Casper Return Policy in 2024 (Updated)

Here is a detailed description of the Casper Return Policy.

Casper is one of the most popular sleeping gear companies, introduced in 2013 in San Francisco.

Casper got a massive response from the customers for creating innovative mattresses.

They sell not only mattresses but also all kinds of sleeping gear like pillows, sheets, dog beds, snooze wear, quilts, and many more.

People only avoid mattresses from online stores because they lack a potential return policy.

But Casper is entirely exceptional.

It always tries to satisfy its customers with the best experience.

That is why it provides a trial period where you can return your mattress and get a full refund. 

If you have any confusion or somehow if you are not satisfied with the Casper products, Casper has a straightforward return and refund policy for its customers.

Customers are always fully happy with Casper. You can go through their reviews of them by visiting the website just once.

Casper is determined to break the conventional thought for online shopping, especially when the item is a mattress.

Casper offers an entirely customer-friendly return policy for its customers.



What is Casper Return Policy?

When we think of buying products online, the first thing that peeps into our mind is what if we do not like them or whether there is a potential return policy or not.

Casper provides a consumer-friendly return policy to keep customers out of this confusion. 

Casper provides a trial period for all the products. The trial period varies with the product.

As soon as you buy a product from Casper, the trial period starts, and if you do not like the product, you may return it and get a full refund. 

You will get a trial period of 100 nights for mattresses. The first 30 nights will be an adjustment period.

If you are not feeling well with the mattress, you may return it within the adjustment period and get a full refund. 

For all other products of Casper, will provide you with a trial period of 30 nights.

This time is enough for you to check whether the item is comfortable or not.

You may even check the quality of the product after washing it a few times. 


Casper Return Policy For Mattress

Casper Return Policy for Mattress

We know that a body needs at least 30 nights to adjust to a new mattress.

Therefore we have decided to let you sleep on that mattress that you want to buy by offering you a 100-night trial period on the mattresses.

If you cannot adjust to the mattress or feel uncomfortable with the mattress within 30 nights, you may return the mattress very easily, completely free of cost.

If you want to return the mattress, contact the customer service agent at Casper.

They will arrange a pickup at your address as soon as you provide them with a reason for returning the mattress.

The refund will be initiated within two weeks from the pickup date.


Casper Return Policy for Furniture, Soft Goods

For furniture and soft goods, you will get a 30-day trial period to check if you are happy with the Casper product in your sleeping environment.

The trial period is extended to 100 nights if you purchased a Casper mattress bed. 


Casper Return Policy for Bundles

Casper Return Policy for Bundles

In case you have purchased a Casper Bundle, you will receive the same trial period for all the items in the bundle.

If there is a mattress in your bundle, you will get a 100-night trial period for the whole bundle, just like a mattress.

If there is no mattress in your bundle, you will get 30 30-night trial period.

If you want to return a bundle, all the products must be returned at once. Any individual product return from the bundle will not be accepted. 

You can return items without the original packaging or a box as long as it is in a donatable condition.

You can return a maximum of two items of the same product type. 


How Long Will Casper take to Process My Return?

Generally, Casper takes two weeks to process your return. The item must be in donatable condition. 


Does Casper Receive Return Without Original Receipt?

Yes, Casper received a return without the original receipt and original packaging. You are only allowed to return two items of the same product.


When Will I Get a Refund From Casper?

You have to wait for two weeks to get a refund until your return package is checked properly as it is received at the warehouse of Casper.

The refund will be initiated within 14 days in your original mode of payment. 



To Sum Up

I hope you will have no confusion after reading this article on Casper Return Policy.

But you should keep one thing in mind Casper donates the returned items to charity.

That is why every item must be returned in good condition.

If you want to return any product of Casper, you must initiate the return process within the trial period. 


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