Can You Return Makeup To Walmart in 2024?

This article focused on the question, “Can You Return Makeup To Walmart.”

As we know, Walmart is the hub of every item anyone can have, from electronics to makeup.

You can buy a wide range of makeup products from Walmart. Foundation, mascara, lipsticks, blush, and many other makeup products are available from different brands.

Based on your budget, you can try out and buy products in the Walmart store, which is very effective.

Apart from that, Walmart has many other convenient offers for customers, like refunds or exchanges against their makeup products for their shopping experience, to maintain a good relationship between the store and the customers.



Can You Return the Makeup to Walmart?

Yes, if you bought the makeup from the Walmart store or Walmart website, you can easily return the makeup within a few weeks.

And not only that, Walmart has more options for returns where you can have a refund or exchange.

But there are some rules and regulations you must maintain, and the most important of them is to have the receipt while returning your makeup products.

Without it, the process gets much more complex, which can even lead Walmart to deny accepting the makeup return. 

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What is Walmart Makeup Return Policy?

The makeup return policy at Walmart is that you can buy any product you like from the Walmart store or Walmart website, but if you want to return that product, you must return that within 90 days.

For an easy return, you possess the product’s purchase receipt.

Also, you need to return those beauty products with original packaging and everything intact, even if it is unboxed, or else the manager has all the rights to deny your product return.

In the process of refund, If the product was purchased using a Walmart money card, debit, or credit card, then the product refund will go back to its source.

If it’s paid in cash, you’ll get the cash, but if the card and cash aren’t an option, then you’ll get your refund through gift cards which you can use anytime you want.

Another thing about return and refund is if you return the product unopened.

You’ll get a full refund, If it’s slightly used or opened, then Walmart will provide you with a refund or exchange, or you can even ask for a product exchange instead of a refund. 


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Can I return open and used makeup to Walmart?

Can You Return Makeup To Walmart

Yes, Walmart allows you to return open or used makeup products when you use a product; if it doesn’t suit your skin or for any other reason, you must mention it while returning the product within 90 days of purchase. 

You need to keep the original packaging intact while using the beauty products; if it’s damaged or torn or the product’s accessories are lost, then you have to talk with Walmart if they choose to make any expectations. Still, there is no guarantee that it will work. 


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Can you return used products to Walmart?

Yes, you can return used products in Walmart, but the process depends greatly on the store and the product. 

When Walmart gets a used product, they check it thoroughly, and to prevent significant damage Walmart has different return windows for different products.

A few things, like computers, tablets, printers, etc., have a very short 14-day return period. Food items for 14 to 30 days from purchase.

Then prescription glasses, hearing aids, etc. For 60 days. Medicine equipment, makeup, etc. For 90 days.

Some products include hygiene kits, sexual instruments, pregnancy kits, etc. That is not returnable; it doesn’t matter if it’s used or unused for safety reasons. 


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Can you return the makeup to Walmart Canada?

There are hundreds of Walmart operating all around Canada. Hence it doesn’t matter from which store you bought the makeup. You can easily return it to any Walmart you want with the proper return window. 


What products Cannot be returned to Walmart?

Can You Return Makeup To Walmart

In the case of makeup, all products are accepted for return, including foundation, lipsticks, etc.

If it’s slightly used and has the original packaging intact, Walmart won’t accept the makeup product in return if it is heavily used. 

Apart from that, if you bought a product containing ORM-D stickers, such as perfume or nail polish, you must return the product unopened and unused with the original packaging.

The products with ORM-D stickers are considered hazardous materials, so if you want to return the item, you need to return it within 90 days in unopened condition.

And the other things, apart from some exceptional makeup, Walmart don’t accept returns on books, video games, air bed, movies, blood testing kits, etc. Mostly the things you can finish using at once or hygiene products.


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How can I return Makeup to Walmart?

There are many ways you can try to return your makeup products to Walmart and avail of your refund within 90 days.

First, if you want to return the product directly to the store, then all you need to do is walk into the store and return the product after answering a few questions.

It gives you the benefit of discussing your return issues because of it, even though Walmart denies it. 

The second option is to return the product by using the website; in that case, there is no reason for you to go outside the house to Walmart; you can sit and use your phone for Walmart to return your makeup by following these few steps,

● Open the Walmart account

● Click to purchase history

● Then go to the ‘Start to Return.’ 

● Then click on the items you want to return.

● Then select the issue for a return 

● After the click on ‘Submit Request.’ 


Can I return the Makeup to Walmart without a receipt?

If you want to return a makeup product in Walmart and somehow lose the receipt, the process gets much more complicated than usual. 

To return the product without a purchase receipt, you must show a government-issued ID to the store, like a driving license, passport, etc.

Then based on that, Walmart will give you the option to refund if the product is under $25, but if the beauty product is higher than that, then a product exchange or gift card is your only option.

That’s why Walmart suggests holding on to the receipt in case of issues like these.


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