Does Dollar General Accept Apple Pay in 2024?

Dollar General specifically is a cut-price retailer offering goods and commodities at the lowest prices.

The company functions in over 13,000 stores in about 43 states.

Dollar General mainly stocks various items, including food, clothing, home products, and beauty products.

So, Does Dollar General Accept Apple Pay?

J.L. Turner founded the firm along with his son Cal Turner Sr in 1939. Together, the Turners had begun this business as the smallest general store in Scottsville, Kentucky.

The firm went public in 1968 and started to trade on the platform NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) under the symbol of DG.

Dollar General has been the largest cut-price retailer in the US in recent times.

The firm had employed over 120,000 people generating over $21 billion in annual sales.

Dollar General was ranked as the 6th largest retailer across the United States in 2017.



Does Dollar General Accept Apple Pay? 

Does Dollar General Accept Apple Pay

The company does not accept Apple Pay as its mode of payment.

But, customers now use their rewards from Dollar General to earn discounts on their buys.

Alternatively, Apple Pay is used at Dollar General, including debit and credit cards, checks, and cash.

Additionally, the firm offers an online shopping platform where the customers are purchasing items to deliver or pick up from the store.


Why does Dollar General not accept Apple Pay?

Some stores have not yet made the changes, although a few of the retailers are now embracing the NCF technology.

Stores that fail to have the typically required terminals installed will not be able to use Apple Pay as their mode of pay since Apple uses near-field communication technology or NFC.

Dollar General has a few reasons for explaining why it has not made any transitions.

Let us check out the reasons!

Lack Of Interest

Dollar General is the type of store that people shop at when they require inexpensive items and groceries.

It renders to the ones who are making a few specific household incomes, although they are not exclusive to them only.

But, as the majority of their shoppers are bargain shoppers, not all of them have an Apple Watch or an iPhone.

Due to this, they do not use Apple Pay as they cannot use them in any manner.

A massive part of their consumer base is not interested in Apple Pay, and Dollar General has no specific reason for moving toward installing the NFC terminals.

It is not worth the expense of getting them installed.

The company will start doing something about it if there are not enough consumers pushing for Apple Pay in the Dollar General stores.



Dollar General’s own wireless digital wallet is called DG GO.

You may use it to scan products when shopping.

You may even pay for your purchases with your phone once you’ve finished shopping.

Its goal is to make shopping and checkout more efficient and convenient.

Dollar General does not want its customers to use a competitor’s App because they want them to use theirs instead.

They’d be pushing business away through their App if they accepted Apple Pay at their businesses.

This implies they’ll have to pay specific fees to card companies via Apple.

If they can retain their consumers according to their own App, they’ll have to pay less or at least a lower charge.

Not all stores allow Apple Pay in terms of making any business sense while they try to have their customers using DG GO.


Processing Fees

The last reason behind DG not accepting Apple Pay generally includes the fees that are associated with this.

Apple Pay never charges its clients or customers any fee as it works with credit card companies who charge a hefty amount of fees.

It depends on the relationship that is there between the credit card and Apple Company, and the fee will be extremely high.

Dollar General has to reduce its operating costs to help keep the prices low.

A portion of it involves reducing the prices wherever they can.

The processing fees along with the credit card are the area where they would save a generous amount of money.

One of the more ways to reduce the costs is to refuse to accept Apple Pay.

It makes sure that the retailer can offer low prices to their customers.


How does Pay At Dollar General using DG GO with my phone? 

Does Dollar General Accept Apple Pay

You need to pay with the help of your phone at the Dollar General phone as you need to follow the easy steps:

  • Download as well as install the GD Go app from the Apple App or Google Play store
  • Use the store locator from the App and search whether the local store supports the DG GO payment. However, if it does, you can have to head over to the other store to support DG GO to pay with your phone.
  • Add in a payment method, including a gift card, bank account, or credit card.
  • Search for any kind of digital coupons available, as you can save them to the App while you head out to your store.
  • Make use of the App to scan the barcodes of the product and add them to the basket while you shop.
  • Head out to your dedicated DG GO checkout tablet located at the front of your store while you select “I am ready for checkout” on the App after you are done with your shopping.
  • Use the App to scan the barcode appearing at the checkout table while your payment is processed as it is instantly forwarded to an electronic receipt.


How possible is it to pay with iPhone at Dollar General? 

Yes, iPhone users may pay at Dollar General Locations with their iPhones.

The store features a smartphone app that allows customers to pay for items without needing to carry credit or debit cards.

The App may be found on both the Google Play store.

Customers must first register an account before using the App.

They may then input their payment card details (debit or credit card) to choose the store wherein they wish to purchase once they’ve registered.

They can, however, enter the code of the object they wish to purchase and check the total cost.


What are other payment options accepted at Dollar General? 

A few other options include Visas, PayPal (but only online), MasterCard, and Credit Cards. They will not accept any purchase orders, coupons, and Google Pay at the moment.


Does Dollar General have any plans for accepting Apple Pay? 

Dollar General does not have any recent plans for accepting Apple Pay any sooner.

However, they accept payments through credit and debit cards.

They even accept a contactless mode of payment using the chip reader offered by credit card companies.


What are other stores accepting Apple Pay? 

There are other websites, stores, and even charities that accept Apple Pay as their mode of payment for purchased products.

The stores that are accepting Apple Pay include Apple, Aldi, Brick & Mortar, Target, Apple Aldi, Best Buy, Petsmart, Ace Hardware, and numerous others.

The Apple Pay websites include Apple Store, POstmates, Etsy, Airbnb, NFL, Chick-fil-A, and several others.

Charities are accepting Apple Pay, including UNICEF, World Wildlife Fund, Doctors Without Borders, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and others.


What does “Dollar General Go” mean & why is it important? 

The world is shifting from traditional payment systems to digital payment methods.

In a nutshell, contactless payment systems are gaining traction.

The largest network of specialty retailers is Dollar General.

As a result, many individuals ask if the store takes digital payments right now.

Unfortunately, Apple Pay is not accepted as a payment option.

They have, however, made their contactless payment technique available to millions of clients. Dollar General offers their digital payment option, “Dollar General Go.”

You can download the App for Dollar General GO from the App Store.

You need to make an online account involving no cost after that.

The essential step after creating the account is to connect them with your credit or debit card. After you are done, your Dollar General Go is all setup.

It is vital for the customers of the store as it only accepts digital modes of payment at its retail outlets.

Dollar General does not accept any contactless mode of payment. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Below we share some FAQs related to the Question of “Does Dollar General Accept Apple Pay”

1. Can you pay at Dollar General using your phone?

Dollar General is the newest retailer to provide mobile checkout and even the first dollar store chain.

The shopping software, aptly dubbed “DG Go,” allows consumers to scan and pay for things they want right from their phone, bypassing the checkout queue entirely.


2. What are the payment methods accepted by Dollar General?

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, & Discover cards are accepted at Dollar General.

The business accepts neither debit nor credit cards for payment.

You may use your debit or credit cards to pay for products delivered to your house.


3. Can you earn cashback at Dollar General if you use Apple Pay?

If you pay using PayPal, Dollar General will give you a cashback.

On the other hand, Dollar General does not refund money if you pay using Apple Pay.


4. Does Dollar General accept digital wallets?

Dollar General doesn’t quite accept any digital wallets from other parties.

That means Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay will not be accepted.

Their software, DG GO, is the only virtual currency they support in their store.


5. Does Dollar General accept PayPal?

Dollar General offers PayPal, so customers can pay for their products safely and securely both in-store and online.

You’ll require a credit or debit card linked to your PayPal account to utilize PayPal at Dollar General shops.


Final Thoughts 

So, does Dollar General Accept Apple Pay? Our guide here mentions everything that is required for your information.

It is a digital wallet that has revolutionized the entire world, making payments seamless and secure for making transactions at the Dollar General store.

Apple Pay is recognized as a massively popular payment mode; therefore, use it at your convenience whenever it is possible.

You need not have to undergo any difficulty at misplacing your cards as Apple Pay is the best wallet that makes payment flexible!


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