Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay in 2024

In this article we focus on the question “Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay” or not. The answer is yes, DoorDash accept Apple Pay as their payment method.

Believe it or not, in the present time in the United States, people can’t think about their life without DoorDash apple pay.

DoorDash is, in the United States, one of the top food home delivery services.

It doesn’t matter which restaurant you order your food from; if it is enlisted at the DoorDash app, you can easily order the food and take advantage of their services.

DoorDash provides services in the United States, but you can also utilize it in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, and Japan.

This company was first established in 2013, and till now, in the United States, the DoorDash platform is used by more than 600,000 merchants, 40,000,000, and uncountable deliveries.

DoorDash is one of the major reasons why small restaurant businesses or startups are growing. And making their name and position in the market.

And now, for the customer’s demand and to provide satisfying services, you can use Apple Pay at DoorDash.

The company has many other payment systems, but Apple Pay is one of the most used and demanding.

You may know about Apple Pay. If you are a new user of Apple devices, then it is possible that you don’t know about a few things or some minor details.

So Apple Pay is one of the top NFC or contactless payment systems worldwide, especially in the United States.

Apple first launched this service in 2014, and over the nine years, it has helped its users in many ways.

You can use Apple Pay for everything from restaurant bills to paying rent. Apple Pay is constantly developing new methods to help its users.

So, now that you get some idea then, it’s time to learn more about Apple Pay and DoorDash. And the ways you can use them.



Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay?

Yes, fortunately, DoorDash does take Apple Pay for all of its orders. When in the United States, people love to have delicious food.

But because of their hectic and busy schedule, or for other reasons trying delicious restaurant food became complicated.

And that’s when DoorDash comes as a savior. Because of DoorDash, many restaurant businesses have come to light to the customers and are surviving the competition in the market.

And at top of that, to provide customers with even better service among the many other payment methods DoorDash accepts Apple Pay as well. And it allows people to swiftly order food to their Doorstep through DoorDash.


How to Use Apple Pay at DoorDash?

Apple Pay is not a complicated payment method like debit or credit card. For people worldwide, especially in the United States, Apple Pay is one of the most used payment systems. 

And the number of new Apple Pay users is growing daily, and that’s why many people don’t know how to use Apple Pay properly. 

And in DoorDash, as it’s online payment, not physical, it’s a bit confusing.


So, to use Apple Pay at the DoorDash app or website, you must add your Apple Wallet to the DoorDash app.

 By going to your DoorDash account and then payment methods, you can easily add your Apple Pay wallet and card to your profile. And now, when everything is ready,


● First, order all the food items you want to order from a restaurant at the DoorDash app

● Then, when all the items are selected, go to the next page,

● There had your delivery address and other information, 

● After that, choose Apple Pay or Apple Pay Card as your payment method in the payment process.

● Then, place your order, and the payment is made.


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What benefits can I get if I use Apple Pay at DoorDash?

What benefits can I get if I use Apple Pay at DoorDash

Apple Pay is a safe NFC payment system in the United States, with many users. 

And those who use Apple Pay can’t stop themselves from using it because of its benefits. 

And even on DoorDash, people use Apple Pay a lot. So, here are the benefits,

If you have an Apple device and have used Apple Pay before, then you already know how secure Apple Pay is as a mobile payment method. 

Like the traditional payment systems through Apple Pay, none of your payment or card information will be transferred to the DoorDash company.

Apple Pay doesn’t keep or show its information in the app or on its server. Then, your Apple device won’t get stolen while using DoorDash at home.

But still, if it gets stolen without your passcode and biometrics, no one can access your Apple Pay wallet. 

Keeping an Apple Pay wallet added to your DoorDash account is simple. And through this, there is no worry about adding your card. 

You can complete the whole payment process over the phone at the time of payment. There is no requirement to check the card details.

The most likable benefit of using Apple Pay at DoorDash is that it’s fast. DoorDash’s service is always in demand, especially when many prefer home delivery. 

But without fast payment, ordering food on time is not possible. Hence, DoorDash customers prefer Apple Pay very much.

What makes the Apple Pay used at DoorDash more exciting is that you will get a 3% discount. 

You can get this offer with every DoorDash order using an Apple Pay card.

So if you are craving Chinese or Italian food, you can easily order it online using the Apple Pay Card added to your account.

Then at the time of payment, get 3% off your total purchase amount.

Also, it’s not an issue if you don’t have an Apple Pay card.

Most of the time, after ordering your favorite food item at DoorDash using your Apple wallet, you will receive coupons or discount vouchers.

You can use those discounts and vouchers for your next purchase or special orders at DoorDash.

And if you possess an Apple Card, you can simultaneously take advantage of discounts and cashback.

Also, to pay for your food from any restaurant using DoorDash, you can use Apple Pay worry-free, as it doesn’t require any extra fees or charges.

You can clearly see the amount charged in the payment summary at the time of order.

And you have to pay exactly the amount shown on the DoorDash bill, nothing more. 


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Why DoorDash accepts Apple Pay?

Why DoorDash accepts Apple Pay

As we know DoorDash is an online food delivery service company. 

And their major work is to pick up food from a restaurant where the customer has ordered their food and delivered it to their address. 

This company has no store or restaurant, if it doesn’t make it difficult to understand. 

And their services are online-based; at their online services, it’s important that customers are fully satisfied.

And mostly because of that, to serve a convenient payment system to the customers, DoorDash has Apple Pay.

Apart from that, there are many other reasons why DoorDash has Apple Pay. 

Apple Pay has a very clear and easy system as a payment method. Customers easily check their payment history; similarly, for DoorDash and restaurants, tracking the orders and money received is easier. 

Also, for DoorDash accessing Apple Pay is simple, secure, and convenient.


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What are the other alternative payment options you can use at DoorDashs?

Don’t DoorDash is an online company and serving food to the customers is their main motto.

For this reason, a proper payment method is quite important to attract customers and provide them with satisfying service. 

And That’s why besides Apple pay they are so many other payment methods available at the DoorDash app and website; those are,

● American Express

● Visa

● MasterCard

● Discover

● Google Pay

● Samsung Pay

● PayPal 

● Venmo

● DoorDash gift card

● Cash


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Do I get any Discounts if I use Apple Pay at DoorDash?

Do I get any Discounts if I use Apple Pay at DoorDash

If you try ordering your food through DoorDash using an Apple Pay card, you will receive a 3% Cashback. 

It doesn’t matter which restaurant you want to order your food. If you are using DoorDash to order your food, users can easily avail of your cash back. 

And this offer is not only for one-time use; you can get 3% cashback easily each time you use an Apple Pay card.

Besides that, if you are willing to use your Apple Pay wallet, you can also easily do that. 

Paying through apple pay wallet is very simple. But the problem is through this payment method, there is no fixed discount cashback system available. 

Still, there are sometimes many offers through which you can get your discount by using Apple Pay.


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Can I use Apple Pay for DoorDash delivery orders?

Well, DoorDash is a business specifically for delivery services.

And they don’t have any restaurants of their own.

DoorDash picks food from the restaurant and delivers it to the address, so you can understand that DoorDash is all about delivery orders. 

And as a result of that DoorDash as a company accepts Apple Pay as its payment method. 

And even though the restaurant still doesn’t accept Apple Pay through DoorDash, you can order food from that restaurant using Apple Pay. 

So both DoorDash and Apple Pay made the food ordering service quite convenient.


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