Continental Express Money Order in 2024 (Purchase, Cost)

Continental Express Money Order Company offers payment services.

The business provides bill payment and money order services.

With more than 50 years of experience, Continental Express Money Order Company provides the ease and security of money orders, supported by its knowledge, expertise, and solid reputation.

A money order can be used to send money securely and privately from one person to another.

It is a service provided by Continental Currency Services (CCS), a Santa Ana, California-based financial services provider.

Any CCS location sells Continental Express Money Orders, which the recipient can cash at any participating location.

The money transfer can be utilized to give cash to someone in need, pay bills, or make purchases.



Where can I purchase a money order for Continental Express?

Any participating Continental Currency Services (CCS) facility allows you to purchase a Continental Express Money Order.

In California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, and other states, CCS has more than 60 facilities.

You can utilize the “Location Finder” tool on the CCS website to locate a CCS location close to you.

You can also contact CCS customer service and inquire about the closest location by calling their toll-free number.

Remember that there can be some restrictions or limitations based on the particular site, so it’s a good idea to contact the location beforehand to verify their services as well as any associated costs.


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Where can I cash a money order from Continental Express?

Continental Express Money Order

Any participating Continental Currency Services (CCS) facility accepts Continental Express Money Orders for cashing. In California, Nevada, and other states, CCS has more than 60 facilities.

Remember that there can be some restrictions or limitations based on the particular site, so it’s a good idea to contact the location beforehand to confirm their services as well as any associated costs.

Remember to bring valid photo identification with you when cashing the money order, such as a passport or driver’s license.


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How should a Continental Express Money Order be filled out?

Understanding how to create a money order can be difficult, but getting it right is crucial. Completing these five procedures may ensure that your cash is sent to the appropriate individual or company.

1〉 Enter the name of the recipient: On the line that begins, “Pay to the Order Of,” type the name of the person or organization that will receive your money order. Only the recipient will have the authority to deposit or cash your money order.

2〉 Fill out the “Purchaser” and “Remitter” sections with your name and address.

This information pertains to you as the buyer of the money order. This information must be written in precise detail so that the receiver may get in touch with you if necessary.

3〉 Provide your account number if you’re paying a bill: Some money orders have a “payment for/account number” field.

Provide your utility department bank details (which you should be able to locate on your bill) in this section if you’re paying a utility bill, for instance.

Ensuring the payment is applied to the balance you owe for your account is made easier by providing your exact account number.

4〉 Enter the payment amount in both written and numeric form in the “Amount” column.

This assists in preventing fraud and guarantees that the recipient will receive the appropriate sum.

5〉 Sign the money order in the “Purchaser’s Signature” space.

This is the signature of the person purchasing the money order.

6〉 Hold onto the receipt: The money order that was just filled out will have a separate section that contains your receipt.

7〉 The clerk may also give you a different receipt when you purchase the money order. Please keep your receipt and store it securely as confirmation of your payment.


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Are Continental Express Money Orders safe?

Continental Express Money Orders is typically regarded as a secure and dependable payment method.

Money orders offer a safe and traceable way to transfer funds, making them a well-liked substitute for cash or cheques.

Continental Currency Services, a prominent and long-standing provider of financial services, is the company that issues Continental Express Money Orders.

Yet, just like with any financial transaction, it’s crucial to take safety measures to safeguard yourself while using money orders.


Can I trace a money order from Continental Express?

A Continental Express Money Order can be tracked. You must get in touch with Continental Currency Services (CCS), the business that issues the Money Orders, to find out the status of your money order.

  • Get your money order monitoring information by following the instructions below:
  • Navigate to the Continental Express money order monitoring page by clicking the “Click Here To Track” button above.
  • The “Login” button is located at the top of the webpage.
  • Enter your email address and password to sign in to your Continental Express Money account.
  • Locate the “MY Orders” option in the account menu. To access your list of money orders, click on it.
  • Click the order ID you want to track the status of.
  • After being redirected, you can discover complete information on your cargo on the Continental Express Money order confirmation website.


How much does a Continental Express Money Order cost?

The costs may change depending on where you acquire a Continental Express Money Order.

In most cases, the cost of a money order is determined by its value. The cost increases as the amount does.

The costs for their money orders normally vary up to $ 500.00, but according to available information from Continental Currency Services (CCS), the business that issues Continental Express Money Orders, they are a tried-and-true, straightforward transfer method.

Your company stands out from other merchants because of dependable customer support.

Before completing the transaction, getting the precise cost from the store where you intend to buy the money order is usually a good idea.


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How can I check a money order from Continental Express?

You can perform the following procedures to validate a Money Order:

1. Check for security features: To help prevent fraud, Continental Express Money Orders incorporate several security features, such as watermarks, security threads, or anti-copying technology.

2. Verify the sum: Verify that the money order’s value corresponds to the quantity you intended to transfer.

Money orders with denominations higher than you anticipated should be avoided since they can be a fraud.

3. Speak with the issuing business: Contact Continental Currency Services (CCS) customer care to confirm the money order’s legitimacy at (714) 667-8440.

If you provide the money order’s tracking number, they can determine whether it is a genuine Continental Express Money Order.

4. Contact the bank: To confirm the legitimacy of the money order before depositing it into a bank account, you may also get in touch with the bank’s customer care department.

It is recommended to avoid cashing or depositing a money order if you think it may be fraudulent or you have any concerns about its legitimacy.

Instead, you should contact the issuing business or the relevant authorities for more advice.

Money order verification services are available around the clock, every day of the week.

Toll-free 800 lines to respond to customer and agent questions



Below we share some FAQs

Is Continental Express a publicly traded company?

Because Continental Express Money Order is a private firm, it does not presently have a ticker symbol.


Is a Continental Express Money Order available online?

The Continental Currency Services website doesn’t seem to have an online store where you may buy Continental Express Money Orders.

According to the CCS website, the Continental Express Money Order must be purchased in person at a participating CCS facility.

Although some third-party websites could claim to offer Continental Express Money Orders for sale online, you should be wary of such claims because they might be false.


What period does a Continental Express Money Order have before it expires?

Money orders often have no expiration dates. This indicates that a money order should be valid to be cashed regardless of its age.

According to Continental Currency Services (CCS), Continental Express Money Orders never expire. This indicates that regardless of when the money order was issued, you can cash it or deposit it anytime.


Can I use a money order from Continental Express internationally?

Continental Express Money Orders are not intended for users outside of the United States and its territories. Instead, they are only meant to be used domestically.

There are further choices available if you need to send money overseas, including wire transfers, foreign money orders, and online money transfer services.

To pick the one that best meets your needs, research and compare these possibilities because they could have varied costs and criteria.


Whose address do you write on a money order?

Your address must be entered in the purchaser section if you are sending a money order. Instead of “purchaser,” this section may have the designation “from,” “remitter,” or “sender.”


What should I do if my money order from Continental Express is stolen or lost?

You should act quickly to report the loss or theft of the Continental Express Money Order and safeguard yourself from every potential fraud. You can take the following actions:

  1. First, get in touch with Continental Currency Services (CCS): You can report the missing or stolen money order by calling CCS at (714) 667-8440. Give them the serial number and any other pertinent information.
  2. Note the specifics: Be sure to note the model number and any information relating to the lost or stolen cashier’s check.
  3. Follow it up with CCS: Check in with CCS to see if they have handled your petition and to see how the stop payment is progressing. If you can’t find the original money order, you might also need to ask for a replacement.
  4. Report the theft to the police: It’s a great idea to report the money order theft to the police.

By following these procedures, you can better safeguard yourself and lessen the possible harm that could result from a stolen or lost money order.


Is a credit card accepted when purchasing a Continental Express Money Order?

Nonetheless, some issuers will let you use a credit card to pay for a money order even though most retailers don’t take them in the end; it relies on the rules of the specific store where you intend to buy a money order.