Does Chime Work With Zelle in 2024? (Alternatives)

In our day-to-day life, we can’t always do the chance to use a traditional bank account with full potential, and that’s when online banking services like Chime came up in the market to solve all those problems.

But no matter how much people use Chime banking service, they still prefer using Zelle simultaneously.

As Zelle is a digital payment service that is connected with all the major banking services for online payment transactions, that’s why do people also try to use it with Chime as well.

But for a few years, people have been facing a few issues related to Chime and Zelle; that’s why this article is everything you need to clear all those queries.



Does Chime Work With Zelle?

Every day, everything is getting digitized; you can control almost everything by using your phone.

Chime has become a competition for all the US banks, and as Zelle is the one that serves those banks, that’s why you can’t use Zelle at Chime anymore.

Chime does use to allow Zelle to work together.

The Chime account holders could connect their debit card to the Zelle app and pay for anything through the app.

And now, no matter how many times they try, people with a Chime account still can’t attach Chime with Zelle as Chime doesn’t accept Zelle anymore.

And if you need the services of Zelle, then you can use the pay anyone feature provided by Chime.

But you can’t use both services simultaneously; if you want to use Zelle, you must use it with a separate account.


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How people successfully used Chime and Zelle together?

Does Chime Work With Zelle

Well, people can’t use both Chime and Zelle together anymore.

Chime is an online Banking service that has the potential to compete with all the physical banking services that the US provides.

Chime online banking has no service fees, ATM fees, overdraft fees, etc., which is very helpful for the customers; not only that, for money transactions, Chime offers an affordable and convenient payment method through their Pay Anyone feature.

So that’s why Chime doesn’t need to use Zelle for their transaction services; also, by allowing Zelle in their online banking Chime was indirectly giving people a chance to have a physical bank account.

So to avoid that, Chime made their instant money transfer service instead of using this service from any other company.


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What are the Alternatives to using Chime and Zelle?

Does Chime Work With Zelle (Alternatives)

Even though it may confuse you, Chime and Zelle are different. Chime is an online banking service through which you can have an account to save money and withdraw it using your card or any other way.

And Zelle is a digital payment service in which you have to connect your bank account to pay for the items you want to purchase.

So, to understand the Alternative of Chime and Zelle, you need to understand two different segments.

Below we share some Chime Alternative.

Ally Bank

This is a highly famous online banking service and a great competitor of Chime.

This online banking service allows you to have savings and check accounts and allows you to apply for financial loans, mortgages, auto finance, etc.

Monthly Service Fee: None

Benefits: Ally Bank doesn’t charge for overdrafts, ATM fees, service fees, etc.

Then to have an account in this online bank, no minimum balance is required. All Ally Bank accounts have an APY percentage available for all customers. Etc.
Limit: if you have a debit card from this bank, you can withdraw $1000 daily at any ATM.



Varo is a fully independent online banking service that provides you with the service savings and checking accounts.

Not only that, there are a lot of benefits to using this digital banking service.

Monthly Service fee: None

Benefits: In Varo, there is no minimum balance required; also, the account doesn’t require any monthly service fee, transaction Fee, etc.

Then almost all of the Varo accounts have High bonus APY.

You can use an ATM from any bank without paying any fee. Then unlike other online banks, Varo does accept direct deposits of $1000 or more in their savings account.

Limit: if you are using a Varo Debit card, then you can spend around $2500 per day, and for withdrawal, the limit is $1000.



If you love to travel and need to visit international places quite often, then Revolut is the digital banking service for you.

Through Revolut, you can experience the premium Banking services you thought you could only get from a traditional bank.

Monthly Service fee: yes ( in some particular accounts)

Benefits: This digital banking service lets you access your cryptocurrencies in your personal accounts.

Then this banking service provides overseas medical insurance, global express delivery, etc., for their premium members.

And even though they still don’t offer separate savings accounts, you can earn an APY percentage with the savings vault feature. Etc.

Limit: Revolut allows a daily ATM withdrawal of $1200 in the US.


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Below we share some Zelle alternatives.


PayPal is a great alternative to Zelle, one of the most common digital money transfer services people use regularly.

You can use people with or without a bank account; if you have one, you can directly connect the account with the app or transfer money to your PayPal account using a debit card, credit card, or another payment method.

And also, unlike Zelle, PayPal provided its customers with the experience of buyer purchase protection.



For college students or colleagues who love to go out with their friends, Venmo is the perfect money-sharing and transaction option for them.

In Venmo, you can easily connect your debit card, credit card, or user’s balance to send money to your friends and family and request their share of the rent, food, ticket price, etc.

And if You are sending money to someone using a credit card, it will charge a 3% transaction fee.


Apple Pay

In the United States, most people use iPhones regularly, and when they get a payment service by default, they mostly try to use that instead of other payment apps.

So as Apple Pay is quite popular among users, there are also a few interesting reasons that people prefer to use Apple Pay as well.

In Apple Pay, you can easily transfer money with whoever you want, and also, you don’t have to add your bank account; this way, even if your mobile gets stolen, your bank account stays safe from any harm.

If you want, you can also add your bank account and pay for businesses, and if you are paying someone with a credit card, then Apple Pay charges a 3% fee for that transaction.


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Frequenlty Asked Questions

Below we share some FAQs.

Why can’t I use Zelle with my Chime account?

Zelle is the Digital money transaction system that people use most of the time, but you can’t use it at Chime because the Chime banking service doesn’t permit the usage of Zelle since 2021.

Chime has its own instant online money transaction facility available in its application, so if the customers need to pay, they can directly use Chime.


Can you receive money from Zelle on Chime?

Suppose someone sends you money using Zelle, and you are worried about whether that money will be received in your chime account.

In that case, there is nothing to worry about as a Chime account holder, you may not be able to use Zelle, but if someone sends you money through Zelle, it will easily get received in your Chime online bank account. 


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Is Zelle instant with Chime?

You can’t use both Chime and Zelle simultaneously as they are not connected anymore, but if you think that Chime will provide an instant money transaction service like Zelle, then to relieve your thoughts, Chime does have an instant money transaction service ( Pay Anyone).


How do I activate Zelle on my Chime account?

Unfortunately, you can’t activate Zelle on your Chime account anymore.

For the past few years, Chime has stopped using Zelle for its online money transaction services.

So even if you try to connect Chime your bank account with Zelle, then it won’t work.

So, if you need to transfer money to Anyone, you can use the Chime service.


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