Commerce Urgent Care Pottery Factory, Address, Services

Commerce Urgent Care is located in Bank crossing with convenient access from 1-85 and Hwy 441. They accept patients on an appointment basis. This urgent care open Seven days a week. They accept most of the insurance plans.


Commerce Urgent Care Pottery Factory

Commerce Urgent Care Pottery Factory

The address is

415 Pottery Factory Drive Commerce

GA 30529

Phone Number- 706 336 0074

Fax Number- 706 336 0079

Monday to Sunday

8 am to 8 pm


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Commerce Urgent Care Services

Their all services include

Urgent careĀ 

The urgent care services are

Abdominal PainAbdominal Vaginal Bleeding
AcneAllergic Reactions
AsthmaAthlete Foot
Bladder InfectionsBronchitis
Burns and RashesCold Sores
ColdsCuts and Minor Lacerations
DiverticulitisEar Infections
Ear Wax RemovalEczema

Dry Skin

Eye InfectionsFingernail

Toenail Injuries



Kidney DiseaseLaryngitis
Medication side effectsMenopausal Complications
Poison OakPsoriasis
RingwormSexually Transmitted Disease
Sinus InfectionsSkin Conditions
SprainsSkin Lesions
Splinter RemovalStomach Flu
StrepSore Throat
SunburnSwimmer’s Ear
Swimmer ItchUrinary Tract Infections
Wart RemovalWound Care


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Injuries & Trauma

LacerationsKnee, Shoulder, Ankle Sprains
Back Pain or StrainsMinor Falls
Acute FractureAuto Accidents


Occupational Health

Their occupational health include

employee illness and Injury

Employment Drug Screens

Employment Physicals

They offer a very affordable pre-employment and Post Incident drug screen for your company.


Massage Therapy

They offer


They accepted most of the insurance. The first visit’s cash price is $45 and follows up for $35.

Call- 706 336 0074


They offer 1 hour Swedish Massage for $60.

30 minutes Swedish Massage for $35.

You can Call- 706 336 0087


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Commerce Urgent Care Doctors & Staff

Commerce Urgent Care Pottery Factory

Their doctors or provider include

Erin London, MD- Medical Director

Since March 2014 Erin London works in Commerce Urgent Care. Erin completed education from the A.B. Washington University, M.D. Mercer University. Dr. Erin is certified in Family Practice.


Rasheeda Freeman, FNP-C

Since March 2014 Rasheeda work in this Urgent Care. Rasheeda is Nurse Practitioners of the American Association. Freeman love to enjoy reading, Shopping.


BSN Georgia Southern University.


Joshua Gastley, FNP-C

Joshua is a member of the American Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.


BSN, Medical College of Georgia


Sonya Dicare, FNP-C

In 2015 Sonya Joined this Urgent care. In her free time, Sonya loves to enjoy spending time with her family, medical mission and traveling. Currently, Sonya work on her emergency Nurse practitioner certification.


Heather Lackey, Practice Manager

Since 2013 Heather work with Commerce Urgent Care. Lackey has more than 9 years of experience in the medical field. Lackey is a certified medical Manager.


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