Does Applebees Take Apple Pay in 2024? (Uses, Alternatives)

Applebee’s is a restaurant company, and Applebee’s serves its services by using the name Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar.

There are around 1800 Applebee’s international restaurants available.

You can enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant with your family and friends.

But to enjoy the meal, you must pay for it, so you must learn about their payment methods.

Among the payment methods, one of the most common people use is Apple Pay, a payment service provided by the Apple company that millions trust.

So, before you try to pay using Apple Pay at Applebee’s, you should first know how the payment process works at Applebee’s restaurant.



Does Applebees take Apple Pay?

When we think about Applebee’s, the first thing that comes to our mind is its delicious grilled chicken and the bar facility beside it.

So after ordering delicious food from Applebee’s, before you can enjoy your meal, you have to think about paying for it, and the most obvious method that came to our mind is Apple pay or cash.

While paying for your favorite dish, you will be happy to know that in a few of Applebee’s stores, Apple Pay is still accepted.

So based on the location of the Applebee store, you can pay for it using your Apple Pay.

But you should know that the Apple Pay payment method is only accepted at the stores, so if you try to use it for online purchases at Applebee’s, you can’t do that.

Applebee doesn’t accept Apple Pay for online orders, and not only that, many Applebee’s restaurants still need to accept Apple Pay for payment purposes.


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How to use Apple Pay at Applebees?

If you want to know how to pay using Apple Pay at Applebee’s Store, then the process is quite simple, and if you use Apple Pay regularly, you will probably know how to use it.

So to use the Apple app for payment, you need to connect it to your Debit or credit card.

Then to pay your bill, you need to go to that cashier, and after the bill is generated, you need to open your Apple Pay app on your phone, and then you have to choose if you want to continue the payment from the Apple wallet or your attached card.

After selecting the location where the funds need to be paid, you need to ensure that the device is placed on top of the point-of-sale reader; for dinner, you need to go through a verification process using your fingerprint ID or face ID.

And then, when everything is going the way it should be, and the sales reader verifies your Apple Pay, it will show an option ‘ready .’Then, after going through the process, your payment at Applebee’s is made.


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What are the other Payment options available at Applebees?

At Applebee’s, to enjoy their beautifully grilled chicken, you need to pay for it first.

If you don’t have Apple Pay or don’t want to use it, many other payment methods are available at Applebee’s restaurants to save you from this issue.

Those restaurants that don’t accept Apple Pay as a payment method the except the following transaction methods at the restaurants.

Gift card

Debit card

Credit card

These are the main options Applebee’s stores offer to pay for the meal.


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What benefits of using Apple Pay at Applebees?

Does Applebees Take Apple Pay (Benefits of Using)

When you are an iPhone and iWatch user that case the Apple company provides many convenient methods of using them.

For the customer’s benefit, the company also provides Apple Pay, which is quick and convenient.

So when you visit Applebee’s restaurant stays crowded most of the time during lunch and dinner hours, and to avoid the line for payment for so long, you can use Apple Pay as a fast transaction to pay for your meal at Applebees.

If you use other payment methods apart from cash, it’s time to go with the payment process, so for that, you need to hold onto there for so long.

Also, because of Apple Pay, if you are hungry and don’t have much cash, you don’t have to worry about the money at Applebee’s restaurants, and ultimately you can pay for your order through your phone.

Etc. There are many other benefits of using Apple Pay at Applebee’s, and that is one of the most convincing ones for why people love to use Apple Pay at Applebee’s restaurants.


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Is Applebees offer any rewards for using Apple Pay?

When you use the Apple Pay app to pay for your order at Applebee’s restaurants, people often expect rewards after the payment.

But the chances of your getting rewards could be higher. But if you are lucky, you will get the Golden Apple reward which allows the customer to get an attractive discount on their next purchase or order at Applebee’s restaurants.



Apple pay is one of the easiest and most regularly used payment methods, and people generally expect that if they try to make a payment using Apple Pay, the system will accept it.

But currently, many stores and students have stopped using Apple Pay, but fortunately, Applebee isn’t one of them.

Many Applebee’s restaurants have stopped using Apple Pay at their Store, but they still accept it at many locations.

So if you want to enjoy Applebee’s delicious meals, go for it. And if they don’t accept Apple Pay as a payment method, there are many alternatives you can use to pay for it.


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Below we share some FAQs

Can I pay with my iPhone at Applebee’s?

If you want to pay for your Applebee’s food, you can do that only by using Apple products such as the iPhone or iWatch, as these are the only places you can use Apple Pay.

So if you want to have a delicious meal with beverages, you can pay to forget using the Apple Pay app on your iPhone.


Does Applebee accept mobile payments?

Yes, Applebee’s does accept mobile payment but only in some of their restaurants. So when you visit Applebee’s restaurants that accept Apple Pay as a payment method, that particular restaurant accepts mobile payment.


What payment options are available at Applebee’s?

When you visit Applebee’s, there for the benefit of customers, the restaurants have various payment options available.

So, you can pay for your order using Apple pay. But apart from that, you can also pay at Applebee’s using Applebee’s gift card, MasterCard Visa Card, and cash.


Is it safe to use Apple Pay at Applebee’s?

Yes, it’s completely safe to use Apple Pay at Applebee’s restaurants.

Applebee’s restaurants have been in the market for so long, and people paying for their orders using Apple Pay isn’t a new thing.

When you are using Apple Pay at Applebee’s, it requires a face ID, fingerprint ID, etc.

And that’s all you need to proceed with the payment process at Applebee’s.


Is Apple Pay accepted at all Applebee’s locations?

No, unfortunately, Applebee doesn’t accept Apple Pay at all of the locations.

After 2021 many Applebee’s restaurants stopped using the Apple Pay online payment services.

But still, there are Applebee’s locations available that actively accept Apple Pay as their payment method.

But as it’s hard to understand which restaurant does and does not accept Apple Pay, you should always carry cash or a card to avoid embarrassing situations.


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