Covenant Clinic New Mexico Address, Hours

Covenant Clinic is a common urgent care clinic for many reasons. This Clinic is nationally certified by the UCAOA. They use modern technology to offer services in a clean, faster way. The clinic is privately own and operated by its staff.

Covenant Clinic New Mexico Address/ Hours

The address is

3961 E Lohman Ave, Las Cruces

New Mexico, 88011

Hours- 8 am to 8 pm

Office Ph Number- 575 556 0200

Billing Phone- 575 556 0200


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Covenant Clinic Services

They offer services include

Primary care

It is a small primary care practice. Their staff’s main goal is to fulfill your health need at an affordable cost.

Preventive ServicesAnnual Wellness Exams
Employment PhysicalsSchool/Sports Physicals

Disease management include

HypertensionHeart Disease
InfectionsSprains/ Strains

They are not offered any bariatric services for the weight limit on clinic equipment, Chairs, and exam tables.


Allergy Services

This clinic offers diagnostic testing, allergy lab, and treatment of their patients who suffer from region environmental allergies. Some allergy symptoms include

Watery or itchy eyesRunny or stuffy nose
Frequent colds

Postnasal Drip

Sinus Pressure and Pain
SneezingCoughing, Wheezing

breathing difficulties

Dry Irritated

itchy skin

Daytime FatigueSnoring


Occupational Medicine

Their team had many years of experience with occupational injury care and also understand great patient care.


Their experience in professional treating conditions include 

Upper Respiratory Issues like Congestion, sore throatAllergy Symptoms
Colds and FluFevers
Infection of the ear, eye, skin, and Urinary tractNausea, Diarrhea & Vomiting
Cuts, Scrapes, and BurnsSprains Strains and Broken Bones


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