Columbia Return Policy in 2024 (**Guide For Return**)

After purchasing from the American popular sportswear company Columbia Sportswear.

If you are unhappy with your purchase.

Not to worry, you can easily return to Columbia Sportswear by knowing the Columbia Return Policy.

The company has a very potential return policy that allows customers to make hassle-free returns.

A return policy helps the customers to know the terms and conditions and the exact timeframe for returning the items.



What is the Columbia Return Policy?

Returns are not so easy.

But we will give you a vivid description of the Columbia Return Policy so that you can easily understand the return, exchange, and refund policy.

The company allows customers to return their products on or before 60 days from the date of purchase.

As per the Columbia Return Policy, the products you want to return must be unworn and in the original condition.

You can return an online purchase by mail as well as in-store.

But an in-store purchase has to be returned to the stores only. 


Columbia Return Policy for Online Purchase 

Columbia Return Policy for Online Purchase

The customers will get two options to return their online purchases to Columbia.

Firstly you can send your items back to their distribution center directly, or you may return them to a branded store location.

You must bring your packing slip and the original payment method while visiting a store to return your product.

You can not return the following products in-store: 

● Orders purchased with Paypal, Apple Pay, or Klarna

● Fans & Followers’ order

● Pro Purchase orders

● Partner Purchase orders 

If you have purchased products from Columbia by using Paypal, Apple Pay, Klarna, or an additional discount listed above (Fans & Followers, pro, partner), you have to return those items to their distribution center directly. 


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Columbia Return Policy for In-Store Purchases 

Columbia Return Policy for In-Store Purchases 

You must visit your nearest branded Columbia Sportswear store to return your in-store purchase.

You need an original receipt, and the return timeframe is 60 days from the date of your Purchase. 

If you don’t have an original receipt, you can still return to Columbia using your original Government-issued Photo ID.

Columbia Sportswear reserves the right to limit return or exchange.


How can I start my return to Columbia?

If you want to start your return to Columbia, you have to follow the steps that are mentioned below: 

● You must first enter your order details, email ID, and billing zip code. 

● Then you have to print the return label. 

● Then you have to pack the items you want to return. 

● Then you have to ship the package. 


How can I Package Columbia Products for return?

Columbia Return Policy for Package

You have to pack your items very carefully.

You have to remember that the products you want to return must be unworn, and the original tags must be attached to the products.

You need to pack the items in their original packaging.

Then you have to place the package invoice sent to you by mail along with your original shipment.

Then you have to attach the return shipping label on the outside of the return package. 

If you want to return shoes, you have to place the shoebox inside an outer shipping box.

You should not attach your return label directly to the shoe box, as the company will not accept returns if the shoe box is damaged. 


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What does my Columbia Return Cost?

The company provides a flat-rate UPS shipping label for customers to return their orders.

The flat rate of $6 will be deducted from the customer’s final refundable amount. 


How long does it take to get my refund from Columbia?

As soon as the company receives your return package, they will verify the contents of the package and check them to be sure that they are returned in an unworn and original condition.

If everything is fine, you will get your refund in your original payment method within 7-10 business days. 


Does Columbia have free returns?

No, Columbia does not have free returns. 


Can you return clothes without tags, Columbia?

No, you will not be allowed to return others without tags to Columbia. 


Can you cancel the Columbia orders?

The company processes your return as soon as you place the order so that you can receive your order fast.

That is why you will not be able to cancel the Columbia orders once you have placed the orders. 


How do I track my Columbia order?

You can track your return by visiting their return landing page, or you may contact their Customer care department, and they will give you the best possible assistance. 



Knowing the Columbia Return Policy allows you to easily return products to Columbia Sportswear.

Always remember before purchasing any product from any company.

If you have some knowledge about their return policy.

If you have any defective or damaged products. It can help you during your return to that particular company.


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