Costco Membership Requirements in 2024

You have a plethora of reasons to shop at Costco, whether you are prepping a meal a week ahead or planning on purchasing the toiletries in bulk.

So today, we have tried covering almost everything about Costco membership requirements.

It is a huge retailer that has a desire in its heart for all customers, especially for the extensive inventories of groceries, home products and accessories, personal care items, clothing, and more. Mainly, it has almost everything that you may have been wondering about, especially during the zombie apocalypse about a well-stocked pantry, linen closet as well and fridge.

It boasts more than 113 million members for over 62 million members of households as it operates around 828 stores and even warehouses they are noted to be prominent across 14 countries, including Canada, the US, Space, Iceland, Japan, and France.

Unlike any standard department or grocery store, you may require membership for shopping there.

Costco generally keeps everything highly curated, with about 4000 SKUs in their inventories that are able to sell at wholesale rates.

Here is what the membership of Costco offers if you are interested in shopping at Costco.

That includes the amount and whether or not it is well worth it for you as well as your family!



What does it cost to fulfill Costco membership requirements? 

Costco membership requirements

There are generally two kinds of Costco membership which include the Star and Executive membership.

The membership of the Gold Star generally costs about $60 every year as it generally includes two cards, one for you and the other belonging to someone present in your household, for granting access to almost every location globally, along with the online Costco stores.

The cost for the Executive membership is $120, and it identically involves two cards accessed over every location globally and online as well. But, you should get an additional 2% savings on almost every qualified purchase with a maximum total of about $1000 in their savings, along with the savings on vacations that are booked through the Costco travels.

Below mentioned are the documents you need to bring to the Costco membership counter for picking up the latest updated cards:

  • Email from Costco that contains your membership number
  • Valid photo ID proof issued by the government
  • Business licenses, even three valid pieces of your business ID
  • Resale certificate, if any
  • Tobacco certificate, if any

Costco requires these business certificates on file that are required legally.


Things you can purchase at Costco 

So, the question might be on things you can buy at Costco, as the retailer is known to offer a massive range of products.

You can come across great produce of fresh bakery goods, shelf-stable pantry items such as granola bars, spices, snacks, and coffee, along with frozen foods.

The store is noted as the haven of apparel, furniture, cleaning supplies, name-brand electronics, office supplies, and more.

Make sure to understand that Costco’s online and in-store shopping experience would majorly differ with the inventory that is mainly far greater online instead of being in-store as it comes at cheaper costs where you can hopefully shop in-store with the shipping fees.


Membership Benefits offered by Costco 

Costco Membership Requirements

You get to enjoy several benefits of shopping with the Costco membership, as it all depends on where you are living. Let us check out a few of them:

Same-day delivery

You can derive various benefits from the same-day delivery that Instacart powers for buying goodies worth $35 and more in several other metropolitan areas.


Concierge services

Suppose you are buying any type of electronic item. In that case, they are more like a camera, TV, laptop, and even a printer here in Costco, where you can derive the best benefits out of the free concierge services that can aid in setting up and operating your new purchase.


Free samples

A few free samples have long been the cherry on the icing when you consider shopping at Costco. The experience with in-store shopping is also known for including the demos of electronics. Although it is not entirely free, you can grab a few cheap hot dogs, pizza, and several other goodies at Costco’s food court.


Haul Away

You also get to enjoy the haul-away service that is available in the selected locations instead of getting to move along with discarding bulk items like mattresses and appliances on your own. There is a delivery team that would remove the bulk items and move ahead to recycle them once the new items are delivered.


Credit card savings

Costco’s card offered by Citi doubles their membership ID, offering about 4% back on eligible buys, about 3% back on the restaurants eligible for travel purchases, and 2% back on every online and in-store purchase.


Costco gasoline

There is a lot of attention that is drawn to Costco gasoline, although the prices are reaching higher where getting a membership will be worth a huge sale.

You can surely fuel up the Kirkland Signature diesel and gas at reduced prices compared to paying at the other pumps at the self-serve gas stations.


How worth is a Costco membership?

The brand claims that the $60 fee of the Gold Star membership generally ends up paying for itself if you are shopping at Costco almost frequently.

Surely, everything depends on the number of items you purchase and how often.

A Costco membership will be a no-brainer if you are the one who loves to purchase in bulk and shop for your household.

It is the best way to stock up on things you may need, such as deodorant, macaroni and cheese, and toilet paper; spending less than what you will do at grocery stores and similar retailers like Target will help a lot.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below we share some FAQs related to the question of “Costco Membership Requirements”

1. Do you have to be a Costco member to shop there?

Although you may shop at Costco without such a membership, the $60 charge for a standard Costco membership might well be worth it if you plan to buy there frequently.


2. Is it possible to obtain a Costco one-day pass?

A one-day pass is not available at any Costco location.

Non-members, on the other hand, are free to purchase online with a 5% fee on each item.

If you have a Costco shop card, you may use it at any retailer and get the same advantages.

Additionally, you don’t even need a membership to buy alcohol in certain places.


3. Is it possible for anyone to join Costco?

It’s crucial to remember that not everyone is eligible for Costco membership; you must be an existing or previous employee of one of the companies listed below: Banking/finance, Municipal government Service of fire/rescue.


4. Can I purchase at Costco without my membership card?

Costco allows members to enter their locations even if they forget their membership cards.

To finish your purchase, head toward the service counter and request a temporary card, as well as submit your name and ID so that they may verify your certification and check up on your customer number.


5. What is the cost of a Costco membership?

Costco memberships are divided into two categories: Standard: The Gold Star membership category at Costco costs $60 per year.

The Gold Star Executive membership costs $120 per year.

On redeeming Costco,, and Costco Travel purchases, Executive members get a 2% yearly incentive (up to $1,000).


Final thoughts 

So, here we have tried answering the Costco membership requirements that you may use for buying goods at cheaper tags.

Keep in mind that when you purchase bulk items, things will not go off and you may have room at home for it.


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