Davids Bridal Return Policy in 2024 (Mail, Damage, Refund)

If you want to return your David’s Bridal item, you must return it within the first 7 days of purchasing the product.

David’s Bridal is a great company built in 1950 from where customers can purchase beautiful wedding gowns and other occasional clothing accessories.

Besides the amazing website of David’s Bridal, there are more than 300 David’s Bridal stores available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

And even though CION Investment Corporation owns David’s Bridal, there is still no change in their business method. Only the service has improved.

Because of the service, David’s Bridal also provides a well-constructed return policy for customers.

And before returning your David’s Bridal, if you want to be sure about David’s Bridal return process, you must what through this article about Davids Bridal Return Policy.



Davids Bridal Return Policy for its Products

People can’t deny that David’s Bridal is the perfect destination for special occasions to purchase beautiful dresses, accessories, etc.

With time, they have gained quite a popularity because of the great service and quality of David’s Bridal products.

But still, if any customer of David’s Bridal wants to return their purchased item, then there are a few rules they should know about.

If you want to return David’s Bridal items to the company,

The David’s Bridal product has to be returned within the first 7 days of purchase.

● The return or exchange product has to be unworn, unwashed, undamaged, unaltered, and clean, without any hair or stains.

● The David’s Bridal product must have the original packaging tags attached to the product.

● The product can’t be returned or exchanged without the original payment from David’s Bridal.

● At the time of refund, the customers will receive the amount through the original payment method.


How to return the Product to David’s Bridal?

How to return the Product to David's Bridal

For special occasions such as Prom, weddings, etc., David’s bridal always came to people’s mind.

From there, customers can purchase gorgeous wedding dress dresses for bridesmaids, Prom, etc.,

And what’s even better is that you can get your product way faster than any other boutique.

But still, after receiving some item for your special day, if you feel like you don’t like it or the fitting isn’t good, you can return the item to the company.

So, to return your dress to David’s Bridal, you have to,

● First, open David’s Bridal website and log in to your account.

● Then, open your order status and enter your David’s Bridal order number and email ID, available on the website.


If you are a guest, you can get your David’s Bridal order number from David’s Bridal confirmation mail. 

● After that, visit the My Orders area and choose the order you wish to view. For that, you have to select View Order.

● After that, select the returned item from your Ordered item.

● Then, select the reason behind your David’s Bridal product return.

● If your item is eligible for a return, you’ll accept a confirmation email, and we will provide you with a Return Request Number and return label.

● After that, download and print the return label from David’s Bridal.

● Pack your David’s Bridal product securely in a box, and make sure it’s thoroughly wrapped.

● Then, stick the return label at the top or side of David’s Bridal return package.

● After that, drop it at the UPS drop office.


And for David’s Bridal items returned in store,

● Take the Original receipt of your David’s Bridal purchased items.

● Then, visit David’s Bridal Boutique where you purchased the item. 

● After that, go to David’s Bridal cashier or customer Service desk, and tell the employee that you’re willing to return the David’s Bridal purchased item.

● After checking that product, its original packaging, and the necessary information, David’s Bridal will accept the product return if everything is alright.


Now, if you have multiple David’s Bridal items to return, you have to repeat the return process for each of the items.

And will receive those return shipping tables through the mail.

But also, at these, David’s Bridal, items will get delivered to the same location.

That’s why if the item is fragile, you can back all items into one box with a single return shipping label.

It’s very cost-effective, but it is recommended that you write the Return Request Number for each item on the box.

Also, if you are not willing to pay the shipping fee, you can ship David’s Bridal item for return using your preferred courier service. 


Davids Bridal Return Policy for Damage Items?

Davids Bridal Return Policy for Damage Items

People are obsessed with David’s Bridal collection for all special occasions.

And as David’s Bridal is special for occasions, all its items must be in perfect condition.

Even if it’s a bridesmaid dress, it must be similar to all other dresses.

But there are few complaints about customs receiving damaged, defective, or incorrect items.

So in such situations, David’s Bridal has the perfect solution method. 

So, if any customer receives defective damage or an incorrect item from David’s Bridal, return the product to the company.

But don’t try to complete a return process just like that; for the damaged or wrong items, the return process is different; that’s why for guidance, contact customer service at 1-844-400-3222 or text HELLO to 38201.

Also, on the return package, add or write down the explanation of your David’s Bridal product return. 

After the defective or incorrect item is delivered at David’s Bridal company, the employees verify the reason for the return.

If the claim is correct, then David’s Bridal will replace the item for you.

And if the replacement is impossible, you’ll receive a refund for David’s Bridal item, plus the shipping and handling charges. 


What Products does David’s Bridal not accept as a Return?

David’s Bridal is a famous brand for occasion clothing m, accessories, shoes, etc.

To maintain the popularity and quality of their brand, there are a few items that David’s Bridal can’t accept in return. Those are,

● Personalized dresses, accessories, and dyed items 

● Swimwear, due to hygiene reasons,

● Perishables and personal care items, including face masks

● Final sale items 

● White by Vera Wang items are final sale items

● Items with any tags removed, packaging, or seals opened.

These are the main items that David’s Bridal doesn’t accept for return.

However, if you are facing any issues related to David’s Bridal product return, you should contact David’s Bridal customer service. 


Does David’s Bridal have a free return?

Does David's Bridal have a free return

Unfortunately, providing free return shipping for David’s Bridal isn’t possible for the company.

Handling this item for return is pretty difficult on its own, and even though customers pray for a free return for their respective reasons, it’s still not possible. 

That’s why the customers have to pay a $12.50 fee for receiving the return label from David’s Bridal.

Not only that, the return they will cost will be deducted from the refund amount of David’s Bridal return product. 

On the other hand, if you don’t want to pay for any label cost for returning your David’s Bridal product.

In that case, you can choose your preferred courier services to deliver your David’s Bridal item back to the company.


Can I exchange David’s Bridal item instead of a return one?

When there is plenty of time for your prom or your best friend’s wedding, exchanging is the better option if you don’t like the dress for some reason.

Because of that, David’s Bridal provides customers with an exchange option.

So if you want to get an exchange of your purchased item from David’s Bridal you can do that within the first 60 days of purchase.

When exchanging David’s Bridal item, you must have the original receipt of the product.

And then the new product has to be an equal or greater value than the previous of we originally purchased David’s Bridal item.

 If David’s Bridal product price of the exchange item is higher, the customer must pay for it separately.

In the US, you can exchange your purchased product After 60 days at any David’s Bridal Store.

Besides that about David’s Bridal, if there is any other query, you can contact David’s Bridal customer service at 1-844-400-3222.


How long will it take to get a refund from David’s Bridal?

David’s Bridal Clothings is slightly more expensive than the normal store-bought items.

And it’s natural as you won’t get good quality gowns from random stores.

So for some reason, after returning David’s Bridal product to the company, the customers want their refund as soon as possible. 

Well, at David’s Bridal, to receive your refund, you have to wait for 14 to 20 days.

After David’s Bridal receives the returned item, the product is thoroughly checked, and all the documents are verified.

After that, if everything is fine with David’s Bridal products, the return credit will take a maximum of 2 billing cycles to appear on your credit card statement. 

If you didn’t use any credit card, you will receive your David’s Bridal refund through the original payment method.

And if it’s cash or any debit cards not associated with VISA or MasterCard, plus the purchase is above $50, then you’ll receive your refund through mail within approximately 21 days.

Also, when you receive David’s Bridal product refund, you will get the whole amount except the $12.50 for each prepaid return shipping label used to return your David’s Bridal item.

Suppose you didn’t apply for any return shipping label provided by David’s Bridal and used your preferred courier service.

In that case, the return shipping or processing charge will be removed, and you will receive the full amount as a refund.

For any other queries contact 1-844-400-3222. 


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