Cook Clinic Address, Hours, Doctors, Bloomington

In July 1993 the cook clinic started their journey. The clinic initially located west of Bloomington Hospital. They offer facilities include Control inflationary healthcare spending, Provide cook employees, and their families with Better.

In 1997 they change their location on the northeast corner of Eighth and Rogers Street. It is just west of downtown Bloomington and the shower Building Complex.


Cook Clinic Address/ Hours

Cook Clinic Hours

The address is

402 North Rogers Street

Bloomington, Indiana 47404

Office Hours

Monday to Thursday

7 am to 7 pm

Friday- 7 am to 6 pm

Saturday- 8 am to Noon


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Cook Clinic Doctors/ Providers

Cook Clinic Doctors

Their doctors or providers include

Larry Behney, MD

In March 2009, Dr. Larry started working in this Clinic. Dr. Larry graduates with Honor from IU Bloomington with a BS in Chemistry. He completed his doctor of medicine from Indiana University School of medicine in Indianapolis. In 1987 Dr. Larry completed his residency in family medicine in Oklahoma City.

Lary is certified by the American Board of family practice.


Bob Schimmelpfennig, MD

From 2008 to 2011, Dr. Bob worked at the Cook Clinic as a Part-time and he returned as a full staff employee in January 2015.


He is board-certified in Pediatrics and Urgent Care Medicine.

In 1979 Bob completed his pediatric residency.


Theodora Jenkins, DO

In April 2013 Dr. Theodora Joined this clinic. Theodora is board certified in Urgent Care Medicine and a Certified medical review officer. She completed her graduation from Purdue University. Jenkins receives her medical degree from A.T. Still University in Kirksville, MO. She has three children.


Colin Chang, MD

Dr. Colin is a medical director of the Cook Clinic. In February 2017 he joined this clinic. Dr. Colin grew up in Bloomington and attended Bloomington High school. In 1991 he receive his medical degree from Indiana University. Collin completed his internal medicine residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Indianapolis.


Mike Burns, NP

In September 2018 Mike joined the Clinic. Mike completed his graduation from IUPUI with his MSN and certified as an advanced oncology nurse practitioner. He almost spent his 13 years working in Bloomington in the combination with Oncology, Primary care, and walk-in Clinic.


Jennifer Cobb, NP

In 2020, Jennifer joined this Clinic. She completed her graduation from Ball State University and IV Tech Nursing in 2010.


Dr. Eric Knabel, DO

In March 2020 Dr. Eric joined the Cook Clinic. He belongs to Southern Indiana. In 1993 Kanbel receive his degree in psychology from Indiana University. Dr. Eric completed his doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.


American Board of Family Medicine


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