Does Dollar General Sell Chicken in 2024?

Does Dollar General Sell Chicken? If you are a little worried about this question.

In this article, you will get the answer to your question.

We love Dollar General because of its cheap cost and exciting products.

There you can purchase many things according to your needs; there, you can get clothes, body care products, and food products like snacks, lunch meals, etc.

Among those foods, the meat quality in Dollar General, especially the Chicken, created more questions or controversies.

The Chicken in dollar General Stores is also cheaper than most other places, and it creates questions about whether it compromises the quality of the foods and causes health issues.

So, this article about Dollar General will give you important information about the chicken foods out there. 



Does Dollar General Sell Chicken?

Yes, Dollar General sells Chicken at their stores, most of which are packaged or frozen.

If you want to purchase a Dollar General chicken package or frozen, you can buy any of them without hesitation. 

But if you are looking for organic Chicken, then the chances of getting organic Chicken at Dollar General are very low, but you may find some chicken food packages made with organic Chicken.


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Where does Dollar General get their Chicken? 

Dollar General buys their foods as any other supermarket chain has.

They don’t have a farm from which they can sell Chicken at low cost, but Dollar General Stores buy Chicken from various farms serving shopping chains like Walmart, Target, etc.

The only difference is they buy the cheaper options.

Those chicken pieces may have more fat or more bones than the Walmart or Target ones, but they are way cheaper than them.

Apart from that, Dollar General buys meat products from places struggling in the meat business field and about to shut down.

A Few years back, Dollar General even made a deal with many of those farms that Walmart stopped doing business with, so because of that, those farms sold Chicken to Dollar General at low cost, as they take orders in bulk. 

Not only that, the Chicken that Dollar General keeps at its stores is FDA-approved, so if you think you’ll get sick after having Dollar General chicken, then you are wrong.

The Chicken out there is good, healthy, and tastes at least 90% the same. 


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What types of Chicken items does Dollar General Sell?

Does Dollar General Sell Chicken

In Dollar General, the chicken item options are endless, and if you have a tight budget, even then, you’ll be able to manage a great chicken dish. So, let’s see what items Dollar Store has and their prices. 

In Dollar General, the chicken products you’ll get, like,

● Fresh Boneless Skinless chicken breast costs around $3.95 per Lb

● Tyson crispy chicken strips $10.95

● Fresh Chicken wings $3.95

● Chicken broth $2.50

● Cream of Chicken $1


Does Dollar General Sell Frozen Chicken?

Yes, Dollar General does sell Frozen Chicken at Dollar General.

In Dollar General, you’ll mostly find frozen chicken breast; apart from that, they sometimes keep frozen chicken wings or legs.

So if you visit Dollar General, you will find frozen Chicken.

Also, Dollar General keeps other frozen meat like beef, ham, etc.


Is chicken broth at Dollar General fresh? 

Does Dollar General Sell Chicken

In Dollar General, things are way cheaper than in other major supermarket stores, and as you know by now, the Chicken in Dollar General stores is quite good, and those who consume it say the same.

So, it won’t be a shock to know that the chicken broth in Dollar General is quite good as well. Using the dollar general chicken broth, you can make many delicious dishes, and it won’t affect the quality of your dish.

Therefore, if you want to try the Chicken broth from Dollar General, go for it. Even many recipes on the Dollar General website mention the usage of Dollar General chicken broth.


Can You Try Making a Dollar General Chicken Recipe?

Yes, you can make the dollar general chicken recipes mentioned on their website.

There you get not only recipes for Chicken but many other veg and non-veg recipes.

So from there, you can choose which one you like the most.

Also, most recipes mentioned on the Dollar General websites are simple and well-instructed, so finding the ingredients and processing the dish won’t be an issue.

There you’ll find recipes such as Southwestern Chicken Foil Packets, Pizza Chicken, Pepperoni & Veggie Pizza Chicken, Potato Crusted Chicken, etc.