Does Dominos Take Apple Pay in 2024

Yes, you can use Apple Pay at all Dominos outlets. Well, in the whole world, it will be difficult to find someone who doesn’t know about Domino’s.

And in the United States, Domino’s has unbeatable popularity and demand for the pizzas. 

Domino’s is a multinational pizza restaurant chain first established in 1960, and currently, it has around 20000 outlets available worldwide. 

And in the United States alone, Domino’s has around 6,000 restaurants. And in this place, you can buy pizza and delicious chicken side dishes, breadsticks, desserts, etc., which makes it a whole package.

And also, for convenience, Domino’s has flexible payment options; among them, the most preferable is Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is one of the most trusted, secure, and easy-to-use contactless payment systems. In the United States, most of the population is a user of the iOS software. 

That’s why using Apple devices is quite common in the US. In 2014 the Apple company launched the Apple Pay payment service, which became the most-used NFC payment system after ten years. 

You can access your Apple Pay wallet through your iPhone, iMac, iWatch, iPad, etc. 

Then send or request money using Apple Pay at stores, restaurants, websites, and even your friends while splitting your bills. But this information is not enough. 

Apart from that, there are many other things left to know about Domino’s and its relations with the Apple Pay app, and this article is the perfect way to provide you with guidance.



Does Dominos Take Apple Pay?

You can use the Apple Pay payment method at all Domino’s branches. The demand for Domino’s Pizza is very high in the United States. 

And on special occasions and weekdays, pizza lovers don’t miss a chance to order their favorite pizza. 

But as Apple Pay is one of the most used and convenient payment methods in the United States, it’s become quite important for the restaurant chain and customers to access Apple Pay.

And that is why standing in this era, you can easily use Apple Pay at any Domino’s restaurant you want. 


How to Use Apple Pay at Dominos?

Does Dominos Take Apple Pay (Using Process)

If you are thinking of using Apple Pay to pay for your Pizza or other snacks at Domino’s, then there is nothing to be confused about, as the use of Apple Pay at Domino’s is quite easy. 

We already know how much people prefer Apple Pay as their payment method, and the major reason for this payment system is its convenience.

So, to use the Apple Pay app at Domino’s, you have to complete the following steps, 


In Domino’s restaurant,

● First, you have to visit your nearest Domino’s restaurant.

● Then decide the food you want to order at Domino’s

● Then, tell the cashier or the employee that you are willing to pay for your meal using Apple Pay.

● Then open your Apple Pay app on your iPhone or iWatch and choose the card you want to pay with.

● Then you must put your passcode, Face ID, or fingerprint into the Biometric system to secure your Apple Pay transaction. 

● Then hold it near the payment terminal till it detects your device. 

● After that, you can complete your contactless payment within seconds.


For Online Purchases,

● You must download the Domino’s app on your iPhone.

● Then go to your profile through the menu icon.

● There, click ‘Welcome to Dominos.’

● After that, you’ll notice an option “save payment information” Select that.

● Then there is a link to your Apple Pay wallet. 

● And then Select “Save.”

● After that, whenever you try to order your Pizza through Domino’s app, you can simply choose Apple Pay as your payment method and proceed with the payment.


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How Apple Pay Works?

Using Apple Pay as a payment method has become a day-to-day part of our existence. 

And it’s mostly because of how apple pay works effortlessly and is much more convenient than most other payment methods. 

Apple Pay is a contact list payment system that allows you to pay for almost anything you want, from stores to restaurants, through your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc. 

But the stores must allow it. And fortunately, Domino is one of those restaurant chains that accept Apple Pay. 

To understand how apple pay works, first, you need to create an account in the Apple Pay app; then, you must add your debit or credit card to your Apple Wallet so that when you make a purchase, the amount will deduct from your account. 

But if you don’t want to add your debit or credit card, you can also use the Apple Pay app by adding gift card balances, reward amounts, etc. 

Now as a next step to make a payment, you must hold your Apple device near the payment terminal; then, after the payment terminal detect your device, you are good to make a payment.

But Before that, you must enter a passcode, such as a pin, face ID, fingerprint, etc. 

Then, if the pin is correct, payment will be confirmed, and the payment will automatically deduct from your Apple Wallet or bank account.


What benefits can I get if I use Apple Pay at Domino?

Benefits of using Apple Pay at Dominos

If you are wondering why people use the Apple Pay app so much more than any other payment method, there are many reasons. 

If you are thinking of using the Apple Pay app at Domino’s to pay for your Pizza, then the benefits of it are almost endless. 


Here are the major benefits that you will get by using Apple Pay at Domino’s,


Well, as you know by now, Apple Pay is a mobile payment app, and because of this feature, the most beneficial thing is that you don’t have to carry cash, credit, or debit cards with you all the time.

If you are going out with your friends and don’t have enough money for a Domino’s Pizza or want to share the amount of your pizza meal with your friends, then you can simply use your iPhone iWatch, etc., to pay for your Pizza. 


Then if you are looking forward to ordering Domino’s Pizza online but don’t have much cash at home or want to pay for it in advance, then with only a few steps, you can simply order your favorite Domino’s Pizza online using the Domino’s app.


What makes the Apple Pay uses at Domino’s more exciting is that you will get a 2% discount with every Domino’s order. 


So if you are craving a Domino’s Pizza, you can easily order it online or visit Domino’s restaurant to buy your favorite Pizza using the Apple Pay app. Then at the time of payment, you can get 2% off your total amount.


Also, most of the time, when you will order a Domino’s Pizza using your Apple wallet, then, as a reward, you will receive coupons or discount vouchers, which you can use on your next purchase or special situations of the Domino’s restaurant. So because of days, you can take advantage of discounts and coupon offers simultaneously.


Then if you are afraid that if you use Apple Pay, there is a chance that your bank account details will go forward to the seller or Domino’s restaurant, you are wrong.

The Apple Pay app doesn’t store your card number on the server or your device, so passing your card details is impossible.


Also, to pay for your Pizza at Domino’s, if you use Apple Pay as a payment method, you don’t have to pay any extra fees or anything extra.

You can simply visit the Domino’s Store or app, order your Pizza and pay the exact amount shown on the bill using your Apple Pay app, and it’s done.


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Why does Dominos accept Apple Pay?

The answer is this question is very simple. Domino’s accepts Apple Pay because customers highly use it, and this mobile payment app is one of the most convenient payment systems available in the modern world. 

Using Apple Pay for Pizza orders at Domino’s is easy to use, keeps your information safe, is travel friendly, and doesn’t require mobile data at the time of payment. 

You are highly cautious about transaction privacy because of many other reasons it has become one of the trusted transaction methods for both the customers and the stores. 

And this is the reason why Domino’s accepts Apple Pay as a payment method.


Dominos alternative payment options

Dominos Alternative Payment Options

Domino’s is a famous pizza and snacking destination for people of all age groups; from children, everyone loves to have Domino’s Pizza. 

And because of this reason having convenient payment methods at Domino’s for all the customers is very important. 

So here are the alternative payment methods you can use at Domino’s instead of Apple Pay,

● MasterCard

● Visa 

● American Express

● PayPal

● Google Pay

● Domino’s Gift card

● Cash 



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Do I get any Discounts if I use Apple Pay at Domino?

Who doesn’t like having some discount on their meals when the meal is Domino’s Pizza? 

Then the excitement for that is sometimes unexceptional. 

So if you use Apple Pay to order your favorite Domino’s Pizza or you are ordering multiple pizzas for your house party with your friends or family, then with every order, you’ll get around a 2% discount on the total amount plus. 

You can also use the Domino’s coupons you earned from your previous Domino’s Pizza orders. 

So this way, you can often get more than 2% off on your online and in-store Domino’s Pizza orders. 


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Can I use Apple Pay for Dominos delivery orders?

For Pizza lovers, Domino’s plays a huge role in their lives, and for midnight cravings and movie nights, ordering Domino’s Pizza has become a ritual. 

And because of this, it’s quite concerning whether Domino’s accepts Apple Pay for online orders or not; well, the answer is yes. 

Fortunately, Domino’s Accepts Apple Pay as a payment method for their online orders to make the Domino’s Pizza ordering experience more convenient for the customers.


Does Dominos charge a fee for using Apple Pay?

No Domino’s doesn’t charge any fee for their Pizza orders. So in a single day, no matter how many times you order Domino’s Pizza using Apple Pay, it won’t cost you any extra. 

So, without worrying about the extra fee like debit or credit card, you can easily order your Domino’s Pizza using Apple Pay.


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