Cider Return Policy in 2024 (Updated)

Is the Cider Return Policy valid? Yes, the Cider return policy is suitable for those who make a wrong choice from the pile of their beverages. 

In Cider, you can also return your wrong purchase and get your payment back. However, some conditions are applied to this matter.



What is Cider Return Policy?

Regarding online retailers, we don’t know well from which we make our most special buys; returns can be a certifiable torment since they present us with remarkable circumstances that we are unfit to deal with.

Since these shops sell globally and Cider is a firm of the unfamiliar beginning, returns depend upon a more extensive distance.

If your order comes to be wrong or you are not satisfied with your purchase.

You can return the product quickly offline and online. But then, the unsealed products are not accepted. The tags of the products must be attached. 

As per Cider’s return policy, you can return the product within 30 days from the purchase date. After 30 days, the product is never approved for return.


How much is Cider’s Return shipping fee? 

Cider Return Policy

The Cider agrees to refund the money, which is considered the price of that product.

Cider never refunds the money for the gift wrap or shipping cost.

When you return the product, you have to pay for the shipping on your own.


How long do I have to make a Cider Return? 

The cider return policy always offers you 30 30-day return.

From the specific date of your purchase, you have to count 30 days from that date.

Any product is not accepted after 30 days.


What are the Cider Return conditions? 

Cider Return Policy

Though Cider accepts the return of products, some return conditions are available. 

  • First, the products should be sealed and undamaged or unbreakable. 
  • Second, the primary packaging at the time of purchase should be retained the same.
  • Third, the tags must be maintained. 
  • Fourth, the purchase bill must be attached to the products. Proof of purchase is an essential one in this matter. 


How to return a Cider Item/Product? 

If you are unhappy with your newly purchased product, you can return that product.

For this, you have to send the product to their specific address. The address is 5155 Samuel Rd, Duncan, BC, V9l6Y1, Canada. 

For online, you may have to send an email first.

Then you can return your product to the given address. 


When will I get a Refund from Cider?

First, you have to return the products as per the conditions given by Cider.

After accepting your returned products, they will inspect them closely.

If the product is ok, then they will send you an email. 

Through the email, they will notify you whether you are eligible to get the refund or not.

Within very few days, the refund will be made. The refund always is sent within the working days.

If you still are unable to get your payment back, first check your given bank account.

Then, you can contact the bank about the payment. You must obtain the Cider’s helpline number if the bank declares no issue.


Does Cider offer an Exchange?  

Yes, Cider has an exchange advantage. You may be dissatisfied with the product you have just bought.

After purchasing, you may fall in love with another product.

You are suggested to exchange the product with your desired one.

Here you have to maintain all the conditions composed in Cider Return Policy


Can I return the final sale items to the Cider?

No, the sale items are never refundable. Only the products available regularly at a particular price range are accepted for return. 

The sale items are already offered at a lower price range. They never should be in the Cider return policy.



Purchasing a product may give you lots of happiness at that moment.

But after a while, you may be upset at your choice.

What to do then? Return the product is the most profitable way to save your money. 

Cider always accepts the return of the product, which can pass their conditions.

So now, purchases have become worry-free for all Cider customers.


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