Does Del Taco Take Apple Pay in 2024? (Alternatives)

Everyone loves Del Taco; their meals are super tasty, affordable, and sometimes healthy as well, in all over the United States, there are more than 6000 Del Taco stores available for customers, and besides available delicious meals, you can also earn amazing rewards which you can use next time when you purchase anything from Del Taco.

But when you try to pay for anything at Del Taco, confusion happens.

Many people want to pay for their meals with Apple Pay, as Apple Pay is one of the best and most highly used mobile payment services provided by the Apple company; this is a company trusted by millions of people.

Then the thing is, people don’t know much about the payment methods Del Taco accepts at the stores, and whether they can use Apple Pay or not, so this article about the relationship between Del Taco and Apple Pay is here.



Does Del Taco Take Apple Pay?

It’s a wide market for tacos, and Del Taco is where people can buy their favorite Taco meal.

At the time of payment, people expect to pay for their meals by using Apple Pay, as it is currently the most efficient way of paying and is also preferred by most customers.

When customers can’t pay using Apple Pay, they get confused, but to answer your question, most Del Taco locations don’t accept Apple Pay as a payment method.

In a few locations, they accept.

So, in any Del Taco store or website, it will get denied if you try to pay for your Taco using Apple Pay.


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How to use Apple Pay at Del Taco?

Does Del Taco Take Apple Pay

Del Taco is a famous taco destination, but from 2021, Del Taco doesn’t accept Apple Pay as a payment method (Few Locations accept it) anymore, so even if you try to pay for your Favorite Del Taco food, you can’t do that

But the only way you can do it using your Apple phone is to download the Del Taco app on your phone, and then from there, you can pay for your meal at any Del Taco restaurant through the app. This isn’t a direct or proper method of paying at Del Taco, but if you want to pay using your phone this is the only way.


What advantages of using Apple Pay at Del Taco?

In the present situation, people like using convenient things, and among them using digital payment services is one of them.

As people prefer cash-free payments by using Apple Pay, having the facility to use it at the stores is very beneficial for the customers.

Del Taco allows Apple Pay, but very few locations or any Digital payment service so that customers can use Apple Pay at Del Taco.


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Disadvantages of using Apple Pay at Del Taco?

When you use Apple Pay to pay someone or something there, you are providing significant information to the Apple company, and it might not be that serious to you, but it is.

And while paying using Apple Pay, there are times when the payment process gets blocked or doesn’t work properly; in times like this, you fall into an embarrassing situation.

So instead of using Apple Pay, using cash or credit at the Del Taco restaurants is much more convenient. 


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What is the Alternative Payment Method available at Del Taco?

Does Del Taco Take Apple Pay (Alternatives)

In Del Taco, when you want to pay for your meal, the payment services they accept are very few, so when you try to pay for your, the only way you can pay is by paying with,


Debit card

Credit card

Del Taco gift card


Del Taco doesn’t accept any digital payment services because the system is difficult to handle, and because of the internet connection or server, the payment process might get disturbed; that’s why accepting these payment methods is the best.


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In the end, as you can understand no matter how much people think that Apple Pay is one of the simplest methods of payment for them, there are many places like Del Taco where Apple Pay payment is not accepted (Few locations are accepted).

So in a situation like this, people might get a little confused, and those who don’t carry money for when the situation can be embarrassing.

By now, as you know Del Taco doesn’t accept Apple Pay in most of the stores (few stores are accepted it), So before you visit any Del Taco Store, you need to be prepared and for that carry other methods of payment cash, MasterCard, Visa card, or you can also use a gift card. 


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Below we share some FAQs

Does Del Taco accept Apple Pay for online orders?

Using Apple Pay makes everything convenient, but Bel Taco doesn’t accept the services of Apple Pay; that’s why even if the customer tries to use it for online orders, they still can’t use the Apple pay service. So if you want to pay for your online Del Taco order, it can only be the payment method accepted by the Del Taco company.


Can you use Apple Pay at Del Taco drive-thru?

You can’t pay for the Del Taco drive-thru using Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a fast and convenient payment method, so if Del Taco accepted Apple Pay as a payment method, it could benefit the customers.

But at any part of Del Taco, if you want to pay for your meal using Apple Pay, you can’t do that. 


Is Apple Pay accepted at all Del Taco locations?

Apple pay has become a common method of payment in our daily lives, but unfortunately, if you want to pay for your Del Taco meal using Apple Pay, then you can’t do that at any Del Taco locations as Apple Pay payment is completely prohibited by the Del Taco company. 


How do I add my Del Taco loyalty card to Apple Pay?

Del Taco offers a loyalty program called Del Yeah! to the customers who use the Del Taco application to order their meals.

Now the reward is mainly added or accepted by the Del Taco app, but if you can redeem the code, then you can add that reward to your Apple wallet. 

But that’s unnecessary, as you can directly use the Del Taco app to withdraw the reward at the Del Taco stores just by scanning it. 


Does Del Taco offer any Discounts for using Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a great payment service that provides decent rewards and discounts for customers, but even though you would like to pay at Del Taco using Apple Pay and earn rewards, you can’t do that in most of the Del Taco Locations. Few Del Taco Locations accept Apple Pay. 

Show the only way to get discount offers at Del Taco is by using the Del Taco app, and in return, you’ll earn discounts and rewards, which you can use on your next in-store order.


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