CenturyLink Modem Return Policy in 2024 (Return Label)

Here we share CenturyLink Modem Return Policy.

CenturyLink is an amazing service that employs top-quality technology and services.

They have industry-leading machinery and do everything they can in their power to ensure they provide the best services every time.

The same can be said about their modems.

These modems can be purchased separately and come in different options pertaining to the speed, and range users demand.

Or, one can buy them with various packages offered by the company.

These are specially tailored to suit various types of subscribers, be they household users, work-from-home employees, a student, or small business owners.

In the case that someone does not like the modem they have purchased and have invested in one of theirs, they can always choose to return the one provided by CenturyLink.

You must go through CenturyLink’s return policy before approaching them.

We’re here today to shed some light on how this can be done.



CenturyLink Modem Return Policy (Packaging Instructions)

CenturyLink Modem Return Policy

Suppose you have decided to return the modem you purchased from Century Link.

In that case, you could either check out the company’s site on their packaging and return policy or call CenturyLink and ask them for clarity on the entire process.

The process itself is quite easy because there’s not much to do.

You must ensure that your router fits comfortably in the box it came in. Grab some tape and glue, and try your best to do a pretty job of packaging it up.

Along with the power cable and any paperwork that it came with.

It’s best to double-check and then seal up the box. If you lose your box, you can always go for a replacement cardboard container similar to the box your modem came in.


Return Label Options

You must reach out to CenturyLink and let them know you’d like to return their device.

For this, you may need to be specific about why you are returning the device.

CenturyLink makes this quick and snappy with preloaded questions and a ten-second form, after which you can be on your merry way to returning the device.

You may print your return label after you receive it in an email.

This email will be sent to the address you have provided for your service.

The return label will be in the form of a PDF that can be easily used. You can even view it on your phone screen.

If you don’t have access to a printer and cannot get your label printed out, then there is a workaround to that as well.

You can use the QR code emailed to you along with the return label and show that to your shipping service.

Normally, USPS and UPS services accept the QR code and use the details embedded in it to get your stuff packaged and ready to go.


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Tips on Packaging & Shipping

You would need to make sure you get all the necessary equipment it came with.

Additionally, ensure that the CenturyLink sticker the box came with is still intact because that could be a factor in determining the warranty/authenticity of your device.

There is also the added detail you must be cautious of the box you will put your modem in and must have its flaps intact. So that it can be sealed properly.

The box should also be well padded to prevent the device from picking up any scratches or dents when it is being shipped.

For this, try and get a cardboard box with foam granules.

These prevent the content from directly contacting the surface in case of an accident or drop.

Next, find a good duct tape that can strongly hold the flaps of the box/container together.

Make sure you get the tape running on all four sides of the box so that it is held tightly with no chance of making the contents spill.

Take caution to remove any labels, names, or information previously on the box if you’re using one that has such things.

The shipping service may get confused and not send your package forward.

In many cases, this is often frustrating, so it’s best to avoid it entirely.


Choose to Recycle

There’s an ongoing trend to recycle your modem, and CenturyLink is all in for it.

You can also recycle yours to save up on the environment and incur no additional cost.

With this, all you need to do is make sure your modem is in the proper condition physically so the company will accept it into its initiative.



CenturyLink is known to be a helpful company with amazing customer service.

They take great pride in entertaining their customers with brilliant deals and return policies.

They want a hassle-free experience for their users, and we want you to enjoy a relaxed process.


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