!

The Underwater Monsters figurines follow in the same vein.

Like Diener Keshi’s Robots, these Happy Meal toys came from the same line.

They can be as much as $400, which is absurdly expensive.

The following are some more McDonald’s restaurants that are worthwhile investments:

  • Madame Alexander’s toys 
  • Inspector Gadget figurine toy 
  • Power Rangers figurine McDonald’s toys 
  • Happy Meal Mario toys 
  • Despicable Me Minions collectibles 
  • 101 Dalmations Toys


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How much does Mcdonald’s Toy Cost?

Can you buy McDonalds toys (Cost)

In-store purchases of McDonald’s toys without a Happy Meal will run you about $1.69.

However, it may cost $1.59 also. So, this price is flexible.

But for how much can you buy Mcdonald’s toys on websites like Amazon and eBay?

Their availability and rarity determine the price of McDonald’s toys on online websites.

They are generally found on online purchasing websites.

A toy can be purchased for up to $400 or as little as $2, depending on its rarity.

Commonplace toys are easily accessible online and cost less.


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How often does Mcdonald’s Toy Change?

McDonald’s has stated that it rotates its toy selection once a month in response to inquiries.

This cycle has made some toys scarce and challenging to collect.

When they discover a rare toy, toy enthusiasts go crazy.

The toys undergo changes to maintain the “surprise” component of the Happy Meal toys.


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How long do Mcdonald’s Toys Last?

The items endure longer than expected because of the plastic material used to make these McDonald’s Toys.

Moreover, toy collectors have collectibles dating back to the 1990s.

As a result, environmental worries about McDonald’s are increasing.

In addition, there has been a movement to replace plastic McDonald’s toys with paper-based toys to keep youngsters coming in for Happy Meals.



Buying toys can be fun! It always has been! But as we grow up, our choices get limited.

But McDonald’s has come forward to arrange Happy Meal toys for adults too!

After all, toys are for everyone. Grab yours today; who knows what toy figurine you might end up with?


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