Carrier Clinic Address, Program, Services, Contacts

In 1910, Carrier Clinic was open. This clinic is a behavioral health system, has been a trusted source of compassionate help and support healing for Patients and Families.

Carrier Clinic provides a complete array of experts and education for adults, teens and older adults. This clinic provides external services for ECT treatment and drug addiction.

Carrier Clinic

Clinic compassionate, safe and respectful environment set beautiful 100+ acre country setting at the Foothills of the sour land mountains. Clinic very supportive and caring staff are the best in their respective fields. Their main goal is to return every patient back healthy to their family, workplace, and community.



Carrier Clinic Address

Carrier Clinic

They are available in

Blake Recovery Center

From 1981 Blake Recovery experience and caring professional help patients from their addictions. Blake Recovery Center addiction was established to provide a caring, supportive environment for those struggling with addiction, to help bring them back to life.


252 County Road 601

Belle Mead, NJ 08502

Ph No- 800 933 3579

East Mountain School

This school was established in 1981 is a private, nonprofit and special education operated by Carrier Clinic. This school is approved by the New Jersey State Department of Education. East Mountain school provide a 7th through 12th-grade special education students. Their program is designed to provide quality special education and intensive therapeutic services.

East Mountain school mission is to provide a safe, challenging and supportive learning community that is very responsive to student’s individual needs.


252 County Road 601

Belle Mead, NJ 08502

Ph No– 908 281 1445


East Mountain Youth Loudge


252 County Road 601

Belle Mead, NJ 08502

Ph No- 800 933 3579


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Carrier Clinic Programs

Carrier Clinic

The clinic provides services in

Addiction Treatment

In addiction treatments include

Regaining Control

Intensive Outpatients Programs

Dual Diagnosis

Prescription drug addiction treatment

Illegal Drug Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment


Adolescent Services

This program offers comprehensive 24 Hour Clinical, Therapeutic and Educational Treatment. Their clinical team includes a Board-certified psychiatrist, Licensed clinical social worker, registered nurse, substance abuse counselor and residential counselor.

Detox Programs

Carrier clinic comprehensive detox programs provide treatment supervised detoxification and residential rehabilitation care for individuals suffering from a prescription and illegal drug abuse and also alcohol dependence and addiction.

Free Programs

The career clinic is very happy to provide a variety of free mental health and addiction groups and services throughout the year. It also including ongoing group, meeting, Educational seminar, and special seminars.

Inpatients Services

Psychiatric inpatients hospitalization programs include

Adolescent and Teen Psychiatric and Dual Diagnosis (age 13 to 18)

Psychiatric Acute care

Older Adults Psychiatric and Dual Diagnosis

General Adult Psychiatric and Dual Diagnosis.

Outpatients Services

Their outpatient’s services are

Trigger Health

Family Support

Alumni Programs

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Intensive outpatients programs

Carrier Clinic Contacts

By mail: Hackensack Meridian Health

343 Thornall Street, Edison, NJ 08837


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Carrier Clinic Doctors

Some Few Doctors name we mention. If you want to know more about other healthcare providers you can visit the Official site

Farah Azimi, APN (Gerontology)

Sajid Baig, M.D (Psychiatry)

Sherri Bauerle, APN (Psychiatry)

Pascha Boyd, APN (Psychiatry)

David Buch, M.D (Geriatric Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry, and Psychiatry)

Ella Doctoroff, DO (Family Medicine)

Obunike (Jonathan) Edokwe, MD (Family Medicine, Psychiatry)

Courtney Emery, DNP (Psychiatry)

Caren Goldstein, APN (Psychiatry)

Michelle Grant, APN (Psychiatry)


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