Does Burger King Take Apple Pay in 2023 (Updated)

This article mainly focuses on the question, “Does Burger King Take Apple Pay.” Burger King is a multi-national hamburger fast food restaurant chain. Its head office is located in Miami- Dade County, Florida. In this article, we mainly share with Burger King all payment-related information.


Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?

Burger King will not accept Apple Pay.

Burger King was an early adopter of online and mobile payments but chose PayPal over Apple Pay or any other rivals.

As a result, Burger King does not have a collaboration with Apple Pay.

Some Burger King locations may have the necessary payment terminal, allowing you to use your Apple Wallet and Apple Pay in the same manner as you would like any other tap payment (such as a credit card with tap enabled).

So, although you could get fortunate and use your Apple Wallet at select Burger King Stores in some places, as a general rule, this restaurant company chose PayPal over Apple Pay.

It’s terrific news if you like eating at Burger King and using PayPal for mobile and digital payments; otherwise, you won’t be able to reap the advantages and convenience of using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or other sorts of digital wallets.


Why can’t I use Apple Pay to pay at Burger King?

There are various reasons why the business removed Apple Pay from its selection menu. The challenges users were experiencing paying using the application were among the most crucial factors. However, the primary reason for the company’s exit was its affiliation with PayPal. Burger King joined the PayPal payment network in 2014, making it a direct rival to Apple Pay. Because both firms were competing inside the corporation, Burger King chose one and removed Apple Pay from the game.

Although Apple’s mobile payment network is one of the most significant transactions inside the United States, PayPal was more readily converted to Burger King’s internal system and payment methods.


Would a single other payment method make a significant difference?

We’re always in favor of firms offering their customers greater flexibility and supporting methods for consumers to protect themselves, whether it makes a giant or tiny difference in their total sales.

One of the main reasons to utilize your Apple Wallet is to secure your payment information from various dangers.

These hazards include card skimming, which occurs when someone modifies a payment terminal to produce replicas of your payment cards, a business having a data breach that exposes your credit card number and other personal information, or any other malicious assault on your privacy.

For these reasons, we feel it is beneficial when retailers make it simple to utilize Apple Pay and other wallets that improve consumer production.


Benefits of using the Burger King App?

Does Burger King Take Apple Pay

When you use the Burger King app, you may earn “Crowns” for every purchase. You may earn Burger King Crowns for free meals every time you purchase a Whopper with cheese.

Tap “Earn BK Crowns” to add coupon points to the Burger King mobile app, and a code will appear. After the cashier scans the code, Crowns are added to your account.

Simply spending $5 will “unlock” 50 Crowns. When you utilize the Burger King mobile app, you will get 20% extra Crowns. Earning a free Whopper or a serving of Burger King’s famous onion rings is more than enough to utilize the App.


Other Payment Methods Accepted at Burger King

Does Burger King Take Apple Pay

Burger King does not always take the apple pay. Don’t worry. By using other options, you can easily make your Payment at Burger King.

For payment, you can use your Credit Card, Debit Card or Cash.

You may also use PayPal to make a payment.

A Burger King app allows you to keep your payment methods and pay for your order through the App or at the register while you’re in the shop.

You can also use the Burger King Gift Card to complete your payment. 

You may use PayPal to add a balance to your Burger King app to make future purchases more straightforward.

You should have no issue paying for your meal with any of these choices, as long as you bring anything other than Apple Pay.


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