Can You Use Someone Else’s Costco Card in 2024?

In this article, we try to solve one of the popular questions about Costco Card. Is “Can You Use Someone Else’s Costco Card.”

One of the most economical methods to buy food and groceries for the complete family is at Costco.

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Can you Use Someone Else’s Costco Card?

Even though the Costco membership card cannot be transferred, there are other ways to give family members access to the perks.

Each time they visit the Warehouse, anyone with a card is permitted to bring up to two visitors.

Remember that only Costco members may purchase things.

You may give away one free household card to a member of your household if you are the Primary Member or Account Manager.

In this manner, customers will also gain access to Costco membership advantages.

As a result, you cannot provide your Costco card to friends or other family members who do not reside at your home.

However, if you live in the same house as your spouse, adult child, or relative, you might be permitted to share it with them.

Remember that Costco demands that new members be at least 18 years old.


What happens if I use someone else’s Costco card?

Can You Use Someone Else's Costco Card

However, a membership can be pricey, especially if you depend on Costco’s sale prices to feed your family.

Therefore, the issue is what happens if someone uses another person’s Costco card.

The photo on your Costco card (or ID with the same name) will be compared to your face when you go to the cashier to make your transaction.

Your purchase will be rejected, and the Costco card will be kept if the card you present is not yours.

Consequently, a Costco member can purchase gift cards. You don’t use someone else’s Costco card directly; rather, you use their Costco card to buy you a gift card, which you may then use to shop at Costco, so anyone with a Costco gift card can do so without having their membership.


Can you use someone else’s Costco card at self-checkout?

Using someone’s Costco card to shop does not bode well for them in the long run as they are a corporation that uses a subscription-based business approach.

The membership card is not transferrable, as per Costco’s policy.

At self-checkout, you cannot use another person’s Costco card.

The name listed on the Costco card must match the name listed on the payment method.

If the cardholder is present, certain employees might let a customer use the self-checkout to buy things.

Ultimately, how stringent the regional managers and employees are will determine whether or not you are permitted to make purchases as a guest with a Costco member.

Some of them will let visitors use their payment methods to purchase goods.


Does Costco care if you use someone else’s card?

Can You Use Someone Else's Costco Card

In actuality, online reports indicate that many cashiers won’t disturb you if they discover you don’t have a Costco membership.

They might just ring you through and not say anything else.

On the other hand, you probably won’t want to take this risk.

As we now know, it is against Costco’s policy to share your Costco card with anyone outside an authorized family member.

This indicates that the cardholder’s membership may be terminated for cause without a refund of the yearly Costco fee.

Many people are unaware of the fact that Costco barely breaks even on the sale of its items, which explains how they can keep their pricing so low.

As a result, they may be very severe in ensuring that only approved individuals are permitted to shop.


Why does Costco check your card on the way in?

Everyone who shops at Costco has been there. After hours of work, you’ve just filled your cart with everything on your shopping list.

You waited in line, you completed the checkout, and now you’re wondering how in the world everything will fit in your car.

You must first pass through the exit receipt check, though. It’s a strange thing, isn’t it?

Costco has a customer agreement stipulating that a receipt check is required for membership.

This agreement enables them to withdraw membership but not to forcibly detain or, worse still, harm somebody or remove their legitimately acquired products.

We conduct this to confirm that our cashiers properly processed the purchased items.

They found what they were looking for, including proof that the number of products in the cart matched the number on the receipt.

It’s the best way we’ve found to keep inventory control accurate, and it’s a terrific approach to ensure that our members have been charged fairly for their purchases.


Can you use a family member’s Costco card?

As a Costco member, you know that using your Costco card whenever possible is the greatest way to save money.

But what if you need to make a Costco purchase while you’re out of town? Do you have to go without a card, or can you use someone else’s?

The Costco card of another person cannot be used.

Each card is associated with a certain person, and only that person may use it.

Up to two individuals may share your Costco card.

This implies that both of you can use the card to make Costco purchases. Cardholders must also be over 18 and possess a legitimate photo ID.

Each family member will need their card because Costco memberships are not transferrable.

A Costco membership can be obtained in person or online.

Additionally, you can request that the member use their Costco Cash Card, which doubles as a debit card, to pay for their purchases.

Saving money on groceries and other things at Costco is easy when you shop with a member.


What’s the easiest way to replace a lost Costco card?

One of the most well-liked retail locations is Costco, particularly for people who prefer to stock up on food in large quantities.

However, if you misplace your Costco card, you must visit the nearby Warehouse to make a replacement request.

Inform the Costco membership counter employee that your card has been misplaced and needs to be replaced when you arrive.

The partner will then: Issue a new card with a new membership number to you.

Costco cards are replaced exclusively at warehouses. You must report a lost or stolen Costco credit card to Citibank immediately.

After changing your Costco card, you can immediately begin using the new card for purchases.

Any Costco card replacements are always carried out at the warehouses, regardless of the motivation.

Verifying that the identification matches the membership number is the safest course of action.


Can you use someone’s Costco card just to buy gas?

We know that all our products and services will be of high quality and be a good value for our customers.

We are dedicated to making sure Costco only sells fuel of the highest caliber and that it satisfies or exceeds all industry and governmental regulations.

Technically speaking, Costco rarely checks at the pump, so your pals can lend you their card to make a purchase.

However, because some Costco cards have credit accounts connected, doing so is quite risky, although you can see this happen between family members.

For gas, you simply swipe the card and pay as usual; there is frequently no system in place to check who is using it against whose card it is.



Costco is one of the finest sites to buy reasonably priced food and household essentials.

However, a membership may be costly, mainly if you frequently purchase food for your family at Costco because of its low prices.

The yearly subscription prices, which start at $60, might quickly increase if you need numerous people to sign up.

Therefore, you could request authorization to use another person’s Costco card.

Is there anything crucial you should remember and will reveal it put you in danger?

In fact, there are quite a few circumstances in which this may be suitable. 


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