David Jones Return Policy For Australia in 2024

After purchasing any quality designer product from David Jones.

If you realize that the product is not as your expectations.

Not to worry, you can easily return it by knowing the David Jones Return Policy and its return instructions.

David Jones is supposed to be one of the oldest department stores worldwide that offer accessible designer goods at your fingertips.

David Jones is serving us by providing the best quality designer products.



What is David Jones Return Policy?

In case you change your mind after purchasing your Product.

Not to worry, you can return it within 30 days from the date of your Purchase.

You have to provide valid proof of purchase, like a copy of the original register receipt or online order confirmation, to the proper department of their stores so that they can offer you a replacement or refund per the David Jones Return Policy. 

David Jones does not accept all products as a return.


Where can I send my David Jones Product via Post?

David Jones Return Policy Return Address

David Jones allows you to return your products very easily if you change your mind.

You may return the item by post along with valid proof of purchase, like the packing slip or copy of your order confirmation email, and they will arrange the refund following their returns policy.

It would be best if you remembered that you will not be able to initiate an exchange by post. So to have an exchange, you have to visit their store.

You have to post your parcel by attaching valid proof of purchase like the packing slip or copy of your order information email to the following address:

David Jones Fulfilment Centre

Dock 8, Corner of Derby &

Stubbs Streets

Silverwater NSW, 2128

You are recommended to buy postage insurance for costly items.


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How can I return a David Jones Product in-store?

The company allows you to initiate a return in-store for online and in-store purchased items.

You have to follow the instructions given below if you want to initiate a return for a David Jones product in-store:

● First, you must find your nearest David Jones store location using the store locator or a search engine.

● As soon as you reach the return location, you must find a customer service desk or a cashier’s desk.

If you cannot find either, you need to talk to a staff member who will guide you in the proper direction.

● As soon as you can locate the customer service desk or the cashier’s desk, you have to tell the staff member that you would like to return your item.

You have to also tell them if you are looking for a refund or an exchange. You have to provide valid proof of purchase and a valid photo ID.

● David Jones staff members have the full right to refuse any return if they seem to be unacceptable or not resellable.


What proof of purchase do I need for David Jones’s Return?

David Jones Return Policy proof of purchase

You have to provide one of the following proof of purchase for any returns, refunds, exchanges, or repair requests:

● Purchase/return/exchange/gift register receipt (or photocopy/photo)

● An online order confirmation email

● Online order – found on your My Orders page

● Packing slip (contained with all online purchases)

● David Jones Store Card Statement

● David Jones American Express Card statement


What is the David Jones Product return time frame?

The David Jones product return time frame is 30 days.


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How can I get a refund from David Jones?

David Jones issues a refund in the method of your original payment, except for refunds for purchases made by using PayPal will be provided:

● On a David Jones Returns Card for items that are returned in-store.

● Back to your PayPal account for items that are returned via post.

● Refunds for purchases made by using membership rewards points or David Jones Gift Cards will be issued on a David Jones Returns Card.

● Returns with a Gift receipt are eligible to be exchanged or processed by using a Returns Card.


David Jones Return Policy Exclusion

David Jones Return Policy Exclusions

David Jones does not accept the following products as a return:

Modified items Blue Spinach pre-loved items
Custom-made and made-to-measure items David Jones Gift Cards and e-gift Cards
Earrings for pierced ears eBay vouchers
Fresh flowers Fresh food
Furniture Mattresses
Personal care items Circulation booster devices
Electric toothbrushes Face masks
Foot refuges Hairbrushes
Handheld massagers Manicure sets
Sexual Wellness Shaver’s
Personalized products Pillows
Protectors, quilts & toppers


Can I return the Fragrance to David Jones?

You have to remember that you are not allowed to initiate a return by post for products like fragrances and other flammable goods. The company will enable you to create a return for those items in-store if they can properly meet the terms and conditions of their return policy.



We have provided a detailed guide about the David Jones return policy. Now you have to go through this article to make hassle-free returns.


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